TD 9.63: Oddly Enough

Before we pick up where I left off, Scamp wants to share the tale of the new puppy.

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen 9, Stud Lee


Week 46/Sunday (flashback)

Scamp: Last Tuesday, Stud became the active heir after Virtua’s last free day.
Since then, Stud’s been painting portraits and preparing to craft his food collection.

Early this morning, after Guacamo and Paize pass on, Stud adopt a dog.
A female Norse Elk Shepherd (common name: Norse Elkhound), he names her Sage Lee.
Initially, Stud planned to have us mate after turning in his museum items.
But he calculated when a puppy would arrive and encouraged us to mate this morning.
He didn’t have to ask us twice.

I know right away that Sage is pregnant!
And, by the way, my theory that uncontrolled sims can’t befriend pets?
Bubb befriended Sage on his own earlier this morning while they were playing outdoors.

Surprisingly, her “Expecting Puppies” notice arrives about 90 minutes after we mate.
But Stud’s plan still holds: he can finish his collection during Sage’s pregnancy.

After the notice, Sage runs over to me to share the big news.
On one hand, I’m excited that we’ll become parents.
On the other hand, this isn’t exactly an ideal challenge for owning multiple pets…

Scamp: Do you think I’ll make a good father, Stud?
Stud: You’ll be fine! Just stop being a jerk.
Scamp: What do you mean?
Stud: You’ve only slept in a pet bed twice in your whole life!
But as soon as I place a new bed for the puppy, you go sleep in that bed instead of yours.
Then, when I place a new feeder for the puppy, you eat from that one when you already have one.
Scamp: …


Scamp: For some reason, Stud believed he could walk two or three dogs at once.
Nope, he can only walk or jog with one dog at a time.
Stud: How insanely time-consuming!
Scamp: Sage goes into labor around 2 am while they’re out jogging.
It takes her forever to trudge back to the house.

What’s with this timing? We mated less than 19 hours ago!
But, around 4:30 am, Sage gives birth to a male puppy.

Sage and I are both gluttons, so Stud hesitates to offer the puppy a treat.
He seems relieved that he can offer this puppy a regular treat.

You’re no doubt wondering who the puppy resembles.
For your viewing pleasure, I’ve dug up my puppy collage from Jet Lee’s teen years.

Somehow, the puppy is all white, which is why I named him Aud Lee.
At this point, he doesn’t resemble either of us but he’s a cutie just the same.

In the afternoon, I go with Stud to place his completed portraits and collection in the museum.
And now we’re all caught up to the present. (end of flashback)

In the evening, I spot Bubb hiding in the bushes after work.
He discreetly watches Stud’s unclothed clubmate–Ashaya–playing the piano. Why?

Stud’s curiosity gets the better of him and he uses an Age-Up Treat on Aud Lee.
Oddly enough, Aud ages up into a white mini-me.
How unexpected!


Sage is such a striking dog!
As the heir, Stud has decided to leave behind his uncle so he can take along two dogs instead of one.
But which two dogs? Me, of course, but then who?

By the way, Stud has three vacations days so we leave for Selvadorada tomorrow.


We arrive in Selvadorada very early in the morning.
It’s just Stud, Ricardo, and Baer plus Sage and me.

As you can tell by my glowing paws, I fall sick soon after we arrive.

To add insult to injury, I age up to an elder right aftward.
Stud’s Age-Down Treat cures me of my illness.
But around the same time, I notice Sage drooling with stars circling her head.

Instead of going home to take Sage to a vet, Stud insists on staying here.
Everyone’s luck (except Stud’s, I guess) is purely rotten!
Baer is constantly being attacked by one insect or another.

It takes Stud all day but he finally reaches the temple’s final gateway.
He’s skipped all the dig sites except those first two by the crashed plane.


Stud finishes exploring the temple a little past midnight.
By this time, we are all eager to go home!
Sage and I have subsisted on treats all day long!
Plus, Sage is feeling really unwell.

As soon as we get back, Stud takes Sage to a vet to treat her squirrel bite.
We’re shocked to learn that his clubmate Ashaya works at the vet clinic.

Scamp: I can’t get over our terrible luck in Selvadorada. It’s like we’d been cursed!
Aud: See what happens if you two go adventuring without me, Father?
Sage: Oh puhleeze! Don’t even try pretending you had anything to do with all that!

Stud: We return to the temple in Selvadorada, leaving Sage behind.
The last time, we brought her too soon after she gave birth.
We enter a version of the temple that I’ve never seen before.
But there’s no way to learn this temple’s name.


This must be the next-to-the-last room. It has three different traps.
Stud wrongly activates the first two, which causes him to wet himself then gives him a mouthful of bone dust.
Of course, the third one offers two options and he chooses the wrong first.

Unlike other temples I’ve explored so far, this one has three treasure chests in the last room.
Stud: You don’t mind if we go home now, do you, Scamp? I’m so over Selvadorada!
Scamp: Well, what did you find?
Stud: Two treasures, seven relic parts, and a bunch of unauthenticated artifacts.

Scamp: I no longer think my Selvadorada trip with Virtua was the worst.


Stud: It’s been two days since we returned from our second trip to Selvadorada.
During that time, I’ve learned some skills, cleaned out everyone’s inventories, and cleaned out the house.
I’ve also walked all three dogs separately both days!
This morning, I also became BFFs with Eden Ray who you see behind me.

Once I blow out these candles, I’m ready to invite Eden out for a date and woo her socks off!

Coming next: Will Stud persuade Eden to marry him and move into the final house of this challenge?

Household Ages
Ricardo (Virtua’s hubby): 8 days to elder
Bubb (Virtua’s brother): 10 days to elder
Virtua: 14 days to elder
Stud: 24 days to adult
Baer: 24 days to adult
Scamp, Sage, and Aud: all adult dogs (what was I thinking?!)

TD 9.64: The Last Heir, Finally!

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