TD 9.64: The Last Heir, Finally!

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen9, Stud Lee

Week 47/Sunday

Eden: A breakfast date at Shimuzu in formal wear! How elegant of you!
Stud: I may not look it, Eden, but I’m a sim who cares about family traditions.
Akira Kibo first invited our founder, Liberty Lee, for a breakfast date to this same restaurant!

Eden: Aren’t you embarrassed about having our First Kiss in public like this?
Stud: May I blame my impetuousness on a date goal?

Eden (whispers): I love how Stud goes full nerdy when he talks about our meal.
That must be a foodie thing!

Eden: Why are we here at the Lost Gardens of Healing?
Stud: This is where Liberty Lee and Akira Kibo got married.
Eden: Married? We’re not even engaged yet!
Stud: Yes, I know. Our romance isn’t high enough yet for me to propose.

Stud: So I thought we could come here to possibly kill three birds with one stone.
Eden: *slaps bottom

Stud: Well, that’s one bird stoned!
Eden: Odd! The bird didn’t look like a stoner to me…

Scamp: Hey, hey, hey! Don’t you dare get married without me!

Stud: Dear Eden, when I was 6 years old, you whispered to me that you were my destiny.
And now here we are! Are you ready to tie the eternal knot?
Eden: At last! I used to walk back and forth in front of Yuma Heights, hoping Liberty’s son Cirius would notice me!
Stud: You, you…you were interested in Cirius? *frowns, confused
Eden: Not at all. I wanted the Gen2 Lee heir to notice that I was an immortal teen.

Scamp: With the powers invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride, Stud Lee!
Eden: Why are you standing way over there, Scamp?
Scamp: Uh, I’m stuck in this pillar and can’t move…

Stud: Soon after, I move Scamp and Sage with me into Eden’s home, It’s a Good House.
Next, I invite my parents and brother to move in, too.
Sadly, there isn’t enough room to bring along Uncle Bubb and Aud Lee.
But I didn’t want to separate my parents nor Scamp and Sage.

Virtua: Whoa, this last house is complete empty, too! What are your plans, son?
Stud: I’m selling harvestables, treasures, and paintings first.
Then, I’m mailing back those authenticated artifacts! (10 points)
Eden: Well, that was a quick $150,000!
Stud: That’s right. The first free day starts 20 minutes after I move in!

Stud: Here are some Before/After shots of this dynasty challenge’s last house!
Originally a 1-bedroom/1-bathroom home, it really needed some changes.

That’s our future child’s bedroom on the right, with the toddler bed.
There’s a tiny Focused Room in the lower left.

You may remember that this house was designed for the Heckings and their dog.
The second floor had a master bedroom with an ensuite and a study.

I’ve managed to squeeze three bedroom onto the second floor.
Baer’s just 850 satisfaction points away from buying Never Weary, though.
After that happens, I’ll be converting his bedroom into a sitting room or painting studio.

Stud: Now that the house is furnished, lovely Eden can take a pregnancy test.
Eden: Why are you peeping at me from outdoors, Stud?
Stud: That bathroom’s too small for an indoor shot! Congrats on eating for two, love.


Sage: Scamp is adventurous, so running away to seek adventure is his nature.
I’m an independent dog so you can just let me out and I’ll exercise myself!
And though I’m sad that our son, Aud Lee, had to stay in Cavalier Cove, better him than me!
Does that make me a terrible mother?

Baer: Before work today, I maxed Nerd Brain then switched to Renaissance Sim.
The result? I bought Never Weary and Steel Bladder!

Virtua: I was planning to quit my Painter career during the free day.
But I’m so close to earning the Deluxe All-Season Easel, so I’m still working for now.

Stud: So, what do you think about this Sable Square hood, Scamp?
Scamp: It’s not Cavalier Cove but I like this medum walk. Let’s not jog anymore, okay?
Stud: Really? I thought you enjoyed running with me.
Scamp: I did on the beach, Stud. But here?
All you do is run on the sidewalk between our house and the house across the street.
Stud: Gotta agree that the jogging route ain’t scenic at all!


Late that night, Scamp and I become companions!
After our late-night stroll, I return home and master gardening. (2 points)

This afternoon, I reach Veterinarian 6 and can make Age-Up/Down Treats!
Yes, I realize I can just buy them from the vet clinic.
But I feel like I should be able to look after our own pets, you know?
By the way, Sage went into heat this morning but our house is full so we’re safe.

Stud: Congrats on your promotion this evening! (3 points)
Baer: Thanks! Hey, what about an aromatherapy massage before work tomorrow?
Stud: Yeah, okay. Anything else I can do for you?
Baer: Well, this is our dynasty’s last house and we’re already stinking rich.
It would be nice if we could have more fun!


Scamp: I’m totally taking back what I said yesterday against jogging!
Stud: Yeah, this route is so much nicer! I’m glad we gave jogging another chance.

Scamp: Hey look! Baer just got abducted by aliens!
Stud: No biggie. Our household’s full, remember?

Stud: And then, in the evening, Eden gives birth to a perfect little girl.
She is the last heir of this ten-generation Lee Dynasty.
For this reason, we choose to name her Faina Lee.
Eden: The last heir, finally!


Starting Stats
Satisfaction: 325
Household funds: $19,748
Designated skill: DJing?
Highest Skills: L15 Vampire Lore; L10 Painting, Cooking, Gourmet Cooking;
L9 Handiness, Violin, L8 Archaeology/Gardening/Writing
Aspiration: Leader of the Pack, Friend to the Animals (Tier I)
Job: None

Free Day #1 (10 points, 10/50)
Household funds (10): $30,000 x5

Current Score: 3/10 points toward Free Day #2
Promotions (1): Baer/Scientist 5
Maxed skills (2): Stud/Gardening

TD 9.65: Nothing Could Be Faina

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