SB 3.31: Gone to the Dogs (Vote Outcome)


A Sharebear Legacy/Gen 3, Edamame Sharebear

Week 11/Tuesday

Hakuto: I’m the heir candidate with the best traits: Loves the Outdoors, Outgoing, Ambitious.
Though we became teens today, I can’t start my Jungle Explorer aspiration yet.
We’re waiting until Thursday so we don’t miss too much school.
Meanwhile, my brothers and I are making productive use of our time.

Ikura: I’m the heir candidate with the most useful aspiration.
Books of Life are great for sims in rabbithole careers!

I don’t how much headway I’ll make with Best-Selling Author by Friday.
If only Hakuto would take a few short trips to Selvadorada instead of one long one.
Or maybe we can rent a villa in Selvadorada that has a room where I could write!

Jaxton: I’ve decided to try and complete the JokeStar aspiration before the boys’ next birthday.
I only need to reach Level 5 Entertainer to join the Comedian career.
After that, I can quit that job and just do the other comedy-related goals at home.

Jaga: After Mansion Baron and Fab Wealthy, I chose the Friend of the Animals aspiration.
I’m tackling the only aspiration that our watcher has never completed before.

After checking strays at the beach, I phone the Kennel to bring two dogs over.
The Siberian Husky is gorgeous and smart, but she’s aggressive.
The St. Bernard puppy is loyal and friendly, but he’s stubborn (that is, impossible to train).
I end the evaluation without adopting either dog.

Jaga: After a few hours, I phone the Kennel again and ask to see another dog.
This puppy is a Bluetick Coonhound, a breed I’d never heard of before.
She’s a loyal, adventurous glutton and I decide to keep her!
I’ve named her Quest. She’s pretty adorable, right?


Jaga: I bet you’re wondering about my puppy’s name.
Our watcher says that an adventurous dog often runs away.
I named her Quest so I’ll remember that she’s adventurous and not feel hurt when she goes adventuring.

Hakuto: We earn A’s after our first day of high school.
Ikura: Naturally.
Jaga: Doing school projects last night really helped, yeah?
Gari: Are you three done patting each other on the back yet?

Gari: Don’t mind me, folks.
I’m the full-blooded sister who’s treated like the ugly stepsister!
Edamame: You know that’s not true!  I’m helping you master piano with my new Matriarch trait.
Gari: Eh, you know that’s only so I can stay in the Sharebears club for mentoring.
Edamame: … (busted)

Hakuto: Since you’re a Patriarch now, you could mentor me in fitness, you know?
Jax: Yeah, I know. But you’re Fitness 8 already and I’m busy writing comedy routines.

Jaga: I can’t train Quest until she’s an adult, so I head down to the beach again.
So many sick dogs at the beach!
When Hakuto is nearly done with Jungle Explorer, I’d like to open a vet clinic.


Little Quest can always be found in the nursery, with Blub the Bulbalus.
We became companions just past midnight.
I have only one complaint about Quest.
She’s been such a good girl so far that I can’t train out any misbehaviors, haha.

Jaga: It’s almost 4 am when Quest suddenly ages up in the nursery.
The Powers Above (Pinstar) allows us to modify sims in CAS, so I decide to do the same for Quest.
Her traits remain the same: Loyal, Adventurous, Glutton. She’s a smaller dog now.
She rather resembles a fox with a Siberian Husky’s coat and eyes.

Hakuto: After school, we return home to a message that Blub is hungry.
We’d never noticed getting that message before, but I go to feed him.
Grandpa Benicio and his brother Alejandro passed away last week.
They must have been the ones who were feeding Blub.

Ikura: I am the handsomest triplet who must tragically and eternally sit before a computer!
I’ve only written 4 books so far, but I’ll be glad to get away for a day or two!
Happily, I managed to scrape together enough satisfaction to buy Marketable and Creative Visionary.
But I have no points left for Connections so I really need to write more books!

Jaga: While teaching Quest to shake, I master Pet Training.
We’ve now mastered every skill, plus I can now buy our club’s last perk!
Quest, I believe you and I are ready for a vacation!

Hakuto: I’m more than ready for a trip to Selvadorada!
I’ve mastered Logic and am highly skilled in gardening, fishing, and fitness.
Also, Mama and Ikura have written us boys excuse notes for school tomorrow!
Before we leave, though, Mama says she has a message for the readers.

Edamame: We had initially planned for this update to end at the triplets’ birthdays.
However, our watcher went crazy over Jaga’s dog, wasting hours agonizing over its name.
Then she squandered even more time on Quest’s adult makeover.
Anyway, we will end this update here, just prior to leaving for Selvadorada.

Before we go, thank you very much for voting on the next heir.
Jax and I have three fine sons and any one of them would make an excellent heir.
The vote, however, turned out in favor of Jaga.
Fortunately, all three boys will be staying in the house, with Jaga to wed Maja Jensen.
Obviously, Jax and I are hoping to find nice brides for Hakuto and Ikura as well.


Legacy Score: +2 (72 points)
Knowledge (+1): Maxed 43/43 skills at least once (Pet Training)
Popularity (+1): Legacy club earned all possible perks (Pet Training skill boost)

Household Ages (Short Lifespan)
Jaxton (adult): 9 days to elder
Edamame (young adult): 2 days to adult
Gari (teen): 2 days to young adult
Hakuto (teen): 5 days to young adult
Ikura (teen): 5 days to young adult
Jaga (teen): 5 days to young adult

SB 4:32 In the Black Mt. Hills of Dakota

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