SB 4:32 In the Black Mt. Hills of Dakota

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen4, Jaga Sharebear

Week 11/Thursday

Hakuto: At long last, I can begin on Jungle Explorer!
Edamame: Oh please. You’ve only been a teen since Tuesday!
Hakuto: Why does it feel like forever?
Edamame: Because “someone” spent hours and hours obsessing over Jaga’s dog…

Jaga: Speaking of Quest, I can’t believe you made me leave her behind!
Hakuto: Don’t worry! Gari stayed behind to look after your precious pet!

Hakuto: My aspiration requires me to be here in Selvadorada for most of it, so I need to focus.
Having the whole household here would only distract me.
Anyway, the local vendors are eager to teach me all about Selvadoradian culture. Level 5!

I don’t get much done this evening, since it’s already late.
But it’s a start!


I didn’t realize that high fitness would protect me against plasma bats!

Papa and my brothers decide they’d rather go swimming than excavate.
But Mama persuades them otherwise.

And me, I’m all about making my way through the temple.
As a jungle explorer, I need to uncover rare treasures!

By the time I finish exploring the temple, Papa’s already gone home.
Today’s his first day at his new Entertainer career.

Back at the marketplace, I check out the vendor’s secret wares.
I’m surprised to find that they sell a sugar skull. Why?
Edamame: On the other hand, I keep my eyes peeled for possible wife material.
There’s only time to introduce myself to these two ladies both before we leave for home.

Returning home, I’m beyond excited to discover I have a golden Totecallama relic.
Then, I notice that it’s already fused with a Chaos base, darn it.
Never mind, I add a rare refined crystal and activate it on my sister.

Gari: Thanks for preparing pancakes for me, Papa. Will they really cure me?


Jaga: A little past midnight, I despair of ever training out Quest’s misbehaviors.
I phone the Kennel and request to meet Rusty, a male adult raccoon.
My hope is that the raccoon will have the mischievous trait.

Jaga: Of course, this is the moment my perfect Quest comes barking at the “intruders.”
Quest: You have got to be kidding me! I’m getting squeezed out because I don’t misbehave?

Against my better judgment, I decide to adopt the raccoon and name him “Ragnar.”
He is a territorial, curious glutton.
What is with all our pets and the Glutton trait?
Anyway, he’s just for your aspiration. We can’t keep him!

The kennel rep ignores my repeated requests to end the adoption evaluation.
That’s Quest and me, taking the rep to Bedlington Boathouse and leaving her there.

Jaga: It doesn’t take long for me to catch Ragnar misbehaving.
I call him out on jumping on the counter and eating human food.
This is a raccoon who doesn’t like being told what to do.
An hour later, though, he does learn not to jump on counters.

Hakuto: Instead of messing around with the relics, I need to get back to Selvadorada!
What I can’t do at home is find three rare Omiscan treasures.
By the way, eating pancakes didn’t cure Gari’s curse. *shrugs

Hakuto: This time, I arrive in Selvadorada with only Ikura, Jaga, and Ragnar.

Ikura: Does this insect repellant really work?
Jaga: Yeah. And, hey, Ragnar and I just became companions!

Hakuto: Darn it! The rare treasures I’ve discovered count retroactively, but not the rare treasure chests.
That means two more temple runs to finish Jungle Explorer…
Let’s go home, folks!

Week 12/Sunday

Hakuto: I wasn’t planning to show you my fifth (and last) activation of a mystical relic.
But look at Rangnar, charmingly distracting my prey while I work my mumbo-jumbo!
Ragnar the Raccoon is certainly one devious little critter!

Jaxton: Joke Star was not a thrill-packed aspiration, but it’s done!
This is my only unique aspiration, as dear Edamame completed Public Enemy before me.
Earlier, Gari became a young adult and moved out to live with her sister Fugu.
We are presently a seven-sim household.


Hakuto: We’re taking two quick vacations today for those last two rare treasure chests.
Jaga’s left his pets at home but invited along a friend of ours from high school.
Maja: Well, I’m a young adult already, but Jaga and I have kept in touch.

Hakuto: I know, I know. You’re sick and tired of seeing me and my treasure chests.
But hey! This is the treasure chest that completed my Jungle Explorer aspiration.
Ikura: Yeah, now I can finally stay home to write my novels for Best-Selling Author!

Jaga: You think you got it bad, Ikura. I’m still Tier III with Friend of the Animals!
How can I catch my pets misbehaving when we’re not home?


Jaga: In the early morning, we get our birthday notices so I invite Maja over.
As soon as we’re best friends, Mama invites her to move in.

Maja: Wow, you already have a full house, don’t you!
And why’s that raccoon named after my father, Ragnar?

Maja: It’s a fabulous birthday celebration!!!
Hakuto ages up with Mediator, the last character value trait.
And the first party I throw for my Party Animal aspiration earns a gold medal!

Jaga: Maja and I aren’t married yet.  First of all, I haven’t even proposed!
But more important, I want her to have a beautiful wedding. No eloping for Maja!

After the party, Mama finished painting portraits of the two of us.
And now that I’m a young adult, I’ve officially taken over the reins of this legacy!


Legacy Score: +4 (76 points)
Family (+1): Gen4 heir reaches young adulthood
Creative (+1): Gen4 heir + primary spouse memorialized (portrait paintings)
Love (+1): Maja Jensen’s 3 unique traits (Insider, Outgoing, Dance Machine)
Parenthood (+1): Maxed 10/10 character value traits
Athletic (0): Joke Star, Jungle Explorer (missing 7 aspirations)

Update Notes
Friend of the Animals: Jaga is waiting to train out one more pet misbehavior before he can proceed to Tier IV.   Of the six “train-outs” required for Tiers III and IV, Quest “learned not to bark” once but Ragnar “learned not to jump on counters” four times. LOL.
Household size: I’m leaning toward keeping the household as is until Ragnar learns the final behavioral correction.  (I’m willing to bet it will be Ragnar, not Quest.). I don’t think I’m up to keeping both pets for six more generations, so maybe just Quest.
But Ragnar is so cute….
Maja Jensen: You will see more of her, of course, in the next update.

As always, thank you so much for reading my silly story!

SB 4.33: Shake a Tail Feather

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    • As this follows Pinstar’s Legacy rules, I needed a dog to master the Pet Training skill, a cat to complete the Feathers collection. Also, the Friend of the Animals aspirations requires 2 pet companions which is easier if they’re in the household. I didn’t have to do that all at once but I couldn’t resist trying. hehe

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