TD 9.65: Nothing Could Be Faina

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen9, Stud Lee

Week 47/Wednesday

Stud: After Faina’s birth, Mama brings home the Deluxe All-Season Easel with her Level 8 promotion. (4 points)
Baer: It’s sweet of you, Papa, to run out and congratulate Mama.
But, sheesh, this is embarrassing!
Virtua: Ricardo’s a quiet man but he steps forward when it counts!

Stud: I still have dozens of dirt clumps and unauthenticated artifacts in my inventory.
After sending a dozen artifacts off for authentication, I complete the artifacts collection.
But I still have a big backlog to work on!

Scamp: Admit it! Our daily jogs are to help you master fitness, right?
Stud: Well, I needed lots of satisfaction points fast so I mastered Fab Wealthy.
I realized only later that Fab Wealthy was being saved for my daughter.
So, helping her level Fitness as a teen is the least I can do, right?


Due to our pool, everyone’s always traipsing around in their swimwear.
In Eden’s case, though, I must confess that I don’t mind at all.

Speaking of the pool, here’s what our basement floor looks like.
Lots of wasted space but I couldn’t get the pool any closer to the stairs.
Sometimes I forget that my club is active, but my clubmates can always rest here.

It’s crucial that I reach Parenting 5 before Faina’s birthday tomorrow.
So I’ve been running around giving everyone parenting tips.
On the way, I become good friends with Ashaya (my clubmate/vet) and Faina. (6 points)

Baer gets promoted to Level 6 Scientist, but his point is cancelled out.
You see, I’d hired a repairman earlier this afternoon.
It’s too early in the week for me to master Handiness yet.

Sometimes, I have to fight everyone off to attend to Faina’s needs!
Back off, fellas! She needs a bottle right now, not your cooing!


I visit Desert Bloom Park to look for metals and crystals, but find nothing.
Luckily, when I travel to Sixam, I find some uncommon and rare specimens there!
I give thanks to my ancestor who wisely dropped off their Wormhole Generator at this park.

I return to the park, this time with Scamp, Sage, and their son Aud.
Unfortunately, Aud Lee is unwell.
Back home, I try to treat him using my vet equipment, but it’s impossible.
Aud Lee would have to be either my pet or my vet clinic patient. Too bad!

After taking Aud home, the three of us visit the Brindleton Pawspital.
Scamp and Sage could use check-ups after being exposed to Aud.
I’m trying hard not to interfere with our vet’s medical procedure.
But should she be closing her eyes while giving Sage a preventative shot?
Maybe we’ll visit the other vet clinic next time…

As soon as we return from the vet, Faina is ready to age up.
Here is my little inquisitive angel before her makeover.
Eden and I are elated that Faina has inherited her mother’s skintone!

Faina: I’m tired of books, Papa.
Stud: And I’m tired of reading them to you, sweetheart.
But we’re doing this now so you’ll already be done with Whiz Kid’s “Be read to for 2 hours” goal.


Mama thanked me the other day for inviting Papa to live with us instead Uncle Bubb.
Frankly, I find Papa’s childish trait really annoying, though I know there are worst traits.
He’s been a royal pain ever since Faina aged up and I bought her toys.
Earlier, I couldn’t even play dolls with Faina, because Papa was hogging the dollhouse.

The entire family enjoys interacting with Faina.

Sage: I’m not sure if my Independent trait is a plus or minus, Scamp.
On one hand, I’m free to run around wherever I want when Stud lets me out.
But I can’t help but envy you going on jogs and walks all the time.
Scamp: At least you’re already friends with the whole household, except Virtua.
After all this time, I’m still only acquaintances with Ricardo and Baer!

My brother Baer has been such a tremendous help.
When I’m busy with the dogs, he often teaches Faina flash cards.
Well-mannered and responsible, he’s advancing quickly in his career.
Good and neat, Baer is simply a pleasure to have around the house.
Maybe I should add a nice young lady to my club for Baer?

Week 48/Sunday

Faina is overjoyed at having mastered Potty during a solo session! (8 points)

I’m avoiding teaching Faina now because I’m so close to mastering Parenting!
While I’m out walking Scamp, though, her Uncle Baer comes through.

It’s a mystery since he has the lowest Parenting skill in the family.
Checking Faina’s relationships, I see she likes Baer the best after me.
Yes, even more than she likes her mother or grandparents!

Faina: When I grow up, I’m going to marry Uncle Baer!
Stud: No, you’re not!

Stud: So, Scamp, how do you like having Sage around?
Scamp: Well, the two of us don’t really do anything together.
She’s independent but I’m not, so she roams the hood by herself when she’s let out.
Also, I feel like I only get half the attention from the family than I used to.
And don’t even remind me about that last trip to Selvadorada! Ugh.

Sage: Thanks for the walk, Stud!
Isn’t this our first walk since the night I went into labor on the beach?
Stud: I wish I had more time to spend with you, Sage!
But being the only controlled sim isn’t easy, even with clubmates.
In fact, if you weren’t independent, I might not have brought you to Sable Square.
Sage: Ouch!

Stud: I master Parenting while not doing anything particular, or so I thought. (10 points)
I must be parenting spontaneously!
Our second free day begins!

Stud: Soon after the free day starts, Mama comes home with her Painter 9 promotion.
Time for you to quit that job, Mama! Or do you want to go for Level 10 Master of the Real?

Virtua: Nah, I don’t really like that studio lamp. *quits job
By the way, who’s this elderly lady?
Stud: I added her to my club for Baer a few days ago but she only showed up today.
We need to clubbing so Baer can meet someone his age. *removes the elder from his club
And….three more free days to go!

Virtua: As for Baer, he needs to spend this free day on boosting Parenting.
Since he’s Level 1, you know Faina will always ask him for parenting advice!
Stud: Right, we don’t want him dragging down her character values!
Baer: Okay, okay, I’ll work on it! But you better take me clubbing, Stud!


Free Day #2 (10 points, 20/50):
Promotions (3): Baer/Scientist 5-6, Virtua 8
Good friends (2): Ashaya Venkataraman, Faina Lee
Maxed skills (6): Stud/Gardening, Parenting, Faina/Potty
NPC hires (-1): Repairperson x1

TD 9.66: Faina the Fairest

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