TD 9.66: Faina the Fairest

Faina sandwich!

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen9, Stud Lee

Week 48/Sunday

Stud: It’s business as usual during our second free day.
Eden hires Aarohi to mentor her from Piano 8 to 10.


Since I’ve already collected all the materials he needs, Baer has been hard at work.
He’s invented three cloning machines and a cleaning SimRay since last night.
Then, right before work, he finishes inventing a satellite dish.

All the adults take turns helping Faina learn toddler skills.
What she really wants to do, though, is play with the Tiny Tot Treehouse.

Faina: Papa says you and me are going exploring when I’m bigger.
Scamp: Maybe. I need to rethink that whole exploring thing after my last trip.
Faina: What’s this “maybe”? You don’t want to go exploring with me?
Scamp: Um, only under the right conditions. We’ll talk more later. You need more vocab!

Eden has gone as far as she can go with her Big Happy Family aspiration.
She’ll be fine, as long as she doesn’t pass out or wet herself.
While she and Faina play dolls, Faina maxes Imagination just after the free day ends. (2 points)

Stud: Oops, while I wasn’t paying attention, Papa masters Archaeology. (4 points)
Ricardo: I didn’t even make a dent in your backlog of dirt clumps and artifacts!

It’s taken me a while with so much going on, but Sage and I are companions at last.

During the recent free day, Eden knocked me out of the #1 position in Faina’s heart.
I don’t mind at all.
When I return from walking Scamp, seeing Eden autonomously teaching Faina warms my heart.


Early this morning, Papa ages up to an elder.
His birthday notice catches us all by surprise.

I’ve been teaching Faina to talk and her Communication is up to 98% of Level 4. Just 2% to go!
Suddenly, my brother Baer appears and says something to Faina.
Can you believe she leaves me hanging and walks off?

Baer and Faina actually sit down right in front of me.
What a shock to find “Teach to Talk” in Baer’s action queue!
So Baer swoops in and becomes the one to help Faina master Communication. *sighs (6 points)

I need to push back our next free day until Faina’s birthday in three days.
So I order a pizza then hire that despicable nanny. (4 points)
While I was a teen, this nanny phoned me constantly to invite me out to “crazy parties.” Ugh.

Now that Baer’s left for work, I can win back Faina’s love.
Yes, I realize it’s not a competition but still!

In the evening, Baer brings home a promotion to Scientist 7. (5 points)
Nice going, bro. (Eh!)


Stud: Gratz on mastering Thinking, Faina! (7 points)
Faina: Hmmmph! Why is Sage crying to me? I can’t help her one bit.
Papa, can dogs just woohoo or can they only mate?
Stud: Erm, we’ll talk about that when you’re older, sweetheart.

Stud: Grandpa Guacamo phones to invite me to meet him somewhere, so I invite along Eden.
What a letdown to discover that we’ve been invited to Desert Bloom Park.
I was really hoping he’d invited us somewhere new and exotic!
Eden: Bo-o-o-oriiing! *plays a video game on her phone

Stud: Back home, Faina is up and about once more.
I munch a vimberry then play with her until she masters Movement. (9 points)
Who’s your daddy now, Faina?
Faina: Huh?

In the evening, I invite Aud to go to Pupperstone Park with me and his parents.
He’s still really unwell and throws up all over the pavement. What can I do?
Open a vet clinic and hope that Uncle Bubb brings him in for an exam?
Or move him into our house when there’s an opening?
Would it be fair to saddle the teenage Faina with three dogs?

Stud: I take my brother Baer out clubbing in Windenburg but we meet only disappointment.
Baer: Seriously! The only young adults out are you, Grim, Aarohi, and one of your ex-clubmates!
Stud: Both Grandpa Guacamo and that predatorial nanny even followed us from Narwahl Arms to Pan Europa.
Baer: Don’t take it so hard, Stud. It’s the thought that counts, I guess.


We return home around 3 am to find that a fire has erupted in the living area. (7 points)
Try as we might, we can locate no fire to extinguish.
Finally, the sprinkler system kicks in but we lose our rug.

When I go to throw away those two piles of ash on the floor, I catch fire! (5 points)
Luckily, I can extinguish myself right away, but I’m getting rid of that fireplace!

That afternoon, I get busy making upgrades around the house, mastering Handiness. (7 points).
Eden spends a lot of time with Faina today, which is nice for them both.


I give my little girl a bath for the very last time, because today is her birthday.
Then, I master Logic at the chess table. (9 points)

Faina ages up with the Top-Notch Toddler trait and becomes an active Artistic Prodigy.
And now we all wait for Baer to get home.
Baer brings home a promotion to Level 8 Pioneer of New Technologies. (10 points)

Our third free day! And just think, 13 more days of this and I can step down as the heir!!!


Free Day #3 (10 points, 30/50):
Promotions (2): Baer/Scientist 7-8
Maxed skills (14): Stud/Handiness, Logic; Ricard/Archaeology
Faina/Imagination, Communication, Thinking, Movement;
NPC hires (-2): Pizza x1, Caterer x1
Fires (-4): Fire x2

Household Ages
Ricardo: Day 4 elder
Virtua: 2 days to elder
Stud: 12 days to adult
Baer: 12 days to adult
Eden: 14 days to adult
Faina: 13 days to teen

TD 9.67: Decisions, Decisions

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