TD 9.67: Decisions, Decisions

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen9, Stud Lee

Week 48/Saturday

Stud: Our free day started about an hour after Fair Faina’s birthday yesterday evening.
Ever since, she’s been hard at work on Artistic Prodigy.
Looks like she’ll have time to squeeze in four hours of Practice Typing, too!

Baer: After making two breakthroughs, I need three more Level 8 skills for Renaissance Sim.
My Archaeology and Rocket Science are already Level 7, so I take care of them.
Then I quickly level up Homestyle Cooking. *buys Mentor and Carefree traits
Stud: Nice work completing Renaissance Sim, Baer!

Stud: Faina manages to queue up 3 chess games during the tail end of our free day.
Just in time!
I’ve made big plans already for our little girl’s child stage.

Just before Sage and I go for a walk, she ages up to an elder.
Of course, I give her an Age-Down Treat right away.

Week 49/Sunday

Faina:  We started playing chess together, but you stood and started mentoring me instead!
Stud: Yes, sweetheart, it’s faster than experimenting on the science table by yourself.
Faina: Is that why you invited me to play chess with you? What a sneaky trick!
Stud: One learns various underhanded tricks while herding uncontrolled sims.
Happily for you, you needn’t bother yourself with herding anyone but the dogs!

In the afternoon, after Faina and I tire of chess, we all travel to Desert Bloom Park.
Faina avails of its Science Lair trait to experiment on the science table.
Meanwhile, I lecture Scamp on playing in a puddle but he resists learning.
On the upside, look at all the feather piles and pet prezzies!

Soon after, though, I succeed in teaching Sage not to play in the trash.
I don’t foresee making much further progress with Friend of the Animals.
And now both dogs are filthy, so we should be heading home so I can bathe them.


At the park, Sage was sprayed twice and bitten once by a skunk.
In the wee hours, I notice Sage is drooling with stars spinning around her head.
I try every examination but with zero results, which is troubling.

The surgery table gives me only one treatment option: “Extract Excess Cuteness.”
It must have worked, since Sage isn’t drooling anymore.
Is my exam table glitched?

Mama ages up to an elder this morning. Her and Papa are still very much in love.
Scamp ages up to an elder today, too. He gets an Age-Down Treat, natch.

Nobody’s the least surprised when Faina brings home a B today. (1 point)


I didn’t realize that the fridge was empty and so Baer masters Cooking. (3 points)
In the afternoon, I allow myself to master Archaeology at last. (5 points)

Stud: Congrats on you’re A grade, Faina! (6 points)
Faina: May I buy the Morning Sim trait now, Papa? (5 points)
Stud: Of course. And we’re going to have to sit down and discuss your teen years soon.
Faina: Discuss what?
Stud: Depending on your museum collection, you’ll need to learn different skills.
We can talk about it right after our next free day.

Faina: Papa, I did it! I maxed my Mental skill! Now may I go and play? (7 points)
Stud: Yes, let’s do that! I know just the place!

Faina: Not exactly my idea of “playing,” Papa.
Baer: Are you kidding, Faina? Fishing is great!
Faina: If it’s so great, Uncle Baer, why are you and Papa only Fishing 2?

Stud: That’s because your grandmother never took us fishing, sweetheart.
Baer: Yeah, we weren’t as lucky as you are.
Faina (suspiciously): Really?
Baer: Also, fishing is an essential part of your future plans!
Faina: My future plans? What do you mean?
Baer: You mean you haven’t told her yet, Stud?


Since Faina’s doing so well at school, I can relax now in the mornings.
No running around discussing cognitive focusing exercises with Faina and Baer.
I’ll probably continue with Baer, but he doesn’t need it today.

Scamp: Do you mind a little advice, Sage?
Sage: What is it, Scamp?
Scamp: You need to tone down all the whimpering and sadness.
The family has been saying that you ruin everyone’s good mood. What’s the problem?
Sage: I’m not sure, Scamp. And Stud can’t even ask me what’s wrong…

Stud: I do believe that Baer will max his career before our last free day!
This evening, he brings home his Level 9 promotion. (8 points)
Congrats on becoming a Mad Scientist, bruh!
Faina: What are you mad about, Uncle Baer?
Baer: Not that kind of mad, little one.

Papa got his second notice yesterday and I’m not sure what we should do.
The way I see it, we have four options.
1. We move Aud Lee over from Chateau Frise, which means I (later Faina) will need to walk two dogs a day.
2. We let Scamp and Sage have another puppy, hoping for a Sage mini-me. Again, this will lead to walking two dogs a day.
3. We adopt a cat (not Bronco, shown below, though he is a stray).
4. Baer and I resign ourselves to the possible fate of getting impregnated by Senior Pollinator Technician #3.
As you might imagine, Scenario 4 is the least desirable option.
In all four scenarios, Sage must be spayed sooner or later. What to do, what to do.


Bronco (left): Hey, Dale! Stay alert, dude!
Dale (right): What are you talking about? I’m always alert!
Bronco: You know that house full of weirdos with the two dogs?
Rumor has it that they’re thinking about adopting a cat.

Dale: So what does that have to do with me? You’re a stray just like I am.
Bronco: I hear that the household’s watcher favors Bengali cats. Don’t get suckered in!

Stud: Well, hello there, you handsome cat! I see you’re a stray.
Dale: Don’t believe for a minute that every stray is easy, baby boy!
Stud: Yeah, but I got the good stuff! *offers some catnip
Dale: Yum. So, where do y’all live?

Bronco: Oh no, Dale! I can’t believe you let him befriend you!
Dale: You’re one to talk! I see that you’re already friends with him, too.
You’re just jealous because Stud isn’t into you!

Stud: Look, Dale, I gotta go now. Don’t go living with anyone else!
I can’t make any promises, but I want to talk with you again in a day or two, okay?

Scamp: So, what were you talking about with that striped cat, Stud?
Stud: Oh, nothing special. Just the usual neighborhood gossip, you know?

After jogging with Scamp, I take Sage out jogging as well.
Then, just when I’m about to take Scamp for a second jog, I master Fitness. (10 points)
Aight, folks, let’s get our fourth free day started!


Free Day #4: 10 points, 40/50
Promotions (3):
Career (1): Baer/Scientist 9
School (2): Faina/B, A
Maxed skills (8 ): Stud/Archaeology, Fitness; Faina/Mental; Baer/Cooking
Satisfaction reward (-1): Faina/Morning Sim

Note: Yes, I am blitzing my way to the end of this challenge.
In another sim-week, around the last free day, Faina will celebrate her teen birthday and start on her “museum stuff.”

TD 9.68: Points Begone!

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