TD 9.68: Points Begone!

Scamp: Do you want another puppy, Sage?
Sage: I do, Scamp! I really and truly do!
Scamp: Well, don’t get your hopes up…
9.68: Points Begone!

Week 49/Friday

Faina: Since I’ll be the active heir in less than two weeks, Papa says I can talk with you all.
Do you mind?

It’s 2 am when I complete Rambunctious Scamp.
Should we go out in the middle of the night so I can start Social Butterfly? Heck yes!

Faina: Well, South Square Café is a bust. I need to meet three more people!
Stud: Hey, you met two baristas, so your glass if half full!

Faina: Papa, I thought you were going to introduce us to a cat?
Stud: Yeah, maybe next time. Dale couldn’t make it tonight.

Faina: At Willow Creek, I only find this cos-player at Magnolia Blossom Park.
But when I introduce myself, he counts for two people. Whatever, I’ll take it!

Grim: What are you doing here in the wee hours, little one?
Faina: I need to boost my Social. This saloon is both convivial and a cat hangout.
Grim: I can understand why you’d want convivial, but why cat hangout?

Faina: Oh that’s for Papa. He’s been down at the docks, waiting for some cat to arrive.
Stud: There you are, Dale! Where have you been?
Dale: I’ve been catching up on my beauty sleep. Sup?

Faina: Thanks for being my first adult friend, Grim!
Grim: Um, yeah. The pleasure’s all yours.

Faina: Why so serious, Papa?
Stud: I’m thinking really hard about adopting this cat.
Faina: He’s gorgeous! Does he need to be walked or bathed?
Stud: Nope.
Faina: Let’s go for it!

Dale: Check out this pose, Watcher! Stud will be my slave in no time!
Hmmm, I see this isn’t your first rodeo! What are your traits again?
Dale: I’m a curious, mischievous prowler.
Uh huh, trouble is your middle name…

Faina: Why so many cat screenshots! I’m the future Lee heir, you know!
Eden: Because you’re too repetitive: socialize, cloudgaze, socialize, cloudgaze…
Faina: I know, right? I’m even boring myself!
But at least add a shot of Jorge! He’s really handsome.
Sorry, Uncle Baer, I’m going to marry Jorge instead!

Faina: Papa, check out Gengo Nakamura! He’s a rainbow sim like me!
Not only that, he knows the secret handshake.
When I grow up, I might need to have two husbands.

Our free day ends while I’m still cloudgazing with Gengo.
There! I’m done with Social Butterfly! (2 points)


Faina: My friend Grim comes to take my Grandpa away.
Papa says Grandpa is going to a better place. Where is that, exactly?

After sunrise, Papa goes out to look for his feline friend, Dale.
Instead, he finds a different cat named Fabbo, another glutton!
As he compares Fabbo and Dale, his decision to adopt Dale wavers.

Then, to escape this dilemma, he does what any reasonable sim would do.
He phones the Kennel to request that yet another cat be brought over.
This Burmese cat is friendly, playful, and talkative. Still, Papa wavers.
What’s wrong with adopting a low-maintenance pet?

You see, Papa cannot forget his curious, mischievous prowler.
Despite his traits, Dale and Papa had hit it off immediately. In fact, they’re good friends already.
Papa, please adopt him already so we can get on with the weekend. Sheesh!

Oh yes, we renamed our new household member Sly.

Faina: Nice move, Papa! I definitely don’t mind fishing here in Selvadorada.
Stud: After all your efforts this past week, you deserve more than Desert Bloom Park!
Faina: I’ll say! Oh, hey! When are you going to tell me why we’re often fishing?
Stud: Oh that? *whisper, whisper, whisper

Week 50/Sunday

Faina: While the rest of us are sleeping, Papa sneaks back down to the marketplace.
There, he chats with the local vendors until mastering Selvadoradian Culture. (4 points)
I’m not sure how that helps with his Friend of the Animals aspiration, though.

It is a veritable battle of the wills!
Papa lectures Sly Lee about jumping on counters, but Sly jumps on the fridge and ignores him.
The second time, however, Sly relents and learns not to jump on counters.
Show him who’s boss around here, Papa!

Scamp: Wut? No Jungle Dawg?
Stud: Nah, we’re giving that a rest this weekend. This is a no-exploring vacation.


Stud: Only three more days to hang out like this, Scamp. Will you miss us?
Scamp: I have to say that you’ve been the best heir from my perspective.
Stud: I’ve made an effort to go on walks and jogs with you as much as possible.
I’ve noticed that you haven’t run away even once since we moved here.

Scamp: Speaking of noticing, is someone looking at our butts?

Faina: I thought I’d have free time once I finished my aspirations.
But Papa keeps encouraging me to learn more.
I don’t mind really, since I get to visit different places.


Baer: Thanks for welcoming me home, Scamp!
Scamp: Gratz on earning a promotion AND maxing your career! (7 points)
You gonna quit your career now?
Baer: What’s the point? I’m a never weary neat sim with a steel bladder.
What would I do at home all day, cook and clean? No thanks!


Stud: Teaching Sly not to beg for food earns me 1,000 satisfaction points. (8 points)
I send Sly off a-prowling just to enjoy the sight of his sleek form cutting through space.
He is truly a beautiful creature.
By the way, Sly is a Savannah cat, not a Bengal.
Both are cross-breeds between a domestic cat and either an African Serval Cat (Savannah) or an Asian Leopard Cat (Bengal).


Stud: To think that today is Faina’s birthday. This is our last jog together, you know!
Scamp: I will miss hanging out with you, for real.
Stud: And don’t forget! Faina needs to prioritize her museum contributions, Scamp.
Scamp: Yeah, yeah. I’ll explain that to Sage, too.

It’s time at last for Faina’s teen birthday!

After her makeover, I enthuse about iambic meter with her and max writing. (10 points)
That’s it, people! Let’s make this dynasty’s very last free day matter!

Free Day #5 (10 points
Promotions (1): Baer/Scientist 10
Satisfaction: +1,000 points
Maxed skills/aspirations/jobs (8 )
Skills (4): Stud/Selvadoradian Culture, Writing
Aspirations (2): Faina/Social Butterfly
Career (2): Baer/Scientist

Stud Lee’s Total (50 points)
Promotions (9):
Career (7): Baer/Scientist 5-10, Virtua 8
School (2): Faina/B & A
Satisfaction (1): +1000 points
Good friends (2): Ashaya V, Faina Lee
Household funds (10): $30,000 x5
Maxed skill/aspiration (36 ):
Skills (32): Stud (16), Faina (12), Ricardo (2), Baer (2).
Aspiration (2): Faina/Social Buttlerfly
Careers (2): Baer/Scientist
NPC hires (-3): Repairperson x1, Pizza x1, Caterer x1
Satisfaction reward (-1): Faina/Morning Sim
Fire (-4): Fire x2

Update Notes
• Among all the heirs, Stud spent the most time jogging and walking with Scamp. Compared with recent heirs, Stud also hired fewer NPCs.
• On Wednesday, Stud noticed that Fabbo the cat had aged to an elder.So he invited Fabbo over and gave him an Age-Down Treat.
• Virtua Lee’s age bar is bubbling, so Stud spayed Sage just in case.
• This challenge concludes the moment that Faina places her portraits of her household members and her collection in the Lee Museum.

TD 10.69: Ain’t Misbehavin’

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