TD 10.69: Ain’t Misbehavin’

Sly Lee: Me and mah cat tree!

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen10, Faina Lee

Week 50/Thursday

Faina: Before I forget, Papa, would you snap a photo of me?
Stud: Sure, Faina.
Faina: Not exactly the look I was going for, Papa.
Maybe you could just “take a photo” instead of “take a photo of…” me?

Faina: It feels like there’s so much I need to do!
Is this the way every new heir feels?
Papa already snapped photos of Grandma Virtua and Granda Ricardo.
So I take everyone else’s photo then ask Papa to mentor me while I paint.


I take Friday off and head to Selvadorada with Papa. You’re wondering why?
I only need 500 more satisfaction to buy Creative Visionary, I chose the Jungle Explorer aspiration.
The first two tiers shouldn’t take me much time!
Haha, look at Papa dancing the rumbasim as if he’s thinking, “Oh yeah, I’m killing this!”

Sly Lee wasn’t invited along to Selvadorada but he came anyway.
And I have no way of sending him home!
He’s giving Scamp serious competition in the “looking good in the jungle” category!

Of course, Sly catches some illness. (How are there even squirrels in the jungle?)
So we’re off to the vet as soon as we get back home.
I wish I could treat Sly myself. It took hours to get him to the exam room!

As for me, I end up not being able to recover from a poisoned dart.
After unsuccessfully trying to cook some bone dust, I buy an antidote off the computer.


When I get home from visiting friends, I see Grandma Virtua out front.
Noticing she has her arm raised, I take off like a flash with Scamp.
Before returning home, I give him a short walk for good measure.

I’d met and befriended Fabbo the cat yesterday morning.
When I see Grandma is no longer with us, I travel with him to the Sporting Space lot.
Rest in peace, Grandma Virtua. Thank you for making room to adopt Fabbo!
We are an eight-member household once again. And, of course, Fabbo is ill, too.
Darn my bad luck!

Watching the veterinarian at work really motivates me to learn to treat our pets myself.

When I get home, all I find is Grandma Virtua’s urn on the sidewalk.
I wait for an hour, hoping to take a photo of Grandma’s urn without the nanny.
But, weirdly, the nanny just stands there forever without moving. Gah!

By the way, since Fabbo is affectionate, I renamed him Snugg Lee.
And, through some strange coincidence, Snugg is a Bengal cat. Score!

Week 51/Sunday

I spend the morning at Perfect Balance Spa, taking yoga classes.
Well, yes, I could also practice yoga at home.
But when I’m home, I spend so much time asking the dogs and cats “What’s wrong?”
They are fully capable of taking care of their basic needs, so it’s more peaceful here at the spa!


It’s nice to see Scamp and Sage playing together!
Isn’t that the whole point of owning two dogs?


Scamp: Don’t think you’re fooling anybody, missy!
I see your blessing of the sun and your poison-induced mottled skin!
You’ve been to Selvadorada again, right?
Faina: You’re absolutely right, Scamp. Frankly, I’m afraid to take you with me.
What if you get sick again? Unlike Papa, I have zero Vet skill, you know.
Scamp: I’m willing to take my chances, Faina.

Scamp: Is this the right moment to say that you’re only acquaintances with Sage and me?
And yet, you’re already friends with both cats, whoever they are.
Faina: Sly Lee’s the thinner yellow one and Snugg Lee’s darker with leopard spots.
Scamp: Whatever! *shrugs

Faina: Okay. You wanna make a quickie to Selvadorada right now?

Scamp: Eh, what are Eden and Snugg Lee doing here?
I thought this was gonna be a Jungle-Dawg-with-Faina-Lee adventure?
Faina: Hey, I didn’t invite them but they came along anyway. Is it is cuz I’m still a teen?

Scamp: Aight, young lady. Let’s see if you can teach this old dawg some new tricks!
Hah, doubtful!

Scamp: Oh, sharp! Teleporting to the gates!
That’s new to the Lees but not to the watcher…

Faina: Well, we’ve reached the temple!
Snugg, you were already nearby so I brought you here, too. Did Mama go home without you?
Oh, nooooo!!!!!

Faina: You both have the spinning stars and drooling mouths! Don’t tell me.
Did you both get bit by squirrels?
Well, tough luck! We’re not going home yet.
That’s what you two get for fighting with the squirrels!
Still, I’m sorry that you’re both feeling poorly.


Faina: No thanks to you two, I’m done exploring the temple.
I have school in two hours. You both ready to go home?

Faina: As for you, Scamp! Curse of the Jungle Dawg, my plumbob!
Consider this your last trip to Selvadorada yo!
Snugg Lee: Don’t blame me for wanting to tag along. I’m affectionate, remember?
Wherever you go, Faina, I want to come with. ❤

Snugg: Is this safe? Didn’t you start with zero Vet skill?
Faina: But I have the quick learner trait! Look, I can perform surgery already!
I hope you appreciate that I’m leaving for school an hour late just for you, Snugg!

Stud: Your teen birthday was six days ago and you’ll be a young adult in another week.
How’s everything going, my fair Faina?
Faina: Everything’s working out perfectly (except for the pets getting sick all the  time).
Stud: Really? I worked hard to prepare you for your teen years, so I’m glad to hear that!
Faina: Yes, things are working out just like you planned, Papa.

Stud: So is your collection completed?
Faina: No, but I have 7 out of 10 items already. I’ll be done by the weekend.
Stud: What about your portraits? You haven’t even started painting them, have you?
Fained: You’re right, I haven’t. But I have enough time left to finish them all. Don’t worry.

Stud: Incidentally, you don’t discipline Sly and Snugg at all, do you?
Lately, they’re really taking advantage of your laid-back attitude by misbehaving.
Faina: Eh, let them misbehave! They’re not hurting anyone by sitting on the table or eating people food.
Besides, I’m busy trying to hustle up another 500 satisfaction points.

Update Notes
*Having four pets with one controllable sim might not have been the best plan but I couldn’t resist adopting those two beautiful cats.
Moving in two homeless young adult sims might have been easier, though.
*The thirteen-day teen stage where the new heir works on their museum stuff has been my favorite part of every generation.
Which is ironic, since it’s the most anti-challenge phase of this challenge because the actions of the uncontrolled sims become irrelevant. Oh well.
*I’m in the process of deciding on my next challenge already. I’m leaning toward the…well, you’ll find out next week or so, I guess.
*One last update to go!

TD 10.70: Faina Lee, Finished!

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