TD 10.70: Faina Lee, Finished!

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen10, Faina Lee

Week 51/Wednesday

Faina: I end up making one last trip to Selvadorada.
Although I leave alone, of course, Mama and Snugg must tag along.

I don’t know why Mama bothers to come.
She ends up going home (again), leaving Snugg by himself in the villa.
But I don’t mind having Snugg along, that cutie!
And he manages not to get sick this time!


Scamp: Who are you, anyway?
Skeleton: You don’t recognize me? I’m Eden!
Scamp: Faina and her Balampalsoh Death Relic?
Skeleton: Yep.
Scamp: It could have been so much worse!

Eden: And what’s your story?
Scamp: Faina extracted my excess cuteness. Can’t you tell?
Eden: So that’s why! I was wondering why you weren’t as cute as usual.

Stud: So I know the turquoise skeleton is my wife, but who’s the black skeleton?
Eden: That’s my clubmate, Kayaan.
Stud: Does that mean you finished Jungle Explorer?
Eden: Nope. And I have enough satisfaction now, so I’m done with that aspiration.

Stud: Dare I ask what your mother is doing, Faina?
Faina: Looks like she’s dancing while using two brown skeletal arms like maracas.
It’s best just to ignore her, Papa.

Stud: I’m glad to see that you’ve finally started on your portraits.
Faina: All that’s left now is school, painting, the usual housework, and pet care!

Faina: I’ve added my grade-school crush, Jorge Underwood, to my club.
He aged up into such a hunk. He didn’t even need a makeover.
Gengo didn’t age up well at all.
So, it looks like I’ll be fine with just one husband after all, Papa.
Stud: It’s for the best, dear.

Papa and Jorge bond over their Fabio hair.
I decide that Snugg could use a little discipline after all.

I hear that affectionate cats like to stay close their owners, but really?
Snugg couldn’t be more in my face if he tried. Still adorable, though.
Also, I learn that my future husband is an unflirty genius.
Does that mean he’s less likely to be unfaithful? I could live with that!

Sly comes home from who-knows-where, all filthy and smelly.
He runs to a corner of the kitchen and immediately begins cleaning himself.
It’s nice that Sly’s so hygienic but why did he have to come to the kitchen?
That’s where I am with my family and clubmates, so we all have the Skunk Scent moodlet now.

Scamp: I can’t believe you used my post-surgery cone of shame as an excuse to leave me behind.
Faina: It’s not like I snuck off without you, Scamp. I didn’t actually invite Snugg, either!


Friday, at last! I’m very eager to push through to the end of this challenge now.
Snugg gets stuck on the kitchen table while I’m away at school today.
We have to travel to a different lot together to get him down from the table.

Also, a stranger phones to notify me that Angela Escobar passed away.
Angela is just an acquaintance, one of the vendors I met at Selvadorada.
So why do I have a two-day Sad +2 Mourning moodlet?
I need that like I need a hole in the head.
I guess the death notifications are a post-patch thing?


Scamp: Thanks for giving Sage and me our Age-Down Treats earlier today.
I hadn’t realized you could craft them.
Faina: I can’t. But I bought a half dozen of them during our last trip to the vet.

Scamp: So how does it feel, Faina? Are you excited about being done?
Faina: Part of me is insanely thrilled to be this close to finished.
But another part of me wishes I could get married and have a family of my own.
Scamp: Awwwww…..

Faina: Don’t tell Scamp I said this, because it will hurt his feelings.
But our watcher is head over heels in love with Snugg Lee.
I mean, what are the chances of running into a stray Bengal cat?

Sly Lee is also a gorgeous creature. How amazing that we found both strays!
Both a Savannah cat and Bengal cat in our own neighborhood!
I really regret that the time I’ve had with my feline friends has been so short.

Week 52/Sunday

This is my final portrait and I’d really like Uncle Baer’s painting to come out well.
He’s always been so good to me!
And now I must abandon Uncle Baer, my childhood crush, for a younger man!

It’s 3 am when I’m done with my museum stuff, so I drink a Moodlet Solver and head for Newcrest.
When I arrive at the Lee Museum, I place the gravestones of Grandpa Virtua and Grandpa Ricardo.
I’m humbled by the sight of all the souls who dedicated so much effort for this very day.

Next, I hang up the portraits of everyone in our household.
Sorry, Papa, but I beat your family record for the highest-value portrait collection.
My portraits are worth $64,022.

And finally, I place Papa’s portrait with those of the founder and other heirs.
And beneath them, I arrange my collection of rare treasures.
Thanks to Papa’s foresight, I have the costliest collection at $92,422.

And this marks the end of this Townie Dynasty with Leeway!

My sincere thanks to all of you, both commenters and silent readers, who accompanied me on this strange and silly journey.
Thank you, too, to the Challenges Team at Carl’s Forum who created this diabolical challenge.

(just in time for the release of Seasons, hehe)

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