SB 4.34: The Matching Headband

Ragnar: That family doesn’t deserve me!

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen4, Jaga Sharebear

Week 12/Wednesday

Jaga: Our watcher’s been trying to learn about bees these days.
She read a sci-fi novel, The Bees, narrated from the perspective of a female worker bee.
It’s a great story, I hear, but it hasn’t really helped me become a better beekeeper.

Oh yeah, have you noticed I changed my look lately?

I’m not sure how he did it, but Hakuto finagled his way out of mastering flower arranging.
Instead, Mama’s been at it. She’s level 8 already!
I’ve even moved my crafting table into the greenhouse to do lab work at her side.

Hakuto already had maxed fitness, so he made short work of the Bodybuilder aspiration.

Ikura writes his third bestseller this morning.
He’s just waiting forl his publishing royalties to reach $25,000.

While surveying Cavalier Cove for a flock Ragnar can chase, I spot this guy.
I realize it’s cold today but, hey dude, it’s still spring!

After two days, you’d think Papa would find the missing space rock in our collection.
Oh well. He crashes the rocket ship and gets dazed, so we at least get an Essence of Dazed.

This morning, I mistakenly choose PTO when my work alarm goes off. Shoot!
But both Maja and Hakuto go to work today.
As soon as Hakuto gets home at 9 pm, Maja and I are getting married!

Happily, we complete our feather collection!
Thanks so much, Ragnar!

Though I hadn’t intended to miss work, I’ve spent the day productively.
My vet skill is level 5 and I’ve made a lot of progress with Friend of the Animals.
I might be able to finish it in one full day where the whole family is off work!

It’s quite late when we finally phone in our wedding party.
We’re throwing it at the Resort Wedding Lounge in Oasis Springs.

Maja: Oh, Jaga! This is all so lavish. I hadn’t expected this at all.
Jaga: Did you live on that island all your life until our watcher came and got you?
Maja: Yes, I was born in one house then, around the time you visited, we moved to a second home.
Jaga: Race you to the wedding arch!

Maja: When we first met as children, I never wanted you to leave.
Living there in the coastal wilderness, I clung to the hope of seeing you again.
Then, ten years later, your watcher arrived to bring my brother and I to your world.
Jaga, I have traveled across nearly two millennia to be here.

Jaga: I’m not one to make romantically dramatic exclamations.
Know that my love for you shines true and clear, an eternal flame.

Jaxton: You are weeping, darling Edamame.
Edamame: Yes, look! Jaga’s headband matches Maja’s wedding gown!

Jaga: Hiring my sister Fugu as the caterer doesn’t work out so well.
She makes two cakes, but no meal-type food at all. Our bartender is a no-show.
It’s fine. I simply buy a buffet table with a fountain of mirth.

Maja is joyful and lovely throughout the reception.

Most of our wedding guests, however, act sad and gloomy.
That new mourning glitch is seriously ruining everyone’s quality of life.
And don’t even get me started on how it slows down career promotions.

How great to see Maja’s twin brother Magnus at the wedding!
It’s very fitting that he resides at The Lighthouse, the home of their servant’s descendants.

Maja: Another gold medal party!
How could I have ever completed this Party Animal aspiration on that wretched island?


Jaga: Let’s try for baby even though it’s past midnight.
Maja: Are you hoping for triplets?
Jaga: What gives you that idea?
Maja: Just now, your mother moved out your father and your two pets.
Jaga: Actually, I’m hoping for twins.

Jaga: Dare I ask what we are doing, darling?
Maja: This is an ancient Nordic ritual to ensure twins and prevent triplets.
Jaga: Uh huh…

With the next generation on its way, Maja is ready to throw another party.

After Maja ends her gold-medal dinner party, I leave for my first day of work.
An hour later, Maja and Ikura leave for work as well.
Hopefully, the four of us will come to share somewhat similar work schedules.
Wish us luck!


Legacy Score: unchanged
Nature (0): Completed Feathers collection

New Lots
“Resort Wedding Lounge” by sensexxx (Gallery)
“Fifty Shades of Spay” by me: a new take on the vet clinic I built for a different story

Chapter Notes:
*It’s taking me time to get used to having Seasons in my legacy game.
I have seasons set to 7 days each now, with the option of extending to two weeks later.
*I’m stilling figuring out how best to tackle the many careers and remaining aspirations.
*Up next: Meet the fifth generation as nooboos and toddlers!

SB 4.35: Party People

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