SB 4.35: Party People

Friday is Love Day!

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen4, Jaga Sharebear

Week 12/Thursday

Hakuto: I’m the only one off today, that is, besides Mama who’s retired.
I complete Renaissance Sim so fast, I even astonish myself.
It’s done the instant I finish reading my third book.
You’ve guessed, no doubt, that I’ve started on Nerd Brain.

Today’s promotion allows me to enter the Politician branch.
This headband doesn’t really go well with my suit, does it?
Whatever! My contingency is voting for my platform, not my headgear!

And here I’d believed I was a natural bee whisperer.
They usually like me more than this. I wonder what’s bugging them?
What is the point of keeping bees anyway? Is there a bee-related scouting badge?

Ikura and Maja bring home promotions this afternoon, too.

My daily task requires that I secure two votes.
Hello, Papa. Hello, Mama. How would you like to vote for your favorite politician?
Gee, this is too easy!

Jaga: Gee, Hakuto, we’re all so busy! Why did you pick Bodybuilder?
If you’d gone Pro Athlete, you wouldn’t need to mentor fitness.
Hakuto: You think I didn’t think of that?
After a few more promtions, my work hours will be closer to everyone else’s here.
That gives you more time to work at your vet clinic, right?

Maja’s feeling anxious about her Business career because it requires maxed Logic.
She doesn’t need to worry. All her housemates can mentor Logic.

After the four of us finish our daily tasks, I open my vet clinic for the first time.
My very first patient’s owner looks at me with skepticism.
But hey, relax ma’am. Your cat only has fleas!

I’m surprised to see my sister Fugu, who’s brought Ragnar in for an exam.
Sadly, my former companion Ragnar and I are no longer even friends!

Fifty Shades of Spay doesn’t earn much today.
I didn’t have a single chance to use my surgery station!
But I did earn enough points to buy half of the possible perks.
I’ve hired two of my siblings as assistants, though Twain seems like a mistake.


Today is Love Day!
Maja dear, we will go on our date after we’re both done with work!
After that, finishing your Party Animal aspiration should be the household’s priority.

Edamame: Thank you for coming over, Yesenia.
Yesenia Ponce: I remember you introducing yourself to me at Selvadorada. Why am I here?
Edamame: There’s someone that I’d like you to meet…

Hakuto: Well, hello there! My name’s Hakuto. You’re even more beautiful than Mama said.
Yesenia: Aren’t you the sweet talker? And what’s with that distractingly skimpy top?
Hakuto: Eh, our watcher got sleepy and saved/exited the game while I was at work.
But enough about me, here are some flowers for Love Day!
Yesenia: How sweet of you. I’d like to give you a Love Day gift, too. *hands Hakuto a rose

Yesenia: Are you using me for practice because this is your family’s first holiday?
The gift of flowers, the romancing, and now this date?
We’re BFFs now yet you don’t ask me to move in. Why not?
Hakuto: In a perfect world, we would have children before you move in.
You could move into Chateau Frise with Papa and my sisters.

Edamame: We don’t understand how the gold-status holiday celebrations work yet.
After a smoldering date with Jaxton, I achieved gold status before giving him flowers.
Later, Hakuto achieved gold status without even going on a date.
After the date, though, his celebration status looked exactly the same.

Hakuto: Once I’ve maxed my career, Yesenia, we can form our own household somewhere.
I know we’ve just met and I hope you don’t feel like I’m rushing you.
But would you make a leap of faith and marry someone like me?

Yesenia: Hmmm, that’s quite a risk you’re asking me to take.
Marrying a man I just met who’s handsome and intelligent with a perfect physique.
Yes, yes, yes! And now, I must go leave to prepare for my move from San Myshuno.

Maja: Jaga thought I’d thought want to give birth at the hospital, but nope.
I opt for a home birth because I’ve got three parties to throw.
Tonight, I gives birth to two lovely little girls.
We name them Kirsten and Liv.

Maja: I throw my first party at The Lighthouse, where Magnus lives.
I see my brother has already found himself a fine-looking lady friend.
All Maja and I know about her is that her name’s Jaqueline.

Don’t be surprised that I invited two vampires to the party!
I first met them at our wedding, because Jaga invited them.
Akito, the one standing, looks very sweet. You wouldn’t guess he’s a vampire.
Orfeu, on the other hand, looks unmistakably like a vampire. Is that even his dark form?


Next, I throw an incognito costume party at the Shrieking Llama Bar.
Jaga, Hakuto, and I have a half dozen Happy+ moodlets right now.
So I want to avoid any parties that require sims to get Playful.
This party was quite unfocused. As you can see, almost half the partygoers are outside.

I throw my third party at Chateau Frise, where Papa, Fugu, and Yesenia live.
What a horrid idea! The territorial raccoon Ragnar fights with the guests.
Meanwhile, the dog Quest stumbles around drooling due to squirrel scratch fever.
I end the party and return home just in time for Hakuto to leave for work.

Maja: Aren’t we cute in our domestic help costumes?
Jaga: This date was your fifth social event at a unique location.
Grats, sweetheart, you’ve reached the last tier of Party Animal.
Maja: Does it bother you that I’ve caught up to you? You’re at Tier IV, too?
Jaga: Nah, Friend of the Animal is my third aspiration, so I have lots of satisfaction points.
Go ahead and finish your aspiration first, Maja.
Maja: Thanks! I need 12 more dates but only 2 more gold-medal parties.

After four more dates at home, we get our daughters’ birthday notices.
They age up with my black hair and Maja’s grey eyes.

Kirsten is inquisitive, while Liv is independent.
They’re not identical twins but they’re both cute as heck.


Legacy Score: +1 (77 points)
Athletic (0): Completed Best-Selling author (still missing 6 aspirations)
Popularity (+1): 151/150 gold-medal points

SB 4.36: Monsoon Season

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