SB 4.36: Monsoon Season

My lovely wife, Maja!

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen4, Jaga Sharebear

Week 12/Saturday

Jaga: I run around on errands during the remaining hours of spring.
Deciding I want my collections on a separate lot after all, I rebuild our museum.
After moving our completed collections there, we head for Willow Creek.
This should have been done long ago, but we finally build a cemetery.
That domed mausoleum is, of course, for our founder.

Week 13/Sunday

And then summer arrives!
The new calendar is so useful!
At a glance, we see that one of the four of us is working on every single holiday and birthday this year!
According to the new ruling, we’ve added two holidays.
One commemorates the start of this legacy, the other marks our founder’s passing.

This is not at all how I’d envisioned summer.
It’s more like we’re living in the tropics during the monsoon season!

Naturally, a torrential downpour doesn’t deter Maja from trying for two gold-medal parties.
We have an indoor dining room plus sheltered seating in the great room and back patio.
But our vampire guests and a very pregnant Jaqueline (Magnus’s wife!) prefer to sit outdoors.

Maja throws two dinner parties. The first one earns a gold.
The second one has only one party goal remaining: Tell two jokes.
Since Party Animal is Maja’s aspiration, she takes charge of that last goal.
It takes her at least two hours to buckle down and tell those two jokes.
For one thing, the vampire pun she boldly shares with Orfeu doesn’t count!

Finally, Maja tells her second joke and earns her second gold-medal party.
And now we should switch our attention to our daughters.
Instead, we summon Grandma Edamame and a nanny to help with the girls.

Date after date after date!
What hardships I endure for the sake of our legacy! *grins happily
Only five more left now…

Our poor butler, Tetsu!
I didn’t know that bees would randomly fly around in the greenhouse.

Of course, Maja and I feel terrible about leaving the girls on their own.
Inquisitive Kirsten doesn’t seem to mind, though, especially after her Uncle Hakuto’s home from work.

Independent Liv, as you might guess, prefers learning on her own.
I wonder if they would have been blonde if Maja’s hair weren’t two-toned?

As Maja ends her 15th social event (including those two parties), she finishes Party Animal!
Also, we earn an achievement for completing all the base-game aspirations.
What’s left? Outdoor Enthusiast, the three vampire ones, and my Friend of the Animals.

To make up for lost time, Maja and I each read to one of the girls.
Well, yes, I’d really like to be working at the vet clinic or on my aspiration…

But tonight’s not the best time to be out and about.
I can’t really picture myself at Deadgrass Isle, seeking two ghost pets to play with.
In fact, I can’t even be bothered to visit our local beach to make more pet friends.

Sadly, we’ve robbed our girls of the chance for a serious education.
But we still have a little time to make up for it.

But not a lot of time, mind you, since their birthdays come in two days.


Yesenia: What’s the big idea adding me your legacy club in the middle of the night?
Hakuto: Sorry! I just now noticed that I’m a father! Can you move in now?
Yesenia: I just abandon the kids to the care of your father and your sister Gari?
Hakuto: The sooner you move in and help out, the sooner we can move back over there!

Yesenia: What exactly will I be doing? Do I need to switch careers?
Hakuto: I hope you don’t mind quitting your Detective career.
You won’t need to get another job, just helping with the kids, gardening, stuff like that.

Yesenia: The weather finally seems suitable for summer! A gloriously sunny day!
The garden, however, seems confused and disorderly.
As a Freelance Botanist, I guess it’s my duty to straighten things out.
I’m growing all the flowers as individual plants for now–no useless grafting. *rolls eyes

Yesenia: Since you’re feeling so friendly today, Patchy, I’d like to ask you a question.
How long do these money trees take to grow anyway?
Hakuto’s father Jaxton bought and planted the seed before he moved out.
That was 4 days ago and these seedling have barely grown!.

Jaga: Mama suddenly remembers that she’s never completed Bodybuilder.
Now’s the time, since her elder birthday comes in three days.
Papa is nowhere near as helpful as when he lived with us.
But it’s good to have him around the house all the time. Maybe he feels like cooking?


Since the girls wake up past midnight, I bring everyone to Deadgrass Isle.
We’re the first Sharebears to visit this island we can see from our backyard!

After ensuring that everyone’s productively engaged, I jog off to the cemetery.
Nope, no ghost pets here. Maybe if I check out the lighthouse area?

While I’m standing around waiting, two ghost dogs come walking my way.
Of course, this is the moment I choose to get stuck and never see one of those dogs again.

A little while later, I do run into an angry ghost cat who’s willing to play with me.
But she isn’t interested in becoming my friend, darn it.
I’d really hoped to make my 12th friend here! (If only Ragnar hadn’t forsaken me…)

Back home, the sun’s up and we’re reading to meet a new day!
Kirsten and Liv will earn the Happy Toddler trait when they age up later today.
It was honestly all that Maja and I could manage while juggling so many goals!
I’ve just successfully negotiated a bonus and I’m off to get ready for work.

Due to all the micro-managing, we’re moving very slowly this generation.
Having four sims on different work schedules is madness, but we’re getting things done!


Legacy Score: unchanged (77 points)
Fortune (0): $1,846,845/$2,100,000
Athletic (0): Completed Party Animal (missing: 5 aspirations)
Popularity (0): 184/200 gold-medal points

Household Status
Edamame (Gen3 heir): 2 days to elder
Yesenia Ponce (Cadet spouse): 3 days to adult; unemployed
Hakuto: 5 days to adult, Athlete/Bodybuilder 6
Ikura: 5 days to adult, Author/Writer 7
Jaga: 5 days to adult, Politician/Politician 6
Maja: 5 days to adult, Business 5
Kirsten: 1 day to child
Liv: 1 day to child

Coming next: Kirsten and Liv’s birthdays

SB 4.37: I Can’t Stop the Rain

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