SB 4.37: I Can’t Stop the Rain

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen4, Jaga Sharebear

Week 13/Tuesday

My name is Yesenia Ponce. I was born and raised in Selvadorada.
Hakuto and I are engaged but I hope that changes soon.
Everyone in this household is always rushing around.
Hasn’t anyone noticed that I still haven’t had a makeover yet?

Since I’m the newest member here, I thought I’d narrate today.

On a good day, summer in Brindleton Bay differs little than before we had seasons.
I prefer warm weather, so my ideal would be to live somewhere tropical.
Like Selvadorada. The things we do for love, right?

Our gardener is upset because she can’t enter the greenhouse.
Obviously, I’d locked her out so that I could build my own gardening skill.
Chill out, lady. It will unlocked when you arrive tomorrow.

Patchy: Dear me! What would Hakuto say if he saw you with your hands in my pockets!?
Yesenia: Stop making something out of this that it ain’t. Folks might misunderstand.
Patchy: Exactly!
Yesenia: I’m just examining your pockets for seeds! Oh, and thanks for the scarecrow outfit.

Well, of course, I’m wearing the beekeeper’s suit! I watched the livestream, didn’t you?
It seems that, besides gardening,  I’m also in charge of the bees.
In fact, I haven’t interacted with the children at all (yet).

Yesenia: How do you still have 27,150 satisfaction after buying so many reward traits?
Edamame: I’ve maxed the most skills and aspirations in this legacy so far.
It helped that Papa Benicio had the Big Happy Family’s Patriarch trait.

Yesenia: Have you decided how you’ll be spending all those points?
Edamame: I’ll buy  4 money tree seeds and one re-traiting potion, just like Jaxton did.
We need to earn those two items fair and square, don’t you think? No cloning!
For those four new seeds, I build a fenced garden behind the greenhouse.
We now have eight money trees going. And one of them has finally matured.
Is it possible, I wonder, to have too many money trees?
Also, two money tree seeds were planted at the same time, but only one’s grown. Why?
Incidentally, I tried adding a roof to this area but without walls.
It had the same effect as the greenhouse; the money trees appeared “sheltered.”

The potential heirs are simply beautiful.
Kirsten (left) has more feminine features, perhaps.
Liv (right) is just as pretty but in a more tomboyish way. What do you think?

My fiance Hakuto is off trying to complete the fishing collection.
Meanwhile, Ikura seeks the last missing artifact from that collection.
I feel sad that Ikura is the only brother who is still single.

But Hakuto insists that, since Ikura is a loner, he’s not romantically inclined.
Notice how all Ikura’s Love Day traditions were grayed out?
(But their father Jaxton’s a loner too and being a loner sure didn’t stop him…)

Soon after Maja returns from work, Hakuto phones in our wedding party.
We hold it at the same place where Jaga and Maja got married.

To marry the sim I so love and live with his caring family…
I’m sure that I’ve never been happier in my life.

Never, that is, until we catch sight of our children.
I have not seen them since they became toddlers.
Santini is the quickest–he wobbles up to me right away.
Javier looks the happiest, while Alexa could not be cuter.

Since we are all off this evening, Hakuto phones in a toddler play date right after the wedding.
Oddly, our triplets arrived by themselves with only Ragnar the raccoon as their escort.
Don’t tell anyone else but I’m relieved that ornery little critter left.
Santini with his red shades could use a makeover…


When it’s time for the girls to age up, Hakuto, Jaga, and Maja are already at work.
And since there seems to be enough merry-makers, I continue bonding with the bees.
Happy birthday, girls!

Ikura: Before anything else, the girls both join the Scouts.
Look at all the different badges to collect!
I’m rather jealous that scouting wasn’t around when I was a kid!

We can’t give the girls make-overs until their mother comes home.
Don’t you think they look a lot like they did as toddlers?

Kirsten: A scarecrow’s watching TV with Uncle Hakuto and that nanny I hate.
Our household has received so many toys as birthday gifts, so I give a toy to the scarecrow.
Why do I hate the nanny?
As a toddler, she made me walk all the way across the house to ask her to teach me blocks.
But as soon as I arrived, she announced that “our time was over.” Ugh!


Jaga: For old time’s sake, I invite Ragnar over and we become friends again.
I really wish we could have kept Ragnar but the getting-stuck bug was too much.
Thank you for being my 12th pet friend, Ragnar!

Kirsten: I’m a music lover and an aspiring artistic prodigy.
Liv: I’m a genius and an aspiring rambunctious scamp.
And yes, today has been another summer day of torrential rain and thunderstorms.

Jaga: In the evening, Mama ages up to an elder.
We decide to go the cake route because she’s always mourning the death of one sim or another.
Like, ALWAYS! (It’s getting really annoying that we’re constantly mourning.)
Thanks for helping me master the Veterinarian skill, Mama!


Kirsten: Look, Papa! I’ve earned five badges already!
Jaga: That was fast! Are you even working on your aspiration?
Kirsten: I finished Artistic Prodigy already and started Whiz Kid this morning.
Jaga: Girls, you both need to forget about the badges for now and focus on your aspirations.
Don’t forget you can still work on the badges as teenagers!

Jaga: Can you believe that I still haven’t finished my aspiration?
The bad weather has kept me from meeting new pets down at the beach.
But so far, I have “felt the love” with six different dogs, counting this one.
Only two more and I can kiss Friend of the Animals aspiration good-bye!

Legacy Score: +1 (78 points)
Fortune (1): $2,133,563/$2,100,000
Nature (0): Completed space rocks collection
Popularity (0): 190/200 gold-medal points

Household Status
Edamame (Gen3 heir): Day 1 elder
Hakuto: 2 days to adult, Athlete/Bodybuilder 7
Ikura: 2 days to adult, Author/Writer 8
Jaga: 2 days to adult, Politician/Politician 8
Maja: 2 days to adult, Business/Investor 7
Yesenia Ponce (Cadet spouse): 12 days to adult; unemployed
Kirsten: 5 days to teen, Scouts 3
Liv: 5 days to teen, Scouts 3

SB 4.38: To Bee or not to Bee?

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