SB 4.39: Wacky Weather + Gen5 Heir Vote

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen4, Jaga Sharebear

Week 14/Monday (Fall)

Jaga: Here’s an overhead view of my vet clinic, in case you’ve never seen it before.
The indoor greenery is a useless extravagance perhaps, but we like it anyway.
We only have a single vet employee now, since I asked Hakuto to fire our brother Twain.

There’s not much available in our vending machines at the moment.
Just some Age-Down Treats and Ambrosia Treats.
We’re just running the clinic to earn the perks, not to make a financial killing.

Here’s our status at the moment I open our vet clinic today.
Hakuto is helping out with patients this evening since his Vet skill is maxed.
Hopefully, we’ll do better than we did on our first day.

When the clinic first opens, I focus on securing my last 5 of 20 votes for my final promotion.

Of course, I’m also treating patients with the help of Hakuto and my vet employee, Cinca.

Can you believe the nerve of some pet owners?
After we cured her pet cat, this klepto had the chutzpah to swipe one of our paintings!
The painting wasn’t even insured yet!

So here’s the status from my first two days of running my vet clinic:
Hours open   Customers            Profits
Day 1           9 hrs                   8              $835
Day 2             13 hrs                 14           $4,100
With two max-skill vets and one employee, we obviously earn more profit per customer.
That’s because Hakuto and I work faster than Cinca (my employee). (And we sold some treats, too, no doubt.)
I should probably have Cinca only craft calming medications for us.

I don’t know…maybe it’d be easier and faster to raise our combined household/business funds to $5.7 million…


Jaga: Today’s another cloudy day but at least it isn’t raining (so far).
Since the girls’ birthday come tomorrow, they’re using their three vacation days this week.
A music lover, Kirsten asks Grandma Edamame to mentor her in violin.
A genius, Liv goes to the beach with Uncle Ikura to fish.

I still don’t get the point of having Patchy around.
He only helps boost gardening skill and gives a few seeds here and there?
That might be useful for a newly started household but that surely doesn’t describe us.
As for cleaning up, we have a butler to do that.

Our watcher has Yesenia practice collecting a swarm of bees to pollinate particular plants.
Again, we don’t particularly need to do this for our own garden.
We are just experimenting with all of the new gardening features.

Yesenia: Are we really going to move out as soon as you max your career, Hakuto?
Hakuto: Have you cloned enough stuff for the next generation already?
Yesenia: Um, no.
Hakuto: We’ll move out as soon as I’m Mr. Solar System AND you’re finished cloning, okay?

Jaga: Way to go, Ikura! You’re the first of our generation to max a career. What’s next for you?
Ikura: Naturally, I’m going to quit my job and live like a gentleman of leisure.

Today’s been really rough for all of us, because Papa Jaxton passed away this afternoon.
In fact, I’m so sad that I can only greet my patients impatiently.
Once I drink a moodlet solver, though, I’m able to greet them warmly once more.


It’s so warm this morning that Mama changes into her hot weather garb.
Mama, of course, mourns the loss of our father Jaxton most of all.
She drinks a moodlet solver, too, then begins working on our many dirt clumps.

She’s the one who uncovers our last missing artifact!

The girls age themselves up as soon as they receive their “Celebrate birthday” notices.
As firstborn, by a few minutes, Kirsten blows her candles out first.

Besides Music Lover, Kirsten adds her mother’s Insider trait.
She retains that feminine look from her toddler days and childhood.

Besides Genius, Liv adds the Loves the Outdoors trait.
She has that same boyish look from her younger days.

Kirsten: Ugh, we have to wait until our parents get off work for our make-overs!
I’m an aspiring Renaissance Sim so I’ve started to read my three books.
I’ve chosen skill books: Vampire Lore, Mixology, and Cooking.

Liv: Would you help me with my school project, Uncle Ikura? My responsibility’s not within range yet.
Ikura: Let’s pick a project that boosts handiness. That will be useful for us both.
Liv: Uncle Ikura, why couldn’t I be pretty like Kirsten?
Ikura: Looks aren’t everything, Liv.
Liv: That’s easy for you to say! You, Papa, and Uncle Hakuto are all identically handsome!

Yesenia: Due to the rain, I hadn’t been able to use the climbing wall or basketball hoop all week.
I’m so excited to finally use them both today for my Bodybuilder aspiration.
Um, except of course it starts snowing. What the heck is wrong with our weather, anyway?


Please cast your vote for the Gen5 heir!

We have two heir candidates for the fifth generation of this legacy.
This means that, regardless which one is chosen as heir, both sisters will remain in the house.
Their fifth generation will challenge two important objectives:
(1) Complete four more unique careers, and (2) max the four remaining aspirations.

Consequently, two vampires will move in on our girls’ young adult birthdays, one of whom will be the primary spouse.
As their father, I ask that you choose the heir candidate whose genes you’d like passed on to the next generation.
(Incidentally, I maxed my Politician career this afternoon.)

Kirsten Sharebear

Base Traits: Music Lover, Insider (YA trait: Foodie)
Bonus Traits: Happy Toddler, Scouting Aptitude, bonus traits from all 4 childhood aspirations
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
Skills: Logic 10, Charisma/Violin/Piano 8, Fishing 6
Future Career: Culinary/Chef
Future Legacy Contributions:
*She can’t complete Renaissance Sim as a teen but will insta-complete it on her next (YA) birthday.
*Completing her aspiration before Liv does, Kirsten will max the two Fortune aspirations then start a vampire aspiration.
*By maxing the Chef career, she can earn the last point in the Food category.

Liv Sharebear

Base Traits: Happy Toddler; Genius, Loves the Outdoors (YA trait: Family Oriented)
Bonus traits: Happy Toddler, Scouting Aptitude, bonus traits from all 4 childhood aspirations
Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast
Skills: Logic 10, Charisma 9, Fishing 6
Future Career: Gardener/Botanist
Future Legacy Contributions:
*Liv rolled one of the four remaining aspirations, so we’ll try to complete the 3 vampire aspirations in her generation, too.
*She’ll be a teen in 7 days, so can’t complete her aspiration’s “tent sleeping” goal before then.
*Since the Chef’s work schedule is erratic, Liv will enter a career with a schedule close to school hours.

To go to an external website to cast your vote, please click here.

SB 4.40: Veterinary Victory (+ Heir Vote)

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