SB 4.38: To Bee or not to Bee?

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen4, Jaga Sharebear

Week 13/Friday (Spring) 

Jaga: I’m absolutely determined to complete Friend of the Animals today.
Most of the dogs I’ve met up to now have already passed away!
Thanks for letting me feel the love, Sadie!

Hakuto: Whoa, you’re really gung-ho about dating today!
Yesenia: I’m simply trying to make my contribution to your legacy, darling.

Jaga: Thank you, Siya, for helping me finish my time-consuming aspiration!
I wish I could cure what’s ailing you, but you’ll have to stop by the clinic!
I’m done! I’m done! *runs into the house, flailing his arms happily

Yesenia: Well, that was our fourth gold-medal date, dearest.
Hakuto: You wanna do Soulmates with me, Yesenia?
Yesenia: I think I’d rather finish Bodybuilder first, like you.

Kirsten: We’re pretty awesome Pegasus Scouts, aren’t we?
Liv: We’re so awesome that I can hardly stand it! Only three more badges to go!
Kirsten: Hehe, I only have two more badges left…


Jaga: We all come to Desert Bloom Park today for Hakuto’s Angling Ace aspiration.
Mama, didn’t you already complete that aspiration?
Edamame: No, our founder Sherilee did.
Jaga: Well, our fish collection keeps resetting so I’m keeping one of each fish in a fishbowl now.
Edamame: Hey, did you notice that we can’t catch frogs from that pond anymore?

Kirsten: I worry that the Outdoor Adventuring badge is broken for fishing.
But once I master the Mental skill and can learn the Fishing skill, its icon appears.

Liv: How can we be “missing” our scouting meeting, Kirsten?
Kirsten: Beats me, Liv! It’s only 2:05 pm, sheesh!

Liv: What did you think of our scouting meeting today?
Kirsten: It’s confusing! I never even noticed we had performance bars until today!
Liv: Yeah, I guess we should just focus on earning badges, hey?
Kirsten: Yeah, especially since tomorrow’s our last meeting before our teen birthdays.

Week 14/Sunday (Fall)

Jaga: Hah, look at Hakuto, all civilized and carrying an umbrella as he leaves for work!

Jaga: So far, we haven’t been terribly impressed with the “seasonal weather.”
Where’s the fall foliage?
And, I swear, it must rain in Brindleton Bay at least every other day.
We’ll need to fish at sheltered spots if we hope to complete our fish collection.

Jaga: I could have sworn that I tended the money trees yesterday.
But this morning, I find one dead. Thankfully, I can revive it but it costs me $1,000.
At least now I know that these trees are sensitive to bugs.

Just when we finally had four mature money trees, too! *sighs
And where was our oh-so-useful Patchy whose perch gazes onto the money trees?
Thanks for stepping down off your perch and doing nothing, dude!

Kirsten: I’m the first Sharebear to become a Llamacorn Scout!
A Llamacorn Scout receives a new Expert Scout uniform, I hear.
So I change out of and back into my scout uniform, and…nothing.

Kirsten: Even after we get back from our scouts meeting, my uniform hasn’t changed.
See? Both of us are in the same uniform, even though Liv’s still a Pegasus Scout!

Jaga: As soon as the girls are home, we rush off for the last two hours of the Flea Market.
The quartz crystal missing from our crystal collection continues to elude us.
And there’s not a single poster to be found! What a bust!

Jaga: Mama gets excited for a second, thinking she’s found a viable spouse prospect.
Oh please, Mama! First of all, his looks aren’t bad but two of his traits aren’t unique.
Secondly, no daughter of mine will bear children with a pear.

As soon as we get home, Liv earns her final point and maxes scouting, too.
Excellent job getting that done before your teen birthdays, girls!

Today’s the adult birthday of my brothers, Maja, and I.
Each of us buys a Potion of Youth and ages back down to a Day 1 young adult.

Jaga: The girls only need three children as friends to finish Social Butterfly.
Hakuto: No worries. I’ll invite our kids over.

Kirsten: We are so unlucky, Liv!
Liv: I know, right? The two cutest boys in our whole school are our cousins!
Kirsten: And look at Alexa! She’s that pretty and she didn’t even need a makeover!

Week 14/Monday

Jaga: Hakuto’s kids are an attractive bunch, aren’t they?
But check out Kirsten and Liv in their rainy-day apparel.
Maja and I are so proud of our girls!
How will we ever find boys who are worthy of them? *wrings hands

Apparently, I spoke too soon about the lack of fall foliage.
I guess the leaves don’t all switch to autumn mode (like my garden plants did, pffft).

Hakuto: This is what I’m talking about!
The kids are on vacation today but, otherwise, we all start our day at 8 a.m. now!
Everyone, that is, except Ikura, but he only works three days a week.

Maja: Hakuto, Jaga, and I all bring home promotions today!
Jaga and his brothers only need a single promotion to max their careers.
I’m still at Level 8 of my career but I started out without Connections.
Considering I began at Level 1, though, I’ve kept up with those three just fine.


Legacy Score: +1 (79 points)
Athletic (0): Completed Friend of Animal (missing: 4 aspirations)
Nature (0): maxed Scouting
Popularity (1): 202/200 gold-medal points

Household Status
Edamame (Gen3 heir): Elder, retired
Hakuto: 11 days to adult, Athlete/Bodybuilder 9
Ikura: 11 days to adult, Author/Writer 9
Jaga: 11 days to adult, Politician/Politician 9
Maja: 11 days to adult, Business/Investor 8
Yesenia: 9 days to adult; unemployed
Kirsten: 2 days to teen, Scouts 5
Liv: 2 days to teen, Scouts 5

Coming next: Teen birthdays plus the vote for the Gen5 heir

SB 4.39: Wacky Weather + Gen5 Heir Vote

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