SB 4.41: ‘Twas a Dark and Stormy Night

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen4, Jaga Sharebear

*Kirsten and Liv celebrate their teen birthdays 3 days ago on Wednesday;
*Jaga finally completes his Friend of the Animals aspiration;
*Ikura, Jaga, Maja, and Hakuto max their careers then quit work; and
*Jaga and company finish earning 19,750 perk points to buy all the vet clinic’s perks.

Week 14/Saturday (Fall 7)

Jaga: After selling 50 Shades of Spay, we arrive at Granite Falls.
Liv: At last, I can start my Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration!
Jaga: You’ve got to make this weekend count, Liv! *gives her a moodlet solver
You’ll be a young adult in 4 days but winter starts tomorrow!

Maja: Before leaving on vacation, I aged up our third child Mathias.
He’s inherited Jaga’s green eyes!
Oddly, he ages up with a two-day “Mourning” moodlet. What the heck?

Liv: I already have Fishing 9, so catching 5 fish will be a cinch.
Jaga: Time to stop fishing and get harvesting, Liv!
Look! Chamomile and Toxic Chamomile are out of season now.
But, in fall, you can still harvest Elderberry and Noxious Elderberry.

Liv: The herbs are seasonal?! But the winter season starts at midnight!
Jaga: Yep, you only have four hours to harvest 10 plants.
But nobody in the current household has visited Granite Falls before.
Let me text our watcher to see if she can help you…

Kirsten: Meanwhile, I research the herbs’ growing seasons with the following results.
*Spring: Fireleaf/Poison Fireleaf and Morel/False Morel Mushroom
*Summer: all herbs (Chamomile/Toxic Chamomile are summer only)
*Fall: Elderberry/Noxious Elderberry and Huckleberry/Muckleberry
*Winter: None

Whew, that was hard work. I need a short nap to rest my brain.

Kirsten: What the heck is going on? Is this a dream?
It certainly doesn’t feel like I’m dreaming.
My mind and body feel like they’re hurtling through space and time!

This place looks just like Hida-Takayama in Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
I should know! I did a Powerpoint presentation on that remote mountain village for my class yesterday.
It’s famous for its traditional farmhouses and its proximity to natural hot springs and the Japanese Alps.
But what am I doing here?

Stranger: Well, it took you long enough to arrive!
Kirsten: Um, you look vaguely familiar, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never met you.
Stranger: You mean your father never told you about me? I’m your watcher, oshizu.
Kirsten: You’re dressed quite differently than I’d expected…
oshizu: I already have a table in that café over there. Come with me, Kirsten.

oshizu: I still can’t believe you didn’t recognize me, Kirsten!
Kirsten: Well, I’ve seen a photo of you in which you looked a lot more futuristic.
oshizu: Oh right, that photo must be from my Sharebear Executive Council days.
Pippin and I remain in contact, but the Council is no more, sad to say.

o: And just where did you see such a photo?
K: After announcing the Gen5 heir vote, Papa showed  the photo to Liv and I.
According to family legend, our founder took the shot during her first meeting with you.
o: Oh yeah, we three council members were going for a certain look at the time.
Since the Council disbanded, though, I usually dress like normal folk outside of special missions…

K: So, where have you been lately? The whole household’s been kinda worried.
I mean, Papa worked so hard to finish Friend of the Animals and the vet clinic perks.
o: That aspiration and the vet clinic burned me out big time!
And then, of course, there’s Liv’s Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration. Ugh!
I played some Persona 5 and Harvest Moon on my PS4 to regather my chi, but now I’m ba-a-a-a-ack!

K: Why exactly am I here? You have a phone, don’t you? Couldn’t you just text me?
o: Oh puhleeze! What’s the fun in that? Dream visitations are so much snazzier!
Anyway, congratulations, Kirsten! The readers have chosen you as the next heir!
K: So, when my young adult birthday comes, I take over the legacy? *squees

o: Exactly. And in case you’re curious, here’s how the voting went.
I assume you know why you, and not Liv, will do a vampire aspiration?
K: Does it have to do with Liv’s Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration?
o: Right! A vampire would have difficulty completing the “Sleep 5 nights in a tent” goal.
I mean, perhaps a vampire could replenish Vampire Energy in a tent with the right traits.
But I don’t feel like wasting a season finding that out.
K: And will I have to marry a vampire?

o: Ah yes, the million-dollar question! This is why I summoned you here.
I could have simply texted the vote results to your father, you know.
Anything you want to say to me about marriage partners?
K: Um, I know Papa has his eye on a certain male vampire with unique traits.
But, uh, I kinda, sorta, have a major crush on our mailman.
o: Yes, I’m aware of that. I am virtually omniscient after all…except when I’m not.

o: Speaking of which, I hope you don’t mind that I’ve invited someone else along…
K (gasps): It’s the mailman!
o: Takuya Sasaki, meet Kirsten Sharebear. And Kirsten, meet Takuya.
K (whispers to oshizu): Is Takuya one of those legacy love dudes?
o: Actually, the game spawned him. He’s totally my type, you know!
Be darn grateful, Kirsten, that I didn’t snatch Takuya up for myself!

Takuya: It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Kirsten!
K: Finally? What do you mean “finally”?
o: I explained to him about you and my experiment to give him unique traits.
K (whispers): What!? So I could marry him instead of that creepy vampire?
o: Correct! That’s certainly the plan, but only if Takuya likes you back.

K: Well, Takuya, please tell me more about yourself. *bats eyelashes
T: I enjoy….*fades out
o: Sorry, Kirsten. I gotta go. Your dad texted me and, apparently, Liv needs me desperately. Laterz!
K: Noooooooooooooooo!!!

Meanwhile, back at the National Park in Granite Falls…

Liv: It’s so dark! I can’t see a thing!
Never fear, your watcher is here!
Liv: Wait, what? Who goes there? And can you help me?
It’s me, your watcher. Your father contacted me to ask that I help you.
So, yes, cavalry to the rescue and all that. *sighs

Liv: Have you seen Kirsten’s list? I have until midnight to harvest any 10 herbs.
But I won’t be able to harvest and identify all 10 herb types until summer.
Yeah, that sucks, dear. It means you can’t even start your stupid tent-sleeping goal until summer!

Liv: What should I do, watcher? I can barely see and don’t know what to look for.
Yeah, I think I can help with that.
We’re only looking for the round Huckleberry/Muckleberry bushes.

Liv: So you’ll locate the seasonal plants in the dark for me to harvest?
That’s right. And you only need to harvest five more. You can do it, Liv!
By the way, would you please refrain from opening and closing your umbrella with each plant?

Liv: I know we’re on a tight schedule but it’s raining slightly. *pouts

Liv: Thanks for finding 5 plants for me in the National Park, watcher!
Now that you’re back at the Campground, a thunderstorm has started. Beware of lightning!
Liv: Eh, I should have changed to my rain wear hours ago. I need to keep fishing.
Looks like the ducks are having way more fun than we are, eh?

Liv: While I’m braving the thunder and lightning, my siblings are safe and warm indoors.
Kirsten: I’ve done my homework and extra credit, and started a second school project.
I’m determined to earn an A on Monday!
Ikura: And Mathias asked me to teach him his basic needs, so flash cards.

Week 15/Sunday (Winter 1)

Liv: I can’t believe it took me four hours to catch the last two fish!
Watcher, don’t the fish bite better when it rains?
Not in Sims 4, dear. You must be thinking of Harvest Moon? Hey, catch those bugs!

Liv: On it! Grandma Edamame told me any bugs I catch will count later.
Pfft, too bad you can’t “Sleep in a tent for 5 days” in advance, too.

Liv: Now I can “Cook 2 Plates of Beetles” using the fireflies I just caught. Sweet!
Ugh, I hate that goal, too. Don’t get distracted before you finish roasting two plates!
And be sure to light the fire right before you start roasting.
If the fire goes out, you’ll not only lose your “beetle” but also need to start over.

Liv: Um, watcher, you know how you’re always hating on Outdoor Enthusiast?
Yeah, so?
Liv: Seems to me that Outdoor Enthusiast hates you right back…
Hey look, it’s Sharebears Day.
Everyone insta-completes the Travel tradition by being here on vacation!

Hermit: Thanks for the gift, young lady!
Liv: I’m glad that you and I are friends now, humble hermit!
The good news is that I’ve earned enough satisfaction to buy Connections.
But due to the unavailability of six herbs, I’m 600 points short of buying Entrepreneurial, too.
Hermit: Nobody said that life was fair, missy!

Well, this Dragon Dragonfly’s the 15th of my future “Collect 15 insects” goal. *sighs
For now, I’ve accomplished everything possible for Outdoor Enthusiast that requires me to be be here.
I’ll let Papa know that I’m ready to leave Granite Falls until we return in spring next Sunday.


Legacy Score:  Unchanged

Amazing Lots
*”Takayama” restaurant by Sayrix3 (40×30, Gallery)
*”Bear Cabin” rental by Lady Martita (40×30, Gallery); edited for toddlers

Chapter Notes
*As you’ve surely surmised, dream sequences always take place in a separate save file.
*Takuya Sasaki has got to be THE best-looking townie ever autonomously spawned.
*Don’t be an idiot like me! If you have Seasons and want to do Outdoor Enthusiast, you can only harvest all 10 herbs in summer. Sheesh!
*A Carl’s Forum member, scoed, compiled a handy-dandy list of which plants thrive in which season here.

SB 4.42: Nobody But You

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