SB 5.45: Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman

Together at last


A Sharebear Legacy/Gen5, Kirsten Sharebear

Week 15/Tuesday

Kirsten: Seamus, Seamus…Siobhan, Siobhan.
Jaga: Whatcha doing, sugar?
Kirsten: Remember you mentioned last night that Grandma Edamame met a Darebear?
And the fact that we live in a multiverse of parallel realities?
Jaga: And so…?

Kirsten: So, I googled “Sharebears” and found this crazy Seamus’ Sharebear Takeover story.
That’s why I’m watching a Youtube video by Benny Lewis on how to pronounce Irish names.
Jaga: Oh, that’s very commendable, Kirsten!

Kirsten: Why, thank you, Papa. And Seamus and Siobhan just had twin girls, named Niamh and Roisin.
How will I ever remember how to pronounce all of their names?
Jaga: Maybe the author will narrate her story as an audio book in the future.

Kirsten: That’s what’s odd, though, Papa. Does “wa-wa-world” sound like an Old Irish name to you?
Jaga: Nope, but neither does “Benny Lewis.”

Jaga: Actually, you’ve more important duties than learning how to pronounce Old Irish names.
Kirsten: I do?
Jaga: First, go check on Akito’s vampire powers. Why doesn’t he have sunlight resistance?

Kirsten: Eh, I tried talking with him about that earlier. He’s busy becoming BFFs with Alexa Ponce.
Jaga: Hakuto and Yesenia’s daughter Alexa? But she’s still in high school.
Kirsten: Not much longer, if Akito has any say in it.

Kirsten: Hey, you gotta minute, Akito? We need to talk.
Akito: I’ll be with you as soon as I’ve finished breakfast, Kirsten.

Mathias: What are those two doing, Nanny? Does Alexa have an owie?
Nanny: Don’t make eye contact with the vampires, Mathias.
I’m trying to avoid becoming a permanent food source around here.

Kirsten: So, I’d like to take a look at your vampire powers and weaknesses, if you don’t mind.
Akito: Of course, Kirsten. Knock yourself out.
Kirsten: How odd that you only have 19 vampire power points.
As a Level 1 Master Vampire, you should have 27 points.

Akito: Wrong! A watched vampire who’s been turned would earn 27 points as a Level 1 Master Vampire.
In contrast, I’ve always been an unwatched vampire until today. I even knew your founder.

Kirsten: Would you trust me to reallocate your vampire powers and weaknesses, Akito?
Akito: Reallocate away, Kirsten. I have faith in your judgment.

Kirsten: Papa, would you please mix a Draught of Reconfiguration for Akito?
His default combo of vampire powers and weaknesses is holding him back.

Kirsten: Now, instead of  the Thin-Skinned and Insatiable Thirst weaknesses, choose Fitful Sleep 1 and 2.
Akito: Okay, got it.
Kirsten: Next, put 15 of your 19 points into Sunlight Resistance. Voila, you’re now a Daywalker!

Akito: That’s cool! Hey, I lost my Vampire Creation power. Who will turn Takuya?
Kirsten: One guess! By the way, I need you to train me now.
I can’t receive vampiric training or spar while I’m pregnant.

Whenever Akito trains me, he ends up stomping his feet angrily and telling me I’m the worst.
I have no idea what my problem is.
Every time my master Akito demonstrates a new move, I should imitate him.
Instead, I just stand there doing nothing but nod my head and mutter, “Uh huh, uh huh.”

Meanwhile, brother Mathias has profited from having so many jobless adults at his beck and call.
He ages up into an Art Lover with the Top-Noddler trait.
And he’s an aspiring Whiz Kid.

In other news, Papa discovers that the painting of Maja has vanished.
Why would anyone so shamelessly steal his wife Maja’s portrait?
It must have happened during one of the many parties. But who?

Papa wastes no time in inviting Maja over to paint a new portrait of her.
With heavy hearts, we realize the portraits cannot be displayed in the hallway for the family’s enjoyment.
They’ve been moved to a new basement room, out of sight and out of reach.

Thanks to Scouting, I complete Renaissance Sim without much ado. I’ve joined the Culinary career.
After making quick work of two more aspirations, I choose the Master Vampire aspiration.
Since this aspiration takes the longest to complete, it makes sense for me to do it.
Not only am I the heir but I’ve also earned the most skilling boosts.


Takuya’s making great progress with his Nerd Brain aspiration.
Akito is making even faster advances with his Leader of the Pack aspiration.

Once Akito’s done with that aspiration (plus Mansion Baron), he’ll choose the Good Vampire aspiration.
That’s the second-most time-consuming aspiration but Akito is almost a Grand Master already.
Takuya, who starts with zero vampire rank, will tackle the easiest one: Vampire Family.

Takuya: It’s a bit of a splurge to fly all the way to Takayama, but this is our first date!
And with a name like Takuya Sasaki, you’ve guessed I’m Japanese, right?

Kirsten: Is it just me, Takuya? Or does this café feel strangely familiar?
Takuya: Oh? This café gives you a déjà vu vibe? This here’s my absolutely fave café.
Kirsten: In that case, it’s just become our absolutely fave café. *grins

Takuya: I’ve been waiting so impatiently for you to grow up, girl!
Kirsten: You?! How tempted was I to beg Papa to move you in before my young adult birthday?
Takuya: Hah, I asked him outright but he said you needed to be a young adult. It’s the rule.

Kirsten: I love that you chose a restaurant/café on our first date, Takuya.
Takuya: Hehe, how could I forget that your newest trait is Foodie?

Takuya: When you asked me if I wanted to go on a second date, this isn’t what I expected.
Kirsten: This stay-at-home date has been my best idea all day.

Takuya: Ever since I saw you standing out by the mailbox, I knew I would be forever yours.
Please say you feel the same way about me! Will you marry me, Kirsten?
Kirsten: You know, I’ve been really worried about our engagement.
The watcher says all her sims’ proposals are being rejected lately.

Takuya: Yeah, I’ve heard that, too. That’s why I’m wearing my skimpy briefs for good luck. Well?
Kirsten: Yes! I can’t imagine life without you! We’re just meant to be together, Takuya.
Um, you sure know how to incentivize a gal!

Takuya: You’re pregnant, we’re engaged, and I’ve reached the last tier of Nerd Brain.
Is now the right time to ask you to turn me, Kirsten?
Kirsten: Yes, of course, I will. But after that, you need to change your sleepwear, Takuya.
How do you expect anyone to concentrate?

Hakuto: Wow, my little girl is becoming a young adult like me?
Maja: Why do all the men of this house choose to age up teenagers to marry?
Hakuto: Hey, your husband Jaga didn’t and neither did I.

Ikura: What’s the big deal here? Alexa Ponce is obviously really into that Akito!
Maja: You’re just saying that, Ikura, because you recently married my niece.

Alexa: Would everyone just hush? Akito asked me if I wanted to age up early and I said yes.
Akito: What she said.

Akito: If I hadn’t agreed to this crazy legacy business, I would never have met Alexa.
After our gold date, I finish Leader of the Pack and I’m pretty sure Alexa is eating for two.
She is perfect for me! That’s why I’m afraid to turn her.
Since she lives in a different house, how could I keep her safe if she were a vampire?

Kirsten: As for my sister Liz, she’s had a wee bit of cosmetic surgery.
She had her lips raised a little to shorten the length of her face.
Also, she had double-eyelid surgery.
Normally, that procedure causes mild bleeding, swelling, and bruising around her eyes.
She would be wearing bandages over her eyes for several days.
But this is the sims!

Kirsten: As a teen, Liz harbored a secret crush on our gardener, Fiorella Rios.
They’ve been good friends for a while.
Now that she’s a young adult, Liv is turning up the heat in their relationship. Go Liz!
So, yeah, Liz has been busy all morning with Fiorella.

More like Liz “has been getting busy”!
Kirsten: Yeah, that, too.
Our household size only allows Takuya and I to have two kids.
And brother Mathias won’t be a young adult for another two more weeks.

So, thanks Liz, for helping Papa with his Big Happy Family aspiration.
We’re all crossing our fingers that Fiorella has twins!

Kirsten: Fiorella has rejected Liv’s proposal of marriage four times now.

Liv: I can’t believe you don’t want to marry me, Fiorella!
You like me enough to have children with me. Why do you keep rejecting my proposals?
Fiorella: I don’t even know myself. We’re even best friends and soulmates.

Liv: Fine. For the fifth and last time today, will you marry me?
Fiorella: Yes!!! Even though you aren’t offering me any incentives…

Kirsten: I really wanted us to get married yesterday evening, but our game time went crazy.
Liv: We never had a Wednesday! What happened to our Wednesday?
Kirsten: Remember how we played through Monday twice last time?
Well, our watcher tried to fix that using MCCC but Tuesday became Thursday instead.
Liv: Look, I don’t even want to know. Don’t bother explaining it to me.
Watcher: *cries

Kirsten: Anyway, to make up for her mistake, our watcher has arranged an indoor wedding venue for us.
Tonight, Takuya and me as well as Fiorella and you can have a double wedding!


Legacy Score: unchanged (84 points)

Chapter Notes
*In my Mori Legacy (2016-2017), I did move in a teen who later became the secondary spouse.
It was all about the story, though, and not for any advantage in earning points.
*Kirsten didn’t turn Takuya until after they tried for baby.
I wanted to check the possibility of having human nooboos.
*Interested to see what the family tree looks like? To view my updated family tree,   click here.
*To uncover the mystery of Akito’s lack of vampire points, I loaded a Gen1 save back when the founder’s twins were still toddlers. Playing as Akito to check his vampire powers, I see that he is just the same as he is now: A Master Vampire with 19 vampire points earned and a Level 10 Startup Entrepreneur. Weird.

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    • Have you had any issues with proposals sine Seasons? Takuya in his skimpy briefs is the only one to get his first proposal accepted. Every other household member has been rejected at least twice. Lol. So, always have the guy propose in his undies? o.O

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      • SOMEtimes (my conspiratorial mind) I think for brief seasons the programmers play with us .. remember the clowns that sowed up everywhere .. then there was the autonomous sauna woohoo with random unknown persons .. and the no woohoo nooboos that showed up for a while (I got one of them in the story Aster) and you cannot tell me that the goofy townie clothing is not someone having sport with us because only the ridiculous show up .. never the normal .. so this could be a “season” .. and then I bet it just goes away

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      • Hmmm, it’s just a season, you say? Well, as long as none of my sims die of embarrassment from having their proposal rejected.
        Does that mean I don’t get to have my male sims all propose in their undies now? (kidding)

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