SB 5.46: Winter Wonderland

A suspicious car with darkened window drives around on our first sunny day in winter.

5.46: Winter Wonderland

Week 15/Friday (Winter 6)

Jaga: Still learning how to pronounce Irish names, Kirsten?
Kirsten: No, we recently learned that wa-wa-world is a Yorkshire name, not an Irish one.
Jaga: Don’t tell me…

Kirsten: Exactly, I’ve been studying the Yorkshire dialect by watching videos by HarrisonFletcher on Youtube.
But I can barely understand him, even with the grossly inaccurate closed captions.
Jaga: Eh, why bother? Jodie Whittaker’s keeping her Yorkshire accent in her role as Doctor Who‘s Thirteen Doctor.
Let’s wait until that series starts and we can all suffer together.

Liv: Do you mind, Kirsten? I’d like us to finish planning tonight’s wedding.
Kirsten: What’s to plan? Our watcher’s too lazy to go looking for custom wedding apparel.
Liv: Still, we can’t just let the game decide our wedding outfits, right?
Kirsten: You have a point there. We each can add a formal outfit to our wardrobes later!

Kirsten: Darling Takuya is still unemployed until he can buy Connections.
He’ll be all set once he finishes Nerd Brain and Mansion Baron, I’m sure.
Mathias was looking forward to his first day of school today but Winterfest cancelled it.
So then, I cancelled Winterfest but Mathias remains on vacation, darn it!

That’s why I’m disabling “Day off from work/school” for all the calendar’s holidays.
If we want to take the day off, we can take a vacation day or have someone write an excuse note. Sheesh!

Mathias: I really love collecting the scouting badges!
I’m trying to become a Llamacorn Scout before I’m a teen, just like you and Liv!
Kirsten: Make sure to finish at least three of your aspirations first.
You can always finish up your scouting as a teenager, k?

Kirsten: Akito needs a fifth friend to finish Tier II of his Good Vampire aspiration.
He starts out by trying to befriend Ikura the conventional way.
Then he remembers that his career requires Writing 7.
With Ikura mentoring him, they become friends in no time.

Oh dear, I’ve just realized that I have a work shift tonight!

Meanwhile, I puzzle over how Liz could optimize her contribution to the household.
She’s maxed Herbalism, Logic, Handiness, and now Violin.
While she’s stuck on Outdoor Enthusiast, maybe she could craft camping mascots for Takuya?
Or mentor Mathias in chess so she can build her Parenting skill?

Oooooh, I know what she could do. Hehehehe.

I contact our watcher who persuades Clement Frost to move back to the Bedlington Boathouse lot.
How does he have $548k in household funds, even after moving into that “Living on the Beach” house?
Do you think all his gift-giving might be part of an international crime organization’s scheme to launder money?

Kirsten: Thanks so much, Akito, for writing me an excuse note for tonight!
I really didn’t want to use a vacation day on my first day of work, you know?
Akito: Hey, no problem. What are friends for?

Kirsten: Exactly! That’s why I’m wondering if you’d help me out with a side project.
I mean, you’re already Writing 5 and you’re stuck at Good Vampire’s Tier III for 5 days…
Akito: Stop beating around the bush and tell me what your side project needs from me.

Kirsten: *whisper, whisper, whisper
Akito: You have got to be kidding me! But I’ll do it if you can promise me three things…

Akito: There you are, my lovely. *kisses Alexa autonomously
Alexa: You said you had something important to ask me? What is it?
Akito: I sold my soul to Kirsten, provided that she fulfills three promises to me–well, to us.
Alexa: To you and me? What did you persuade her to promise us?

Akito: One, I’m allowed to offer to turn you before Takuya starts his Vampire Family.
Two, if you agree, you’ll be moved as a vampire to launch an ancestral household in Forgotten Hollow.
Alexa: But I don’t know anyone in Forgotten Hollow!
Akito: I lived there safely for four generations with the Thin-Skinned trait, so you’ll be safer there.
And when I complete my Social Media career, I’ll immediately quit and join you.

Alexa: Still, it feels like all the couples are getting married except us.
I deprived myself of a high school education to become your girlfriend, remember?
Akito: Don’t think I haven’t thought of proposing to you, Alexa.
Um, today’s just not the right day. Trust me.

Akito: I hate to see you looking so worried, Alexa.
Come, let’s move you into your new home immediately. The house is named “Alexandrite.”
Alexa: This five-bedroom house is just for us? But I’ll be all alone here at first…it’s too big for me!
Akito: I am not that far away, Alexa. We’ll soon fill this house with love and family.

Akito: Sheesh, the sacrifice I’m making for Alexa and our future!
Does Kirsten even realize how flawed her “side project” is?
For one thing, he is an elder…

Akito: C’mon, you ole geezer! Tell me you don’t want some of this!
Clement: Um, are you attempting to seduce me, young man?
Akito: Well, Liv couldn’t do it because she’s getting married tonight but I’m not engaged yet.
Clement: Look, numbskull, I wasn’t asking “why you?” I was asking more like “why me?” Is nothing sacred anymore?

Clement: You interrupt our first kiss to check your your phone for text messages?
Akito: Not just any ole text message. This one’s from the Sharebear heir!

Kirsten (texts): What the heck are you doing, Akito?
I asked you to handle the side-project.
Not dominate this update and squeeze out our wedding photos!
Akito (texts): Listen, he’s old, so setting this up hasn’t been easy, okay? I’ll be back soon.

Akito: *tries to imagine he’s with Alexa
Clement: Tsk, tsk, tsk! Nobody needs to ask you about being naughty or nice!


Later that evening…
Kirsten: We finally arrive at the Night Drinker Crypt in Forgotten Hollow.
It’s normally a lounge but it’s been temporarily remodeled to host a wedding party.
Akito: Why are we starting so late? I was back from the side project by late afternoon.
Kirsten (sighs): Someone was ageing up in our neighborhood for hours and hours.
Liz couldn’t enter CAS to add her wedding outfit and we couldn’t grab a cake, either.
Jaga: Moving on…

Takuya and I decided to keep our usual formal wear in white and gray.
Black and red just aren’t our colors.

Ugh, why did Papa’s sister have to die right before the wedding?

Half of our guest haven’t arrived yet, but Takuya and I can’t wait.
We never dreamed of getting married in a vampire lounge, but it seems oddly appropriate.
Wouldn’t you agree?

Kirsten: Takuya, I shall cherish you until my very last breath.
Takuya: Kirsten, I can’t think of anything romantic to say in reply, except that I’ll always love you.
Kirsten: Ripping off lyrics from a Barry White song usually works well, better than Whitney Houston…

Next, Liv and the very pregnant Fiorella exchange their wedding vows.
Never have I seen Liv looking so divine!

Papa has been so sad due to the recent deaths of so many siblings, pet friends, and pet patients.
But Mama always knows how to cheer him up!
I must let him go as soon as I max my career. My parents should be living together.

My gorgeous groom with my beautiful sister.

Luck is on our side and we’re not required to cook anything for the wedding reception.
The mixologist later abandons the bar to play video games on her phone.
Our double wedding is chaotic, crowded, and cordial.
We are pleased to report, however, that it still manages to earn a gold medal anyway!


Legacy Score: unchanged (84 points)

Amazing Lots
*”Alexandrite” by SpectorCody (Gallery, 30×30)
*”Living on the Beach” by Marski746 (Gallery, 20×20)
“Night Drinker Crypt” lounge by SpectorCody (Gallery, 30×20)

Chapter Notes
*Yeah, yeah, there are more shots of Akito’s side project than of the wedding.
After the wedding, I couldn’t bring myself to delete too many of the side-project shots.
I enjoy writing silly repartee over sappy romantic lines. To each, their wheelhouse!
*I’d actually planned to visit the Night Drinker Crypt later on in this generation.
But Kirsten and Liv needed an indoor wedding venue, and I wasn’t feeling a chapel.
*Alexa’s house was purchased by “Freerealestate on,” not by Sharebears’ funds,      obviously.

Stay tuned for more fun, silliness, and excitement!
Tomorrow in-game is New Year’s Eve.
Soon, Kirsten gives birth and Takuya becomes a vampire.   

SB 5.47: Tripping the Light Fangtastic

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