SB 5.48: I Will Survive

First I was afraid, I was petrified.
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side…


A Sharebear Legacy/Gen5, Kirsten Sharebear

Week 16/Sunday

Mathias: I’m still upset about that holiday keeping me from school last Friday.
I’ll be a teen in four days, yet I haven’t been to school even once yet.
At this rate, I could max out scouting before Whiz Kid. *sighs

Oh and, in case you’ve forgotten, I’m the younger brother of Kirsten and Liv!

I’m having trouble earning Good Manners, thanks to our butler and Patchy.
Mama asked the butler to stop cleaning, so that helps.
Today, we also send Patchy packing.
Earlier, I even caught Uncle Hakuto setting the dining room table! Sheesh!

Kirsten: I have the twins sit outside so I can take their photo.
They’re so adorable!
Would you mind a bit of toddler spam? Just a little?

Independent Negi is learning to walk.
He often looks quite serious.

Silly Omu, close to tripping, look as if he’s about to break out in song and dance.

Takuya: The twins aged up right before I left for work this morning.
The instant I get home, I pop a whim to hug Omu.

Then I strive to raise my vampire rank so I can buy the Vampire Creation power.

Kirsten: To my surprise, I earn a promotion tonight so I branch to the Chef career.
Arriving in the house in a whirl of bat mist, I see Takuya’s hideous dark form for the first time.

He chooses my parents as his first two offspring.
That makes perfect sense, but still…
And how have I never noticed how creepy the back of that jacket is?


After Takuya’s makeover, we all head out to The Narwhal Arms.
It used to be such a dingy, dreary club, but it’s since got a bit of a facelift.
It’s got a thermostat now, too.

It’s still not as nice as Pan Europa, but it does have a cozy feel now.

Papa’s talk of other Sharebear simverses raises so many questions!
In our simverse, I’ve noticed a lot of random townies with similar facial features.
I mean townies who moved here, not those born and raised in our simverse.
They all have big, round eyes and many have rosebud lips.

And these are just the ones who happen to show up at The Narwhal Arms tonight!
Do you think we’re witnessing a secret invasion of clones or something?
Is this only happening in our simverse?

We hadn’t expected to stay at this club for so many hours.
Since it’s impossible to send the twins home, I just have them nap upstairs.
Yep, you’re looking at the top nominee for 2018 Mother of the Year, right here!

Takuya’s able to turn Hakuto right away, but Yesenia keeps leaving the club.
That’s why Takuya decides to visit her at Chateau Frise.
He and Yesenia are both music lovers, so he easily befriends her.
And, after hearing that Takuya turned her husband Hakuto, she agrees to be turned as well.

Takuya turned my parents, Uncle Hakuto, and Auntie Yesenia since they’re all adults already.
To keep Uncle Ikura as a mentor, though, he turns a townie named Paulina Scherer instead.
He claims to have met her before he met me.
(I hire a P.I. to run a background check on her and the P.I. confirms they have no “history.”)

But poor Takuya has ruined a few friendships on his way to forming his vampire family!
He’s tried to turn each one discreetly, they’ve all walked back…smack dab into the gaze of onlookers.
Here, you can see our butler Tetsuya looking aghast.

The day after Prank Day, we start a new holiday which I name “Just Checking.”
It only has two holiday traditions: Father Winter and Video Gaming.
We hope it will answer our question: Who is the current Father Winter?

Liz and Takuya both complete the Video Gaming holiday tradition, but not me.
I become hysterical, so I stop playing pronto and go calm myself in a mirror.
Grandma Edamame once got hysterical just from watching the Kids Network.
Isn’t it too easy to become hysterical these days?
Or, are this legacy’s female heirs more susceptible?

Akito: Congrats on earning a B grade today, Mathias.
You’re that much closer to finishing Whiz Kid now!
Mathias: Congrats to you, too, for joining the Public Relations career today.

Akito: Hey, does it bother you being so much younger than your sisters Kirsten and Liv?
Mathias: Nope, not at all. Hey, does it bother you being the cadet spouse while Liv’s married someone else?
Akito: Nope, not at all.

Kirsten glitches out and won’t leave for work.
She keeps returning to the house and sitting down.
After repeatedly sending her back 5-6 times, I finally do “Reset Object (Debug) on her.
That works, thankfully, and she goes to work and stays there, albeit 75 minutes late.

Akito: Soon after 8 pm, Father Winter appears near our smaller fireplace.
I rush over to see who he is and, of course, to ask for a present.
The much slimmer elder is obviously not Clement Frost.
His name’s Lee Mosely and he’s usurped Clement’s position to become the new Father Winter.

Liv: Fiorella phones to tell me that she’s given birth to twin girls.
Their names are Corinne and Vivian. I can’t wait to meet them!
Do you think I could move out after I finish my Botanist career and Outdoor Enthusiast?
My sister Kirsten has lots of help, but Fiorella has nobody except me…

Jaga: The twins get excited to discover they’re able to ask Father Winter for a present.
Omu (left) and Negi (right) take turns, asking Father Winter for a gift.
But all Father Winter does is hold his belly and laugh, “Ho ho ho!”
That’s just mean!

After beseeching Father Winter in vain several times each, the twins give up.
They try to complete a second tradition by playing with a toy instead.
Poor little guys!

Mathias: Papa, somebody cast a hallucination on Father Winter. Who would do that?
Jaga: I’m pretty sure it was my son-in-law and your brother-in-law.
Mathias: You mean Takuya?
Jaga: He got pretty upset watching the twins asking Father Winter over and over for presents.
And all Father Winter did was laugh at the twins!

Mathias: Is that why Father Winter left in such a hurry?
I didn’t even get a chance to ask him for a present!
Jaga: I’m not sure, son. Maybe Father Winter has somewhere else to go…
Mathias: Oh puhleeze, it’s spring. Everyone knows this is one of his slow seasons.

Mathias: Papa, do you think the new Father Winter is punishing us for what Akito did?
Jaga: How do you know what Akito did? Where did you hear that?
Mathias: Um, where did I hear what?

Jaga: Whatever, so you know. Well, I’ve read that one sim moved Father Winter in, married him, and had twins.
And both twins got the “Father Winter’s Child” trait. So maybe there’s still hope.
Mathias: Why does our legacy even bother to get involved in such shady business?
Jaga: Why? It’s for the advancement of sim science, of course!

As of Tuesday morning, Kirsten must survive 17 additional days as a vampire.

Coming next: On Thursday, toddlers Negi and Omu become children and their uncle Mathias becomes a teen.

SB: 5.49: If There’s a Cure for This

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