SB: 5.49: If There’s a Cure for This

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen5, Kirsten Sharebear

Week 16/Tuesday

Kirsten: Grandma Edamame shows up this morning, so the twins ask her to play with them.
During her last visit, one of our stereos disappeared.
She’s a kleptomaniac. Do you think she would swipe things from her own legacy home?
Could she be the one who stole Mama’s portrait?

Akito (our resident Grand Master) has been worried about his lack of followers.
Level 9 of his Public Relations career requires 10,000 followers.
But he keeps forgetting to do shout-outs on the few occasions we go out.

After maxing Charisma, though, he gains a new Upload Viral Video option.
And his first viral video earns him 800k new followers.

Akito: I believe my clickbait days are officially over!

Takuya: Why did you lure me down to our boudoir, my dear?
Kirsten: First, I want to show off your new dark form.
Takuya: And…?
Kirsten: My fun completely tanked while Uncle Ikura was mentoring me in painting, so…

Takuya: Ahhhh, now that I can help you with.
Kirsten: I was counting on you to feel that way!

Nanny: Didn’t you finish yesterday’s school project last night?
Mathias: Are you even paying attention, lady? My first aspiration is Whiz Kid, remember?
I earned a B yesterday but my teen birthday is Thursday.
Completing this second project might help me earn an A at school today.
So, less asking and more assisting, okay?

Kirsten: I have three days off in a row which is nice, since I can spend time with the toddlers.
That also means that I’m home to witness my parents’ transformation.

Mama’s dark form is truly cringe-worthy, but I won’t bother to give her a makeover.
Takuya plans to complete his “Be good friends with 5 offspring” quickly, so she won’t be a vampire for long.

While I’m off taking advantage of Papa’s Patriarch trait, the twins reach Movement 3.
Yes, I bought a Ball Pit and placed it in the foyer because…rain.
The good news is that the twins have both secured the Happy Toddler trait.

In fact, it’s a banner day for our household.
Mathias brings home an A and finishes Whiz Kid.
Later, Akito, Liz, and Takuya all come home with promotions.

Takuya: All five of my offspring have transformed now.
Hakuto transformed at our front door and Papa Jaga quickly ushers him indoors.
Yesenia is already here when she transforms a couple of hours later.
Paulina poses a problem. She transforms while out for a walk with her dog in Cavalier Cove.
At least she’s sheltered beneath the bridge leading to Dachshund Creek, but what do I do now?

Kirsten: Since I’m a Daywalker but you’re not, I’d be happy to escort the three of them home.


Takuya: In the middle of the night, I summon Paulina by adding her to our club.
And now I’m good friends with all five of my offspring.

Once I train Papa Jaga, all I need for Vampire Family is to become a Master Vampire.
That’s only one more rank, since I’m currently a Prime Vampire.
And what about my offspring? Shall I invite them over at night to cure them all at once?

Kirsten: Why are Akito and the nanny heading outside in the rain?
Takuya: Not sure. He mentioned earlier that his fun was low.
Liv: Shall I go invite him to watch TV with me? That’s what I do when my fun is low.
Kirsten and Takuya: …

Kirsten: The twins are as lovely as always.
Part of me wishes I could help them become Top-Notch Toddlers.
Unfortunately, I lack both the time and the dedication.

My younger brother Mathias doesn’t get as much attention since the twins were born.
After completing Whiz Kid yesterday, he’s gone on to other combinations.
His Top-Notch Toddler and Scouting Aptitude traits combine powerfully with Papa’s Patriarch trait.
Mathias maxed Violin before he’d even finished Artistic Prodigy. He’s a powerhouse, that one!

This morning, Takuya realized that he hadn’t maxed Vampire Lore yet.
So, after he’s back from work, Papa and I help out by sharing our vampire knowledge with him.
Then, Takuya reads the last vampire tome and he’s ready for his next step.

Takuya: And here we are, back at the Night Walker Crypt!

Takuya: Asking the bartender to step aside, I begin mixing vampire cures right away.
The first of my five offspring to be cured is Papa Jaga’s brother, Hakuto.

I’d briefly considered have them change to their dark form before curing them.
It would make for a more aesthetically pleasing sight.
But since Paulina is ruining the ambiance with her umbrella, why bother?

Mama Maja is the last of the five to be cured, while the rest of us gaze in wonder.
Though they are no longer vampires, they remain my offspring.
The four who are Sharebears are now Day 1 adults, which they seem to appreciate.

An elder when I turned her, Paulina is now a Day 1 elder.
Honestly, doesn’t that Paulina know that it’s bad luck to open an umbrella indoors!?

I was a bit worried about curing my offspring before completing my Vampire Family aspiration.
Looks like I’m fine!


It’s past midnight when I attain the Grand Master rank.
All that’s left for me is the “survival” part.
Akito has also reached Milestone IV of his Good Vampire aspiration.
He needs 14 more days to complete his aspiration, while I need 16 more days for mine.
We’ve got this in the bag!

Kirsten (brightens): Hey, do you see what I see while we’re on our way home?
Takuya (excited): Yeah, that Clement Frost has given birth to two nooboos!
Akito: *blushes

Jaga: Wait, why do I see both the On Ley Line and On the Dark Ley Line lot traits?
Why would anyone do something like that?
Your watcher would never, ever do anything like that!

Akito: Let’s wait until they’re toddlers, shall we? That’s when the special trait would appear.
But we should all be prepared for disappointment. Kirsten’s plan was highly unconventional, after all…

Kirsten: Liz and I are ready and waiting when the twins get their birthday notices.
It’s 7 a.m. and so we need to work fast!
The boys need to age up then have their makeovers before anyone leaves for work this morning.

Brown-eyed Negi (human) earns the Happy Toddler trait and becomes a music lover like his father Takuya.
He aspires to become a Whiz Kid.

Grey-eyed Omu (vampire) also earns the Happy Toddler trait and becomes a perfectionist.
He, too, aspires to become a Whiz Kid, which makes life somewhat easier for the household.
The first thing they do is join scouting together.

As for my younger brother Mathias, we still haven’t received his birthday notice.
And that’s fine, because he still needs two friends his age for Social Butterfly.
He’s taking another vacation day from school to try completing that aspiration.
But I’m closing this update right this moment, before Akito leaves for work.

Watcher’s note: So sorry for the blurry screenshots. It’s a recent bug which is driving me insane.


Household Stats

*Jaga (Adult G4 heir): unemployed, Takuya’s offspring (cured vampire)
*Liv (YA cadet): Gardener/Botanist 7, Outdoor Enthusiast III
*Mathias (0 day to teen): Top-Notch Toddler; Scouting 5, Social Butterfly III
*Negi (child, potential heir): Happy Toddler; Scouting 1, Whiz Kid I

Born Vampires
*Akito (YA cadet spouse): Social Media/Public Relations 5, Good Vampire IV
*Omu (child, potential heir): Happy Toddler; Scouting 1, Whiz Kid I

Turned Vampires
*Takuya (YA primary spouse):: Painter 6, Kirsten’s offspring, Vampire Family IV
*Kirsten (YA Gen5 heir): Chef 6, Akito’s offspring, Master Vampire IV

SB 5.50: Fangtasia

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