SB 5.50: Fangtasia

L to R: Negi (G6), Akito (G5 cadet spouse), Kirsten (G5 heir), Jaga (G4 heir),
Takuya (Kirsten’s spouse), Liv (G5 cadet), Mathias (G5, Jaga’s third child), and Omu (G6)
*Liv, Takuya, Kirsten, and Akito work hard at advancing their careers;
*Takuya becomes good friends with his five offspring then cures them all;
*Akita, Kirsten, and Takuya reach the last stage of their vampire aspirations.

5.50: Fangtasia

Week 16/Thursday (Spring 5)

It’s me again, Kirsten. Today’s another rainy day.
Today is yet another day off for me, the third in a row, in fact.
The others dash off to work soon after the birthday boys, Negi and Omu, get their makeovers.

The twins both have the Whiz Kid aspiration, which is untimely.
Even if they earn a B tomorrow, they can’t earn an A until Monday.
They’ll be enjoying scouting in the meantime, just like Matthias did.

Matthias and his friend-to-be are so sad, he almost loses the chance to befriend her.
When I checked his relationships, the only ghost I found there was Grandma Edamame.
Why is Matthias even mourning someone who died before his birth?

Grandma Edamame’s sister Chacha and her husband Perry Green had four children, two of whom were boys.
Son Kenneth was a green-eyed brunette and this is his daughter, Marisol Green.

Lazy Marisol rejects Matthias present, giving him the Unappreciated Gift (Sad +1) moodlet.
It takes them hours to become friends!

Hopefully, outgoing Izabella will respond more graciously to his friendly overtures.
She’s the daughter of Chacha and Perry’s other son, the brown-eyed red-haired Hunter.

Izabella and Matthias are second cousins, sharing Benicio as their great-grandpa.
And Google claims none of the 50 states in the US ban second-cousin marriage.
But sorry, Matthias! Izabella is not for you!
She is so pretty, and the Gen8 and Gen9 Sharebears heirs will need spouses later on!

In the evening, we launch a massive school project session for Negi and Omu.
Akito discovers that, by assisting, he learns Rocket Science but not Parenting.
Liz and I learn that Papa’s Patriarch skill doesn’t influence skilling by school project.
Oh well, it never hurts to try, right?

Meanwhile, Matthias gets his birthday notice and insists he can cake up on his own.
But he looks a bit lonely over there by himself, doesn’t he?
We didn’t throw a party for any of the boys’ birthdays today.
Papa, let’s do something special for the three of them another day.

Matthias as a teen looks exactly like our father: same everything!
Besides being an art lover, he’s now a dance machine and an aspiring Painter Extraordinaire.
Matthias could become a Master of the Real later, but Takuya’s already in the Painter career.
That’s why, later, I’m hoping Matthias will join the Entertainer career instead.

Liv: Arrrgh, Outdoor Enthusiast is the bane of my existence!
I’d been crafting camping mascots only to realize that I never had enough points for the Marketable trait.
So then I try mentoring Akito (who has Marketable) in handiness but guess what?
I don’t even have enough points for the Mentor trait, either!

Liv: After some point-grubbing, I reach 1,300 satisfaction but I’m not buying Mentor.
Kirsten: But, you’re the only one in the house who’s family-oriented!

Liv: But why am I only Parenting 4 while you’re Parenting 10?
I’m going to buy Marketable and help with Fabulous Wealthy and the Fortune category.
Kirsten: Okay, I’ll go mentor Negi in Logic then. Could you finish Matthias’ project?
Liv: …


In the wee hours, while casting a hallucination on Uncle Ikura, Takuya ranks up to Master Vampire.
Nice work, Takuya! You’re the first in our legacy to complete a vampire aspiration.
Takuya: I’d been saving my points, too, so I can be fully sun-proof!

It’s Love Day!
Papa invites Mama over to give her a romantic gift and a big smooch!
Liv leaves for work soon, but she invites Fiorella over to get the ball rolling.

Takuya: Since I’m off today, could I talk you into a home date while the boys are at school?
Kirsten: You’ll probably need to twist my arm. And I’ve been thinking…
Takuya: Me, too. What do you think of having a third child?
Kirsten: You’re a mind-reader! We’ll need to wait until somebody moves out, though.

Kirsten: Yes, that’s me beneath the beekeeper’s veil.
Liv often mentions moving out after maxing her career and aspiration.
Not that I blame her, of course, but it means someone else must attend the bees.

I bond with the bees while Papa dates Mama, Takuya paints, and the others study or work.
As usual, our nanny remains a paragon of industry and diligence.
She’s consistent, at least. *sighs

Akito: A promotion to Account Executive (Public Relations 7), and this is my second career!
I ask you: what would this household have done without me?
What’s that you say? You want to know what the nanny is doing behind me?

She’s obviously up to no good! I would have never taken her for a peeper, though.
By the way, I recently discovered that she’s leader of the Private Club.
Naturally, I couldn’t resist taking it over…

Negi: After we finish our extra credit, I give a Love Day’s gift to Great-Uncle Ikura.
Instead of appreciating my gift, he gets mad. I don’t understand.
Grams receives the same gift (a daisy) from Omu and she looks so happy!

Omu: Don’t worry about it, Negi! That’s not what’s important, anyway.
What’s important is we’ll each get 500 satisfaction for earning gold on Love Day!

Akito: What had I been talking about? Oh right, how indispensable I’ve been!
I’ve been Kirsten’s exclusive trainer and often train Takuya as well.
And I recently gave Mathias a dozen camping mascots that I’d crafted.
Not to mention that shameless shenanigan with the former Father Winter. *sniffs haughtily

I invite over darling Alexa because I have a surprise for her tonight.
But she has a surprise of her own. I’d completely forgotten that she hadn’t transformed yet!

Alexa: A surprise for me? Oh, an engagement ring!
Akito: I’m sorry to have kept you wondering, but I wanted to propose on Love Day.
Alexa: Well, I’m not going to wait another week to get married, Akito. Let’s elope NOW!

Akito: After checking Kirsten’s work progress, I slip away for a special visit.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.
This is my son Bronson Frost, a charmer. He resembles me quite a bit, wouldn’t you say?
A handsome little bloke!

And this Bronson’s silly sister Brittany Frost, who doesn’t resemble me at all.
In fact, she looks downright evil. And I assume that Clement Frost had been a redhead.
To the Sharebears’ disappointment, neither child has the special trait.
To my disappointment, neither child is a born vampire.
Oh well, the Sharebears can try again with one of their own later!


Kirsten: I’m feeling on top of the world tonight!
After three days off, I bring home a promotion to Pastry Chef.
And then I successfully negotiate a bonus.

Akito’s efforts didn’t result in a child with the special trait, but there’s always next time.
And all of us in the legacy house are positively thriving.
In fact, I would even dare say that…

We are on fire!

As soon as Takuya and I get off work Saturday evening, we’re all off to Granite Falls!
Liv: Finally!!! And Sunday is the first day of summer!


Legacy Score:  +1 (85 points)
Athletic (0): completed Vampire Family (missing 3 aspirations)
Fortune (+1): $3,502,311/$3,500,000

Career Status
Liv: Botanist 8
Akito: Public Relations 7
Takuya: Patron of Arts 7
Kirsten: Chef 7
Matthias: Scouting 5, High School “A”
Negi: Scouting 3, Grade School “B”
Omu: Scouting 3, Grade School “B”

SB 5.51: Granite (Epic) Fails

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