SB 5.53: Our Own Fairytale

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen5, Jaga Sharebear

Week 17/Wed

Kirsten: The sight of Ragnar the raccoon, angry and diseased, breaks Papa’s heart.
Maybe bringing Ragnar’s gravestone here wasn’t the best idea?

While pondering Ragnar’s situation, Papa calls Mama over to take over mentoring duties.
She hardly looks old enough to be a mother of four with two soon-to-be-teen grandkids!

Takuya shares vampire knowledge and ancient lore with Omu to build his vampire lore skill.
There’s just one thing we can’t figure out.
Does Omu’s vampire rank benefit more from learning vampire lore after he’s a vampire?

Around 7 am, Liv wakes up after a full night’s sleep in her tent. Only four more nights to go!
Today is her adult birthday, so she runs inside out of the rain and drinks a Potion of Youth.

The weather certainly insists on giving us a lot of foul weather.
Takuya upgraded our never-used weather control machine last night.
So Liv gives it a whirl to bring back the sunny skies. I mean, it’s summer, isn’t it?

Amidst all the fuss about vampire powers and Liv’s herbs, I make a startling discovery.
I’ve never properly introduced myself to our butler, Tetsu Ishikawa.
It seems rather a shame that such a handsome fellow should be doomed to a solitary life.
(But what would we do without him? Sorry, Tetsu!)

In the evening, Liv returns home triumphantly, a Level 10 Ph.D. of Pollen!
Sadly, the weather takes a turn for the worse JUST as she comes home. (Coincidence?)
As Liv breaks her umbrella in the thunderstorm, I dash to the weather control machine.
Talk about cursed! Go change your umbrella, Liv!

Negi (green): Mama says you went time-traveling when you were our age.
Omu (grey): Yes, Grandpa, we’d like to hear all about your adventure!
Jaga: Well, it’s a pretty long story, boys. Are you sure you’re ready for it?

Omu: Of course, we are, Grandpa! We’ll be teens tomorrow morning.
Negi: Yes, who knows? We might need to be ready for an adventure, right?
Jaga: Well, I’ll be moving out soon, so I don’t mind telling you our story, boys.

Omu: “Our” story, Grandpa? Like you and your brothers?
Jaga: No, of course not. My adventure revolves around your grandmother.

Jaga: Your Grandma Maja expressed it so well last Friday on Love Day!
When she gave me a rose as a Love Day gift, she attached a short message.
Negi: A message, Grandpa? What did it say?

It’s more of a card with a message, actually. I carry it with me always.
Here, you can read it yourselves. It says:
Every day we share together, we create our own fairy tale.
I look forward to our happily ever after.

Negi: Why is that boat in the picture, Grandpa?
Jaga: That’s what makes our story a long one. *gets a faraway look in his eyes

Jaga: I wonder how much your mother has shared with you about our family’s history.
Your Great-Grandma Edamame and husband Jaxton had/adopted 10 kids.
My brothers and I are triplets. We were the very last three kids of our generation.

One day, we left for grade school but ended up in odd clothes in an unfamiliar place.
In fact, we’d traveled nearly 2,000 years back in time to somewhere in what is now Scandinavia.
And that is when I first met my beloved Maja and her twin brother Magnus.

Their parents needed to move them somewhere safer before leaving to go a-viking.
When we arrived, they were dressed in battle gear and had us help them move to a more secluded spot.

Negi: Is that when you and Maja knew you’d be together forever?
Jaga: Heavens, no. My brothers and I were all heir candidates. Each of us wanted to be with Maja.

After they were done moving, Magnus and Maja tried to talk us into staying.
They felt lonely there, no doubt, since their parents would be away at sea for several months.
My brothers and I hadn’t even finished our aspirations yet, though. We were still B students.
But before we could share our decision, we were suddenly whisked back to the present.

Back home, we became busy with our lives again.
We graduated from grade school, became teenagers, and started high school.

At the time, our legacy had eight aspirations left to do.
So my brothers and I tackled three out of those eight.
I adopted two wonderful pets to do Friend of the Animals.

I also bought and renovated a vet clinic named Fifty Shades of Spay.
Everyone in the household worked there together and we eventually bought every single perk.
Omu: So you never traveled back to visit Grandma Maja?
Negi: What happened to her?

Jaga: Have you ever met our watcher, boys?
Our watcher waited until Maja and her brother Magnus were teens like us.
Then, she traveled to the twins’ home and brought them back to our time.
We ended up attending the same high school for a while.

As soon as I learned I’d been chosen the Gen4 heir, I kicked up my friendship with Maja several notches.
When we visited Selvadorada for Hakuto’s Jungle Explorer aspiration, I invited her along.
We were best friends in no time, though she was slightly older than me (in brown).

Maja and I were married not longer after I became a young adult and the official heir.
Among four generations of Sharebears, Maja and I were the first to throw a wedding party.
Imagine that!
I wanted the celebration of our marriage to be a gala event for Maja’s sake.

After Maja joined the household, our generation went on to max 4 unique aspirations.
And our generation was the first to max four unique careers, even with the vet clinic.
Along the way, Maja also gave birth to your mother, Auntie Liv, Uncle Matthias, and quite recently Uncle Ronan (who’s still a toddler).
Maja and I have enjoyed a wonderful life.

Omu (whispers): Pssst, Negi. Why are they dressed like maids?
Negi (whispers back): Dunno, Omu. You think it’s something kinky?

Jaga: So, you see, boys, all that’s left for me is to move out to live again with my lovely wife.
And that will be our happily ever after. The End.

Negi: Thanks for sharing your story with us, Grandpa.
Omu: Yeah, it was cool to learn about our family’s history.
Jaga: Well, it’s getting late. You two better change to your pajamas and go to bed!

Negi: Do you think Grandpa’s memory is fading, Omu?
Omu: Yeah, I don’t know why he told us to go to bed. We’re not toddlers anymore!
Negi: Right! We’re in the legacy club. We can just rally the troops, except not Auntie Liv!

Omu: Maybe Grandpa meant that if we don’t sleep, we won’t dream?
Negi: Oooh, I hadn’t thought of that! We could maybe take a short nap, then?

Omu: Yo Negi! Why are we standing in front of a prison in the middle of the night?
Negi: Yeah, we’re both here so we can’t be dreaming but why are we in our PJs. Is this some kind of joke?


Legacy score: Unchanged
Nature (0): maxed Botanist career

“Thorsdottir” by SACROSLASH5 (Gallery, 30×20)
“Walking Dead Prison” by ruthless_kk (Gallery, 50×50)

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