SB 5.54: Orange U Glad to See Us?

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen5, Kirsten Sharebear

Week 17/Thursday

Takuya: Negi! Omu! We just got your birthday notices, so come over here and blow out your candles!
Negi: Whoa, what’s the big rush, Papa?
Kirsten: Akito leaves for work in a half hour, so we want to give you makeovers before he’s out the door.
Takuya: Or, you could go without makeovers until this evening…
Omu: We’re on our waaaayyyyy!

Kirsten: Since Omu’s a born vampire, I switched his hair to white as a toddler and child.
To our delightful surprise, he aged up to a teen with white hair on his own.
The bigger surprise, though, is that Negi looks just like his father except his hair color.

Negi: You’re gonna think I’m nuts, but I had the weirdest dream last night. You were in it, too.
Omu: Get outta here! I had a strange dream about us last night, too!
Negi: Nooo! Were we standing outside a prison in your dream?
Omu: Right! In our PJs, even! What was that all about, anyway?

Negi: I don’t know, but it’s like I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night! I need a nap!
Omu: Yeah, I could use a siesta, too! I’m practically brain-dead! Rally the Troops won’t even cut it!


Meanwhile, in a very different time and place…

Amanda: Ugh, I can’t believe that nobody believes that we were set up.
Celeste: I know, right? And we can’t even publish our memoirs later cuz it’s already been done.
Amanda: Hey, I didn’t know the government put teens in minimum-security prisons.
Celeste: Some kind of processing error, maybe? We should be in juvie, right?
Amanda: But it’s been a couple of months now, I think. I’ve lost all track of time!

Celeste: Hey, officer? Is there a reason why we can’t keep these things we’ve been crafting?
Amanda: Duh, obvious! The prison sells them for extra profit…
Celeste (whispers): About that weird lady who’s been visiting us every week, she’s coming today, right?

Well, darn! Why did I have I have to go switch prison lots?
This one’s roof presents a huge challenge! There’s just that little uncovered space around the sign above the front door.
Also, now that Omu’s a vampire, we’ll need to be careful with timing.
The original plan will still work, though!

Amanda (in orange): Celeste and I appreciate you sending us so many books and prison-approved care packages!
Have you both been receiving the commissary checks, too?
Amanda: Those have been really great, too. But what we really want is to go home. Why are we here?
Our priority is getting you and your sister back home. Your other questions will need to wait.
Have you been doing like I told you?

Amanda: Yeah, to the letter. By the way, how did you even know we were here?

Negi (traveling to yoga center): So, how do you get out of leveling your wellness?
Omu: Hey, you read our watcher’s text message. She said I didn’t have to do it, only you.
Negi: Seems unfair…
Omu: Well, on the bright side, I’m here with you in solidarity! *grins

Negi: You have any idea what “the project” is?
Omu: All I know is what our watcher’s group text said.  It’s gonna be hard to wait until 8, yeah?

There are you, boys! Right on time!
Omu: I appreciate your waiting until after dark. I don’t have any sunlight resistance, so…
Negi: Hey, what’s that duffle bag overflowing with cash? Is that for us?
Sorry to disappoint, but the cash is mine. Your family’s rich enough–you don’t need it.
There’s other stuff inside for you two, though. You’ll need to go undercover and… *whispers

Omu: Now that we’ve teleported to a different world, remind me again…exactly how did she talk us into this?
Negi: Not sure, bro. We started out agreeing to the “save the princesses” part and then…
Omu: Oh well, it should all be over soon. You ready to head over?
Negi: Ready as I’ll ever be. Dang, if it weren’t for our disguises, I’d say this is going to be a blast!

Do I hear somebody complaining? The prison is co-ed, you know.
If you prefer, you can sneak in as male prisoners and fight your way over to the…

Omu: Nooooo, we’re just fine, thank you. *glares at Negi

Amanda: You must be Negi and Omu. I’m Amanda and this is my twin sister Celeste.
Celeste: Took you two long enough! Why do you we even need your help, anyway?
Amanda: Yeah, we can teleport and we know where the rendezvous point is and…

Negi: Well, good evening to you, too, ladies.
Omu: Eh, you believe you can break out of here without our help? *glances at Omu

Negi: My brother Omu and I just put every single popo in this prison out of commission.
Omu: We don’t enjoy dressing like this, but we’ve done all we could to ensure your safe escape.
Negi: Anyway, our watcher told us that you two could use some help so here we are.
Omu: Yep, at your service! *bows gracefully

Celeste: Sorry, guys. Amanda and I have had a REALLY bad few months.
Amanda: And we didn’t mean to take it out on you, seriously.
Negi: It’s okay. So, our rendezvous point is a pretty small area. You two ready to teleport?
Celeste: Can’t wait! Hey, what about your brother Omu? Is he staying behind?

Amanda: Oh really? He can travel in bat form? Well, aren’t we a special snowflake?!
Celeste: Very cool, Omu! Okay, we’re all here. What now?
Negi and Omu (in unison): We wait for the helicopter.

Negi (on phone): Watcher, where are you? We’ve been waiting on the roof for 30 minutes now.
Stop distracting me! Who do you think is piloting the helicopter?
Omu: You are? Should we be worried?

Negi: Great landing! But where are we? Oh look, Omu! There’s a teleporter up ahead!
Girls, follow Negi and Omu into that teleportation device, got it?
Omu: Oh, so we’ll return to our world in back of our gym again?
The four of you in prison threads? I don’t think so. You’ll arrive somewhere more secluded.
Don’t worry! Someone’s there waiting for you and I’ll join you shortly.

Amanda: Where are we now? Isn’t this the same place we just left?
Reading sim: Well, it is but it’s not. You’ve travelled back to your home world, kids.
Celeste: That’s great. And may I ask who you are?
Reading sim: Who am I? You mean you don’t recognize your creator? Rude! I’m reggikko.
You’ll find various items of clothing by that table as well as make-up things.
Celeste: Nice. *starts looking for make-up remover to help the boys shed their disguises
Negi: Oh, a buffet table! You’ve thought of everything! *stomach growls

Hey, thanks for helping out, my friend! I haven’t seen you since Murkland. Good times!
reggikko: My pleasure! And now, if you don’t mind, I’ll get back to my reading…

Negi: It was great to have time to prepare ourselves for returning to our usual lives, watcher.
Where are we headed now, watcher?
I’m taking Amanda and Celeste to their home in the Bay’s Sable Square District.

Omu: Sweet! You two are living on your own already?
Celeste: Hardly! We live with our parents. We’re still teens like you, duh.
Amanda: Hey! That’s our house down below, next door to the Brindleton Pawspital!

Mme. LeBlanc: Thank you, boys, for driving the girls home in this awful weather!
Amanda: Huh?
Mon. LeBlanc: Yes, they’d forgotten to take along their umbrellas this morning.
Celeste: Wait…
*whispers: We’ll meet up and talk about what happened another day.
You were only gone from your world for a few hours. No use worrying them today.

Negi: Amanda, Celeste–are you two going to be okay?
Celeste: Guys, we need to get together again sometime to talk things over, k?
Omu: Will do! Until then, see you on Monday at high school!

Negi: Aaaah, home sweet home!
Watcher, do you think they’ll remember why they were thrown in prison?
Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes the shock of multiversal travel causes temporary memory lapses in…

Negi: What? That’s going to happen to us, too?
Let me finish my sentence! I was going to say “temporary memory lapses in the unprepared.”
You two knew you’d be travelling to another world, but those girls accidentally ended up there.

Omu: Well, I don’t know about you, Negi, but I’m going to try and wake up.
Someone needs to remind Mama to start our heir vote!


Amazing Lots
*The LeBlanc twins were sprung from “Lichtfield Prison OITNB” by GypseCeCe (40×30, Gallery)
*The LeBlanc family reside at “Chestnut Hill” by Marski746 (30×20, Gallery)


Please Cast Your Vote for the Gen6 Heir !

In another sim-week, the twins will be young adults and one of them will take over the legacy as the sixth-generationheir.
Please help choose which one.
Their parents’ generation will finish the last four remaining aspirations, so their aspirations aren’t really the issue.
Unless, of course, one of them had rolled Friend of the Animals or Outdoor Enthusiast, in which case I would move them out ASAP.
Regardless of who wins, they will both be staying in the legacy house and both will have children.
However, the non-heir’s wife and children will reside outside of the legacy lot.

Negi Sharebear

Future career: Critic/Art Critic
What the heir vote really boils down to this time is whose daughter will become the next heir.
Since I resemble my father Takuya so closely, I feel I bring something new and fresh to the Sharebear gene pool.
Please vote for me! (I also overheard that our watcher favors me, if only slightly.)

Omu Sharebear

Future career: Critic/Food Critic
Negi may have our father’s looks but I have his hair color and our mother’s eye colors.
In terms of inherited genetics, I’m your guy!
You’re probably thinking, “Ugh! He rolled the Party Animal aspiration!” I’ll have you know that our watcher doesn’t mind that at all.

Please click the link below to cast your vote on an external website.
Click here!

SB 5.55: The Summer of Our DisconTENT

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