SB 5.55: The Summer of Our DisconTENT

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen5, Kirsten Sharebear

Week 17/Thursday

Kirsten: To backtrack a bit, Papa Jaga moved out very early this morning.
This opened up a space in our household for Takuya and I to have a third child!
I’m doing everything in my power to ensure a daughter, obviously.

Before Akito leaves for work at 8 am, our twins celebrate their teen birthdays.
After their makeover, they take a nap. They’d pulled an all-nighter trying to squeeze in as much skilling as possible.

Our watcher has given us a heads-up not to disturb their nap this morning.
I wonder where she’s taken them and what they are doing?

Matthias (younger brother of Liv and mine) becomes a young adult this evening.
He’s trying to max charisma before then to prepare for his career.

We’re surprised to discover that our TV is beyond repair.
Do you think those open-air arches on each side of the fireplace exposed the TV to rain?
After replacing the TV, Takuya gives it an insta-upgrade.

When the twins aged up an hour ago, Liv was still sleeping in her tent.
Sadly, a thunderstorm awakes her before she completes her second night of sleep.
And, yes, she quit her Botanist job after maxing it yesterday but is still in uniform.

Liv immediately tries changing the weather to sunny skies for Negi, an aspiring Angling Ace
Once he’s awake, he goes to the beach to try fishing but gives up after an hour or so.

Meanwhile, I’ve been having a heart-to-heart with Omu about living as a vampire.
Akito and I still have 7 days and 11 days, respectively, to complete our vampire aspirations.
So we can both help train Omu if he wants to remain a vampire.
But since he didn’t roll a vampire aspiration, Omu’s free to live as he pleases.

Omu prefers to work on his Party Animal aspiration, not on full sunlight resistance.
So I mix him the vampire cure and Omu is a vampire no more.

Takuya: You know I love you, Kirsten darling.
But didn’t anyone ever tell you that it’s rude to point?

Kirsten: Unlike Negi, Omu has difficulty advancing his aspiration in this neighborhood.
We’ll need to wait until Akito has definitely earned his promotion.
Then, we’ll be free to leave the lot without harming his career performance.

Takuya: It’s a good thing we have our parasols since, you know, we have full sunlight resistance.
Kirsten: Absolutely! Why in the world do we need these parasols, dear?

Takuya: Actually, the bigger question is where did Omu go?
I can chat with him on the phone but can’t invite him here.
Kirsten: I tried travelling somewhere with him.
I could select him to travel, but he doesn’t show up when we arrive at the destination.
This sounds like Repair Game is required. *sighs

Omu: Yay, I’m back and ready to finish introducing myself to 10 sims! Sheesh!
Hello there, little girl.
Girl: Um, are you one of those weirdos my parents warned me about?
Papa said not to talk to guys who reveal themselves… *slowly backs away
Omu: Nooooo, this is just an open shirt. It’s part of my hot-weather outfit!

Amanda: Thanks for inviting us here, guys. It’s so great to be back in our world, y’know?
Celeste: Yeah, I didn’t even mind going to high school today, haha.
Negi: So, do you remember anything at all about how you ended up in that prison?
Omu: Yeah, like, did some evil person lure you both into a teleporter or something?

Celeste: No, nothing like that! The last we remember, we’d gone to bed early one night.
Amanda: Right, we’d felt exhausted after a day of summer internship interviews.
Celeste: Suddenly, we found ourselves in an unfamiliar airport terminal.
Amanda: A pink-haired stranger asked us to watch his sports bag while he went to buy a drink.
Before we knew it, we were surrounded by customs agents and undercover detectives.
Celeste: We got thrown in prison, without any due process, until you rescued us.

Negi: That sounds like a nightmare! We asked our watcher about what might have happened to you.
Omu: But she doesn’t have a clue who’s responsible for teleporting you.
Negi: She did place wards around your home, though, so it can’t happen again.

Omu: Our conversation with Amanda and Celeste doesn’t turn up any answers.
Our family returns home so I can throw some parties for Party Animal.
Unbelievably, Brindleton Bay is at the mercy of more thunderstorms.

Liv: I know, you don’t have to tell me. I’m on my way to the weather controller again.
At this point, I am on the verge of rage quitting…

Omu: Though Negi and I are tense from the thunderstorm, we pull ourselves together.
Together, we host three gold-medal parties.
We throw a party for Matthias’ young adult birthday, followed by a house party and a dinner party.
That takes about six hours all total. It’s past midnight when we’re done.


Liv: Oh, so now the tent has been moved to the basement?
Why bother calling my aspiration “Outdoor Enthusiast” if I’m going to…
Kirsten: Sorry, Liv, but nobody cares. You just need to sleep four more nights in that thing.
At least, your sleep won’t be interrupted by thunderstorms if your tent’s indoors.
Liv: *mumble, grumble

Takuya: You realize, Omu, that all you needed were three silver social events.
Omu: Yes, Papa, but I threw 3 gold parties instead because that’s all I could do.
Kirsten: Well, we can always use the gold medals, right?

Omu: Since I’m feeling super confident, I take a chance and use a suave pick-up line on Amanda.
Amanda seems to dig it. I just found me a date partner!

Negi: Could someone please remind me what I’d been thinking?
How on earth did I believe that Angling Ace was a “better” aspiration than Party Animal?

Amanda: Wow, just think, Omu! Yesterday I was a convict but today I’m your girlfriend!

Kirsten: Uncle Ikura, why are you standing in front of Liv’s tent just as she wakes up?
I better never find that you’ve prevented Liv from getting a full night’s sleep in that tent!
Uncle or not, I’ll kick you from our club so fast that your head will spin.

Ikura: Oh, I’m scared! You’ll kick me out so I’ll be forced to stay home with my family?
Everyone knows I’d rather be here, mentoring Matthias and your twins. *drips sarcasm

Kirsten: Oof, I’m not sure why I thought having another child would be a good idea.
Takuya: Personally, I’d love for us to have a daughter!
Kirsten: But I’m wondering now if you and I should both opt for second careers instead.
Takuya: Nah, we need a socializing spree to identify a sim or two with high-level careers!

Kirsten: I feel so bad now about how I spoke to Uncle Ikura earlier!
He aged up to an elder today!  Unlike Papa and Uncle Hakuto, he’d never been turned.
I send him home since my brother Matthias and I can also mentor Writing.
Surely, he’ll want to spend every remaining second with his wife and children.

Tonight, I earn my final promotion to Celebrity Chef!
But there’s no time to rest on my laurels.
I immediately quit my job and enter the Secret Agent career.


After waiting for me to return home, Omu throws a house party at Granada Place.
That’s where Liv’s wife Fiorella lives in Oasis Springs.
Omu figures he has time for one party before Liv retires to her tent.

By the way, my mother’s always been way too attracted to my husband Takuya.
Now you know the real reason why I asked her to move out soon after I married him.

Omu: If only I hadn’t gotten greedy! I should have ended the party as soon as we hit silver!
But no, I have to wait until we earn a gold medal. By that time, our entertainer dies upstairs.
That’s right, the entertain who I hired by mistake.
After waiting for the Grim Reaper to do his job, we don’t get back home until 4 am.

What an ordeal! But every cloud has its silver lining, I guess.
By the time Auntie Liv crawls into her tent, her energy is in the red zone…

Legacy Score: +1 (86 points)
Food (1): Kirsten maxed the Chef career


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