SB 5.56: Careering or Careening?

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen5, Kirsten Sharebear

Week 17/Saturday

Kirsten: Another day of thunderstorms today until Matthias changes the weather for us.
Then, he leaves for his second day of work in his new career as a painter.
Takuya works as a Patron of Arts, so Matthias intends to join the other branch.

As for me, I’m doing odd jobs around the house today.
I’m in my third trimester and this beekeeper outfit is definitely NOT a flattering look.

Negi: I know what you’re thinking: “Not another shot of Negi fishing!”
All I need to finish Angling Ace is five more great catches.
I’ve spent all morning here at the dock without making any progress.
But at least the weather’s nice, thanks to Uncle Matthias.

Omu: Party Animal is on hold until Papa and Uncle Matthias get home from work.
Since I plan to become a Food Critic, though, I start working on my various culinary skills.

Negi: That the pro fisherman was stealing all my mojo, so I’m back to my usual spot.
Within 90 minutes, I’ve already snagged four great catches!
Huh, it’s started raining and that can only mean one thing.
Auntie Liv must have woken up…

Liv: Watcher, are you seriously going to document each of my successful sleeps in the tent?
Heck yeah! Only two more nights to go! Aren’t you excited about living with your family?
Liv: I must confess the thought of spending time with Fiorella and our kids is quite a draw.
But I don’t mind helping around the house until the twins’ birthday in five days.

Negi (on the phone): Auntie Liv? I was wondering if you could do me a big favor…
Liv: Are you kidding me? Another thunderstorm? Sure, I got you covered, Negi.
You just keep on fishing!

Negi: With Auntie Liv’s help, I make short work of my aspiration.
Since I plan to become an Art Critic, I insta-complete a few aspirations then start Painter Extraordinaire.
Lucky me being mentored by Grandpa Jaga!

Takuya: I’m happy to report that I’ve completed the Patron of the Arts career.
Have you heard our watcher miscalculated the careers our legacy needs to complete?
In my boundless desire to help out, I join Kirsten in the Secret Agent career right away.

Completing my daily task, I even succeed in negotiating a bonus with my new boss.
You’re wondering why I phoned him from this bathroom? It doubles as our Very Confident Room.
We seem to have better luck negotiating while feeling Very Confident, rather than the ideal work mood.

Takuya: Darling, I’ve joined you in the Secret Career branch! We’ll climb to the top together!
Kirsten: Oh no! You know I want you stay here in the legacy house with me, but it just won’t work.
T: But why not? I maxed my career even faster than Akito did!
K: But Top-Notch Toddlers earn promotions faster than all the other sims.
You’ll need to move out soon but, as immortal vampires, we’ll still have all eternity to enjoy our non-life together!

K: Check out this list our watcher gave me this morning, Takuya.
When Akito, Matthias and I complete our current careers, we’ll have completed 25 careers.
That leaves twelve more careers for the last three generations.
T: So Generation 9 won’t have any career requirements?
K: None at all. This legacy challenge ends as soon as the Gen9 heir gives birth to a male heir.

T: Okay, so I’ll quit the Secret Agent career and help out with raising our third child.
K: Yes. Obviously, you’ll stay in the family club and I’ll join you as soon as I possibly can, darling.

Kirsten: When I go into labor, Takuya accompanies me to the hospital.
Without the watcher nosing into our business, my delivery is quick and uncomplicated.
Our newborn daughter seems a little frazzled by how fast everything is happening.

We’ve named her Purin, which is the Japanese loanword for crème caramel (or, custard pudding).
Takuya is especially a fan of matcha-flavored purin, which is unavailable here in the Bay.

Omu: As soon as our parents return, I start throwing a succession of parties.
I choose Negi and Uncle Matthias as my co-hosts.
For some reason, though, Uncle Matthias is not very helpful at all.

Matthias: Hmmmph, those twins show me no respect even though I’m their uncle!
Anyway, I feel like everyone else has a significant other except for me.
Do you remember Izabella Green, the daughter of Grandma Edamame’s nephew Hunter?
Turns out that she hates children, which disqualifies her from ever moving into the legacy house.

She’s a teen now, but maybe I’ll have a chance with her once she’s older.

Week 18/Sunday

Negi: It’s around 2 am by the time we’re done hosting two gold-medal house parties.
That’s when Mama reminds Auntie Liv to go sleep in her tent..

But during the third house party, Auntie Liv pops back out when I call everyone to a meal.
She’s not even a party guest!
Mama looks pretty peeved and “orders” Auntie Liv back to her tent.

Omu: We’ve been stuck on silver for our fourth party and it’s starting to get light outside.
I chose a dinner party for the last one and it’s taking hours to get three partygoers happy.
The ghost raccoon Rocky showed up and puked all over, making everyone very uncomfortable.

After cleaning up Rocky’s mess, I need to go prepare a dessert.
My parents even got hysterical once. This last party’s been a nightmare!
And, gee, thanks for all your help, Uncle Matthias!

Omu: Negi comes to the rescue and takes some guests to another room to get them happy.
It’s 6:30 am when we finally earn gold for that darn dinner party!
So now I’m done with goaled parties for my Party Animal aspiration.
All that’s left is to invite Amanda on 13 dates.

Negi: It takes some time to clean up the house after four consecutive parties!
True to form, Uncle Matthias claims he needs to prep for work and doesn’t help out at all.
When we’re done, I go back to painting.

Omu: I can’t date Amanda until Uncle Matthias gets home from work, so I learn to write.
With Papa’s help, I’ll have my Food Critic skills finished before my birthday.
And thanks to all the party hosting, Negi and I have both maxed charisma already, too.

Liv: Oooh, I love being the center of attention!
Our watcher even moved my tent into Kirsten and Takuya’s bedroom, moving their coffins into the hallway.
Apparently, she’s not worried about anyone bothering them while they sleep, hehe.
Eh, don’t even joke about not getting that last night of sleep in your freakin tent, Liv!

Kirsten: Brother Matthias earns his third promotion on his third day of work.
He’s now Level 7 in the Master of the Real career, thanks no doubt to his Top-Notch Toddler trait.
Of course, it’s also helped that Akito has been representing him every day at his Public Relations job.

Our legacy has been quite complacent so far about raising mostly Happy Toddlers.
Is it really worth the effort to ensure that every child becomes a Top-Notch Toddler?

Kirsten: How can you be so fantastic at everything else but so horrible on the treadmill?
Akito: It’s because I’m clumsy, remember? Why do I even need to be mentored in fitness, anyway?
Kirsten: That’s an easy question! You shall become the Sharebears’ official fitness mentor!
Akito: Alas, the burdens of immortality! *sighs tragically

Kirsten: Purin is profoundly impressed with her mother’s “super efficient baby care.”
Don’t you worry, baby girl. Your father and I will do all we can to raise you into a Top-Notch Toddler.
It’s also easier when raising a single toddler versus multiple toddlers.

Liv: Hot diggity dog! Only one more night of sleeping in my tent and Outdoor Enthusiast will be history.
Our watcher could have let us change the seasons so I could identify all 10 herb types in Granite Falls earlier.
Since she decided to be stubborn, though, it’s taking me an entire year to finish this aspiration.
Oh whatever! In the words of James Brown: I feel good, like I knew that I would.


Household Stats

Liv Sharebear (7 days to adult): Botanist 10; Outdoor Enthusiast (1 more tent sleep)
Akito Yamaguchi (YA vamp): Public Relations 9; Good Vampire (3 more days)
Takuya S. (YA vamp): Patron of Arts 10; Vampire Family (done)
Kirsten S. (YA vamp): Chef 10, Secret Agent 4; Master Vampire (5 more days)
Matthias S. (9 days to adult): Master of the Real 7
Negi S. (4 days to YA): Angling Ace, MBaron, FWealthy, P. Extraordinaire
Omu S. (4 days to YA): Party Animal (Milestone IV)
Purin S (nooboo)


Chapter Notes

Career Stats: I hope you don’t find data like that annoying.
I have difficulty grasping numerical data unless it’s organized visually like that.
Now I can stop feeling anxious about career progress.

The LeBlanc Twins: Amanda was added to the Sharebear simverse as a teen on the day of Negi and Omu’s teen birthday. This means that she’ll gain a randomized third trait on her young adult birthday.
Her sister Celeste only appears in screenshots captured in a separate save. She’ll join the Sharebear simverse as a young adult, retaining all three of her original traits.

Popularity Category: Nope, we’re not even going to try to earn full points in this category.

The Gen6 Heir: The outcome of the vote is pretty unshakeable at this point.
I’m leaving it open until Thursday, anyway, since the twins are still 4 days from their birthday.
Edited to Add: The vote is now closed. Thanks for voting!

SB 5.57: Princess Purin

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