SB 5.57: Princess Purin



A Sharebear Legacy/Gen5, Kirsten Sharebear

Week 18/Sunday
Amanda LeBlanc: Hey, Omu! *does Garden Gnomes handshake
Omu: Thanks for coming over to help me finish Party Animal, Amanda.
Are you ready to start our dating marathon, girl?

Amanda: Just a second there, buddy! I have some questions before we begin.
Omu: Sure, ask away.
Amanda: Why’s my twin Celeste been exiled to Grandma’s house until her young adult birthday?
Omu: Oh, that. Well, that way she’ll have three unique traits in case your random third trait isn’t unique.

Amanda: So if I don’t get a unique trait on my young adult birthday, what happens to me?
Omu: Um, you won’t be the primary spouse of the next Sharebear heir.
Amanda: You’ll just dump me for Celeste? *frowns

Omu: That would be a little awkward, you know, because my twin Negi has a crush on her.
Amanda: Awkward, but you’d make her your primary spouse, anyway? *glares
Omu: Negi had no right offering Celeste a rose before she was sent away! She’s Plan B in case…
Amanda: Like you have no right romancing me, hmmmm?

Omu: The next heir hasn’t even been announced yet, so it’s too early to get upset about all this.
Amanda: So, whether you become the heir or not, you and me are still…
Omu: I can’t believe you would even doubt me, Amanda!

A half dozen or so dates later…
Amanda: Um, may I ask exactly what you think you’re doing?
Omu (sighs): My date goal requires me to “attempt to seduce” you, so that’s what I’m doing.
Amanda: Oh, I see….
Omu: Excuse me? Would you mind looking at my face while we talk?
Amanda: *blushes

Liv: Why do I have to do an endurance run on the treadmill? Nobody’s even mentoring me?
It’s past 10 pm but your energy’s still in the green zone so I’m trying to wear you out.
Liv: Nice try, but physical exertion only depletes energy in real life. *rolls eyes
Whatever! Go empty your bladder, take a shower, then sleep in your tent! 
Liv: Yeah, yeah…

Omu: And now I’ve finished my first aspiration!

Negi: Remember me, folks? The “other” twin?
I’ve been so hard at work at Painter Extraordinaire that I’d completely forgotten about Writing.
When Omu and I sit down to write each other Excuse Notes, I realize I have zero Writing skill.
Thanks for mentoring me to Level 3, Papa! *starts writing an Excuse Note for Omu


Kirsten: Grandma Edamame shows up in the wee hours, angry as an ornery hornet.
She kicks over the garbage and breaks a few things.
Our watcher put her tombstone in family inventory until the next legacy holiday.

Takuya: Speaking of being put on ice, our watcher seems to have forgotten us lately.
It’s been so long that nobody can even remember when our daughter Purin was born.
Oh, c’mon! It hasn’t been that long. Uh, only 13 days. *coughs
Anyway, you can always do what I do when I can’t remember.

Takuya: And what, pray tell, would that be?
Just go back and reread the last update. Purin was born Saturday evening.
Takuya: Ah, okay. But where have you been? What have you been up to?

Uh, let’s see…I did two tournament challenges back-to-back and got ahead with my reading challenge.
Takuya: And… *raises eyebrows
Hmmph, okay! I started playing Dragon Quest XI on my PS4 but you can’t shame me for that!
I’ve played every console-edition Dragon Quest game since 1986.
But this is the first time I’m playing it in English. I had to turn off the English voice acting…

You have the air of a disbeliever, Takuya. Here, check it out for yourself.
Takuya: Oh yeah, I can see the appeal very clearly now. Gorgeous villages, towns, and cities!
I realize you’re smitten with that blue-haired thief who dual-wields daggers, watcher.
But he wasn’t enough to convert me. Anyway, can I keep this Dragon Quest XI game for myself?
Sure. And about Purin, her toddler birthday should be Monday evening.

Akito: If I’m really conscientious, I might be able to bring home my last promotion this evening.
I ask Jaga for a pre-work Lavender Aromatherapy Massage before work for the mood boost.
For some entirely unknown reason, I put on an astronaut’s helmet for the massage. Whyyyyy?!

Kirsten: Oh no! Look who aged up all on her lonesome because “we” missed her birthday notice!
Takuya: You mean, we could have aged her up yesterday evening?
Kirsten: Yes, but “someone” wasn’t paying attention when her birthday notice arrived.

Oh, right! Because we’re on short lifespan, MCCC cuts the 2-day nooboo stage in half, to one day.
*feels vaguely embarrassed for having forgotten

Takuya: Quick, let’s give her a makeover before Akito leaves for work in five minutes!
Kirsten: We can’t, because entering CAS would wake Liv up and this is her fifth night in the tent.
waiting, waiting, waiting…
Takuya: Hey, she completed Outdoor Enthusiast at 8:01 a.m. and Akito is just going out the door!
Kirsten: Let’s end the club gathering and go for Purin’s makeover!

Kirsten: Our Purin ages up into clingy toddler. She looks just like a doll.
Takuya: She is a beautiful little girl! And, on her teen birthday, she’ll become a vampire.
Kirsten: Her hair color’s a mystery, since mine is black and Takuya’s is white.
Takuya: Genetically, I think she should have had white hair. But she has your grey eyes, Kirsten.

Kirsten: Brother Matthias and I both work from 10 a.m. today.
It’s my first day of work as a secret agent. My career uniform is disappointing.
Isn’t this outfit the same one I wore as a low-level cook?

Takuya: Liv’s moving out tonight so she’s been clearing her personal inventory.
Mostly, she’s been giving stuff to Purin to sell.
I’m shocked to notice that our Excellent Orchids sell for $425 apiece. Is that normal?

Kirsten: Today, Akito, Matthias, and I all earn promotions from work.
Of course, Akito’s promotion is the best since it means he’s maxed his Public Relations career.
But Matthias also received a large performance boost today, so he’s a Level 8 Master of the Real.

Takuya: I still think it makes good sense for me to stay in the house, Kirsten.
Matthias only needs two more promotions to max his career and move out.
The next heir can wait until then to start having children. It won’t be such a long wait.
Kirsten: I agree, Takuya. Matthias will surely be done by next weekend! Did you quit Secret Agent?
Takuya: Uh, no. I just took a vacation day today. I wanted to wait and see how Matthias did at work first.


Liv: You really don’t mind if I move out to live with Fiorella and our kids?
I’d be fine with staying here until right before Negi and Omu’s young adult birthdays.
Kirsten: I’m so proud of you, sis! You finished Outdoor Enthusiast without a single complaint!
Liv: Well, yeah, it took me an entire sim-year and our watcher complained enough for all of us.
No comment…

Liv: Honestly, I feel bad that I only maxed a single career.
Kirsten: Don’t, Liv. Matthias is doing a single career, too. We’re all doing our part.
Now, it’s time for you to enjoy your own family while you can!
Liv: *spends her satisfaction on potions, gives them all to Purin, then moves to Granada Place

Caleb Vatore: And what do we owe the pleasure of your visit in the middle of the night?
Takuya: Very funny. Of course, we’re going to visit at night. We’re vampires!
Orfeu Garrido: So this is purely a social call? Like a long-distance welcome wagon?

Takuya: Actually, no. My wife Kirsten and I are spouse-hunting and wish to consult you.
Orfeu: Oh? You seek a devastatingly handsome groom with three unique traits for your lovely little princess over there?

Takuya: Uh no, that’s our daughter Purin, but she’s not eligible to become the next-generation heir.
And we already have two female candidates for our next heir.
Actually, we’re looking for a primary spouse for our grand-daughter, Orfeu, so we wanted to meet you.
Orfeu: Yes, of course, you would be interested in me. I mean, Caleb’s a premade so he’s out!
Takuya: Well, yes, Caleb himself is not allowed but his children…

Hajar Vatore: It’s very sweet of you to come looking for me here in the Forgotten Hollow Plaza.
Kirsten: I have been wanting to meet you, Hajar.
I heard that you married Caleb lately and have been wondering whether you, too, are a vampire.
Hajar: Why, yes, I am only a fledgling vampire but our children will still be born-vampires.

Back in Brindleton Bay
Matthias: Hmmph, and I was so excited about our watcher finally buying me reward traits!
Do you realize that, all this time, all I’ve had were Connections and Entrepreneurial?
Most sims buy the Morning Sim and Night Owl reward traits while they’re in grade school.

Anyway, so our watcher finally buys me reward traits. And guess what?
She buys me the Waterproof trait to test if I can keep fishing in the rain. Sheesh!


Legacy Score: Unchanged
Athletic (0): completed Outdoor Enthusiast (missing 2 aspirations)
Nature (0): maxed Social Media/Public Relations

SB 5.58: Head ‘Em Up! Move ‘Em Out!

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