SB 5.58: Head ‘Em Up! Move ‘Em Out!

She rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ though the streams are swollen…


A Sharebear Legacy/Gen5, Kirsten Sharebear

Week 18/Tuesday

Takuya: Who’s that up in the rocket ship?
Kirsten: Oh, that’s Omu. He’s doing Nerd Brain now.
Takuya: And what’s Negi up to?
Kirsten: He’s finishing up Painter Extraordinaire, remember?

Negi: Oh great! Omu gets to do another valiant, flamboyant aspiration!
While I am stuck with painter’s block, trying to pump out 4 more masterpieces.
Gah, why am I doing another look-at-the-back-of-my head aspiration?

Our watcher kindly squeezes behind an easel to take a shot of my face. Thanks!
Can you believe someone actually called me a “spare”? I’ll be an heir or cadet yo!
Anyway, Mama feels bad about my lesser presence in the last two updates.
She says I can narrate this one. Yay! *pumps fist

Negi: I guess my life isn’t all that bad!
I mean, look at Uncle Matthias!
He’s doing Angling Ace now and it ain’t even his first aspiration!

Yeah, it’s weird that he’s getting his pre-work massage in the kitchen.
But he moved the massage table to where Grandpa Jaga had been dancing.

Well, the young adults have all left for work!
While perusing the ocean scenery, I come across our lightning-struck satellite dish.
We’ve had an eight-sim household for so long now.
Nobody even knows how long our satellite dish’s been broken.

There’s only seven of us now, though, so I quickly replace it with a new one.

Everybody’s been hating on this nanny lately.
You see how it says “18 minutes ago” above that message stating she’ll arrive at 7:36 am?
That’s 18 real-life minutes, people!
She doesn’t deign to waltz into our home until 9 a.m.

Urgent Question: If a nanny “accidentally” dies, will she be replaced?
If anybody out there knows the answer, please let us know.

We all like Uncle Akito.
He spends most of his time representing my folks and Uncle Matthias.
They’ve been earning promotions like crazy as a result.
When he isn’t gaming in his free time, he helps out a little in the garden.
He doesn’t really strike me as the beekeeping type, you know?

Uncle Matthias has had incredible luck with work-related chance cards.
Like yesterday, he gains another large performance boost on the job today.
That’s on top of his massage, negotiating a bonus, and Akito’s representation magic.
In other words, Uncle Matthias brings home another promotion this afternoon.

Uncle Matthias has insanely powerful career mojo!
With the well’s help, he maxes Master of the Real.
Omu and I should be so lucky!
According to Uncle Matthias, we all need to get out more often.
Omu and I hardly know anyone, since we only attended high school last Friday.

Negi: Grandpa Jaga aged up to an elder around noon today.
Part of Mama wants to let him go spend time with his family.
Another part wants to keep him close for his remaining days.
Let him go, Mama! His youngest child is still in grade school!

Papa looks amazing in his new career outfit for secret agent, of course.
C’mon, you didn’t seriously believe our watcher would let Papa move out, did you?
Hey! Can’t a watcher have a little privacy here?

Negi: And here’s a little back-of-the-head action from somebody else instead of me.
How you like dem apples?
Mama is doing her daily task, while Omu is about to max Vamp Lore.
Meanwhile, Uncle Akito has started another representation campaign for Mama.

And me? I’m just one masterpiece away from becoming a Painter Extraordinaire.

Uncle Matthias stops by and paints two masterpieces in a row, just like that!
When I check his easel, I see that he’s using our only Deluxe All-Seasons Easel.
Our founder’s flatmate Colt Altman earned that easel as a career promotion.
Not sure why, but our six other easels are all Easy-Breezy Easels. I’ve fixed that!

Now, I’m starting to distrust our watcher and check my reward traits, too.
I don’t even have the Marketable or Creative Visionary traits!
Really, it’s a miracle I’ve painted 4 masterpieces so far in these conditions!
What has our watcher been smoking? *le sigh

Through the family’s non-stop micro-managing, Purin reaches Level 3 in all her skills.
Haha, I say that as if I had a hand in that.  Not at all.
That’s all thanks to Grandpa Jaga and my parents.

The ‘rents are having trouble reaching a decision.
Should they focus their parenting efforts on Purin, the Gen7 kids, or both?
Wah, wah, wah! I’m too lazy to do Top-Notch Toddlers in four days.

To our surprise, Mama puts Purin to bed, calls for a nanny, then invites us for a night out.
This has to be the first group-dance experience for all of us.
Mama got overly excited, I think, because she’s wearing her hot-weather outfit.

That lady in brown next to me is Uncle Matthias’s friend. More dirt on her later.

Grandpa Jaga and Grandma Maja show up on their own.
I’m glad Mama decided to let Grandpa leave the club.
How fantastic to meet Great-Grandpa Jaxton, too!


You know, I’d always thought of Uncle Matthias as some quiet, boring dude.
Boy, did I revise my image of him tonight at The Narwhal Arms!!!
First of all, the name of his “friend” is Elsie Sharebear. Apparently, that’s not a problem.
See, he is Grandpa Jaga’s son while she’s Grandpa Jaga’s nephew’s daughter.
In other words, Elsie is the daughter of Uncle Matthias’s cousin.
Ugh, are they even legal?

No matter! The two of them were all over each other. Public woohoo? Really?!
Back in the day, her infamous grandpa Cuatro  earned all 5 negative parenting traits.

Later, Mama shoos everyone off the dance floor to show off her moves.
I’m starting to think she isn’t wearing her hot-weather outfit by accident, after all.
Just think! In another 1-1/2 days, Omu and I will be the same age as our parents.
Weird, right?

I introduce myself to the DJ, but find that she doesn’t have unique traits.
Of course, I completely ignore the lady on the right. That’s our nanny.
You know, the one Mama hired to look after Purin so we could go out for the night?
Remind me later to google what happens when a nanny dies…

At the club, Uncle Akito meets a goofball sim who tells jokes until he’s hysterical.
Luckily, he gets to a mirror in time.
Meeting that goofball sim and seeing our nanny, though, reminds him of another nanny.

Back home, Uncle Akito invites over a retired nanny named Aaradhya Kumar.
He advises Omu and I to take the time to befriend her.
She is a clumsy, gloomy goofball. Hmmm….*rubs chin thoughtfully

After the social break, I immediately finish Painter Extraordinaire. Go me!
Omu and I decide to attend school today to meet other teens.
I peek in on the ‘rents who are getting pre-work massages.
Must be awkward lying face down on a massage table with a beekeeper’s hat and veil.

Negi: Papa earns a promotion today but Mama doesn’t.
That makes them both Level 6 Secret Agents.
Mama should’ve gotten promoted, too, but she was 90 minutes late for work.
She kept returning to the house instead of going to work, while opening and closing that infernal umbrella.
Are we the only ones having trouble getting sims with umbrellas to go to school/work?

Purin has maxed Potty and has her other skills at Level 4.
She has a really good chance of becoming a Top-Notch Toddler.
Omu and Purin are both energized, playing to boost her Movement.

Meanwhile, I am doing God’s work with, naturally, my back turned.


Uncle Akito completes Good Vampire around 1:30 am.
By the time he and Uncle Matthias finish preparing to leave, it’s 4 am.

Uncle Akito moves in with his wife and kids at the Alexandrite in Forgotten Hollow.
Uncle Matthias moves in with Elsie who lives at Tropical Getaway on Windenburg Island.
I hear both households will soon hear the pitter-patter of little feet.
(Why do they say that when nooboos just lie in their bassinets?)

Negi: And now the news that you’ve been waiting for: the heir vote results.
It comes as no surprise that my twin Omu won a landslide victory.
Who can compete with his white hair and that Ken Kaneki “Tokyo Ghoul” look? *sighs
A big thank you to the five readers who voted for me! I won’t let you down!

Oh, also, the majority voted to cure both Omu and Purin. And so they shall be.

Omu: Well, now that I’m officially the future heir, I check on Amanda.
Since she’s a young adult already, I invite her over to learn her third trait.
You can’t imagine how relieved I am to find that she’s now a Bro.
I’d prepared to wed her even if she became Jealous (shudder), but ain’t it grand?

It’s hard to believe that Negi and I will be young adults in another two hours!

Omu: I immediately kick ex-nanny Aaradhya Kumar from the Sharebears Club.
Negi already painted Aaradhya’s portrait–we’re keeping it just in case.
You know she won’t die cuz she has the immortality of a nanny, even after retiring.

Sorry, to get your hopes up, cowboys! Maybe next time?
Cowplants (in unison): Boo! Hiss! Pfft!

Legacy Score: unchanged (86 points)
Athletics (0): completed Good Vampire (only missing Master Vampire)
Nature (0): maxed Painter/Master of the Real;
21/23 career tracks (missing Critic & Entertainer);
24/37 careers (missing a bunch!)

Coming next: Omu and Negi’s young adult birthdays and the start of the sixth generation!

SB 6.59: Eating for Three?

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