SB 6.59: Eating for Three?

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen6, Omu Sharebear

Week 18/Thursday

Omu: This is the first chapter of Generation 6, so I hope you don’t mind my narrating, folks.
Our little sister Purin, Top-Notch-Toddler wannabe, falls into an exhausted sleep, uh, nap.
I’m not sure I want Purin’s life of constant skilling for my future toddlers…

Just as Purin falls asleep, it’s time for Negi and I to age up.
Materialist music-lover Negi is now a snob as well.
He’s a responsible sim with good manners and emotional control.
He’ll make a superb art critic, don’t you think?

And I’m a perfectionist foodie who is now unflirty. *sighs
I’m responsible with good manners. I could’ve sworn I’d earned a 3rd parenting trait but oh well.
As I’ve already mentioned, I’m aiming to become a food critic.

Negi and I both join the Critic career today, which falls on on Founder’s Love Day.
This holiday commemorates the day our founder, Sherilee Sharebear, passed away.
My parents mourn to complete the Remembrance holiday tradition.
Don’t forget to drink a moodlet solver before leaving for work!

As a young adult, I can finally ask Amanda to move in!
She joins our household as a primary spouse with 3 unique traits: Loves Outdoors, Neat, and Bro.
We’ve both been memorialized in portraits already as well.
My portrait was painted by Papa Takuya, whereas Amanda’s was done by Uncle Matthias.

As soon as she’s settled, we meet up in our newly-claimed master bedroom.
Since I’m unflirty, Amanda agrees to take the reins in our romancing this time.
She needs to build her charisma anyway and I enjoy letting someone else drive for a change.

Negi hasn’t seen Amanda’s twin Celeste for a while.
He makes every second count with a steamy, autonomous kiss!

Negi’s always liked Celeste so I didn’t want to make her my primary spouse.
If Amanda hadn’t gained a third unique trait, I would have opted for that ex-nanny.
Thankfully, everything’s turned out for the best!

Here I am, feigning shock and embarrassment when Amanda asks me to try for baby.

It’s so hard to believe that we’ll be parents soon! Look at Amanda’s tiny baby bump!
Amanda mentions that she wants to get a job like Negi and me.
She’s an Angling Ace (yes, another one!) but she wants to work as a Florist.
We’re going to wait and see if she can buy Connections by Saturday.

The Fates conspire against us!
Negi has maxed painting while I’ve maxed Homestyle and Gourmet Cooking.
Yet, he gets the assignment to visit a food stall vendor and I have to paint graffiti.
Ouch! How did that paint get in my eye?

Negi plans to visit the Spice Market for his assignment after our parents get home.
He realizes, however, that he forgot to propose to Celeste so he catches her as she’s leaving..
She says yes, of course!  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Amanda: Who knew I’d fall in love in with one of our rescuers from that prison?
It’s still a mystery how Celeste and I ended up there!

I’m doing great with Angling Ace. I’m at Fishing 5 already!
Omu mentioned throwing a double wedding this evening, but I want to keep fishing!
I only need 2,000 more satisfaction to buy Connections.

The family is hinting that I stay home to look after the children.
But if I enter the Florist career, I can work from home, can’t I?

Negi: It’s raining when we arrive at Spice Market in the evening.
Mama gets excited to note that the attractive curry stall vendor is not Sharebear-related.
Forgetting that I need to talk to him, she uses her vampire power to detect his personality.
Thanks, Mama, now he’s closed his stall!

Kirsten: Luciano Trivedi is a cat-loving, vegetarian music-lover. Shall I turn him for Purin, dear?
Takuya: Calm down, darling. His grandparents are Elektro Faust and Dango Sharebear.
Also, he’s married with two children.
Kirsten: Oh. Why is everyone related or already married?

Negi: Luckily, another food stall opens but the vendor takes an hour to enter her stall.
Then, I have to wait another hour for her to close her umbrella.
I just spent three hours to “talk to a food stall vendor in Spice Market.”

Omu: Amanda and I agree that we are quite partied out.
On the spur of the moment, we decide to marry at the wedding venue in Skyward Palms.
We wear our formal outfits, without bothering to plan our wedding outfits.
Amanda looks gorgeous no matter how she’s dressed.


Negi: Celeste and I also don’t want to elope, though it’s a shame her parents can’t be here tonight.
We’ll be sure to invite them over soon!
It’s past midnight by the time we tie the knot at the same wedding arch.
Look how adorable my Celeste is!

Back home, Mama praises our butler Tetsu Ishikawa for his superb service.
I hear that he’s been with our family since the legacy’s very second week. Can you believe that?
You can tell our watcher has a lot of respect for our butler.
He’s been with us for the past five generations and our watcher’s never criticized him!
*whispers: And we all know how she likes to complain…

I’m boosting my Archaeology skill while Papa mentors Negi for Nerd Brain.
Our family should always work closely with the Artifacts Association.
We won’t always have time to visit Selvadorada as Archaeology Scholars or Jungle Explorers.
But authenticating artifacts to mail back to the Association is always lucrative!

Amanda: I did it! I earn enough satisfaction to buy Connections and get a job!
I’m not sure why my job performance is already so high, but I manage to reach Gardening 5, too.

And just between you and me, notice that I start the Gardener career at Level 4!
Negi and Omu start their Critic careers at Level 3, because it branches at Level 4, hehe.
Welp, time to go max fishing and be done with Angling Ace!

Omu: With all the excitement over Amanda’s job, we miss Purin’s birthday notice again.
She aged up to a toddler spontaneously because we completely missed that birthday notice.
Today, we missed her birthday notice by only 3-4 hours.
Sorry, Purin! On the plus side, you’ll be with us longer!

Congrats on maxing all of your toddler skills, little sis!
Our Top-Notch Toddler ages up with the Insider trait and the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.
The first thing she does is join Scouts.
Papa is already worrying that Purin will attract the wrong kind of guys.

While encouraging Purin to draw, Mama completes her Master Vampire aspiration.
Yahoo, we have now finished every aspiration at least once.
Well, except for City Living, but that one doesn’t count!

We have a surprise holiday today, called Night on the Town.
Apparently, “local businesses want to show some customer appreciation by offering free food and drinks.”
I invite along Grandpa Jaga and Grandma Maja with us to the Miyabi in South Newcrest.
It’s true! Everything on the menu is free!
I must say that, as a foodie, this is my kind of holiday!

In other news, Purin takes advantage of her captive audience to earn her Sociability badge.
And that waiter, Peter Jensen, is the son of Magnus Jensen who is the brother of Grandma Maja.


Legacy Score: +4 (90 points)
*Family (1): Gen6 heir became young adult
*Love (1): Gen6 heir’s primary spouse has 3 unique traits: Loves Outdoors, Neat, Bro
*Creative (1): Gen6 heir and primary spouse memorialized by portraits
*Athletics (1): completed Master Vampire
*Popularity (0): 256 points (84 gold medals, 2 silver medals) *groans, we’ve given up!

Coming next: The birth of Generation 7

SB 6.60: Two, Too Adorable

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