SB 6.61: Last-Chance Toddlers

The girls sure adore their grandparents!

6.61: Learnin’ the Chillun

Week 19/Monday (Winter, Day 2)

Omu: Negi and I both earn promotions this afternoon.
Too bad Uncle Akito doesn’t live with us anymore.
The ‘rents say his representation campaigns really sped up promotions.

Tetsu the Butler: Oh, those poor little girls! Don’t they ever change to jammies and sleep in beds?
Omu: Hush, you! We’re trying raise them into Top-Notch Toddlers.

Tetsu: But, all this time, your watcher’s been saying Happy Toddlers suffice.
Omu: True, but then she realized we have only 3 more generations of toddlers to go: Gens 7, 8, and 9.
She’s mostly interested in “the career gains,” whatever that means.
Tetsu. Exactly! Everyone mentions “the career gains” without explaining what that actually means.

By nightfall, we adults are in dire need of amusement.
Negi calls us over to watch that dog movie with him.

Omu: My beloved Amanda strives to get back on Mama’s good side.
She’s finishing Purin’s school project, which also raises her own Logic.

Thanks to Amanda, Purin can go practice typing for when she starts Rambunctious Scamp.
And she’s only missing her Keep Fit badge, so that’s next on her list.

The dog film isn’t as entertaining as we’d hoped, geeky Papa suggests gaming.
Nothing like couch co-op to strengthen family ties and unwind.

When the girls wake up hungry, Negi feeds them then reads them a book.
Amanda, Negi, and I have read to them for 2 hours each.
After playing with the dollhouse, they’re close to maxing Imagination.

Omu: Don’t you think we should go help her?
Kirsten: Nah, she’s fine! She’s almost done and she’s almost Logic 7.
It would be great if she could learn to mentor Logic.
Buying the Savant trait has done wonders for your Amanda, Omu.


Purin continues to seek ways to earn the elusive Keep Fit badge.

Omu: Could Purin be any cuter?
Takuya: Seriously doubt it!

It’s alarming how quickly the girls get sleepy again!
And, yes, we’re all wearing our cold-weather outfits indoors in fall and winter.

Even without using a thermostat, our weekly bills average $40k, which is more than our combined wages.
Can you imagine what would happen if we used the thermostat?

We occasionally need to ask Tetsu to help tend the garden.
Otherwise, he always knows exactly what to do.

As far as vampires go, my parents aren’t that edgy at all.
With a full house, they can’t exactly go snack-hunting at night.
But they could create a club filled with food sources!
Whenever their thirst runs high, they simply consume a few plasma packs.

Sorry for the toddler spam! (Not sorry.)
C’mon, humor me! The girls will only be toddlers for two more days!

If it weren’t for that umbrella, Mama would look gorgeous and classy in her new career outfit.
Oooh, that reminds me….

You heard me, Takuya. Put your needless umbrella back in the stand.
You’re immune to sunlight and you have the Waterproof trait.
You don’t even need a darn umbrella! *nearly bursts a blood vessel

Purin brings home an A today and will never return to grade school.
Amanda’s been reading Floral Arranging Vol. 2 ever since Purin left for school.
She leveled from Level 4 exactly to Level 5 and 40%. In seven hours…

Negi earns another promotion today and branches to the Journalist career.
I hope his boss doesn’t mind that he’s interviewing his parents, brother, and butler.
We’re an outrageously famous family in our simverse, after all!

By 8:30 pm, Amanda still hasn’t reached Level 6. That’s less than 2 levels in 12+ hours.
On the other hand, she has Fishing 10, Gardening 9, and Charisma/Logic 6.
There’s nothing wrong with her skilling competence.


Today is Winterfest. The children have been excited since yesterday about all the gifts.
Early in the morning, we open presents, exchange festival socials, and share a grand breakfast.
By the time I leave for work at 10 am, the only tradition remaining is Father Winter’s visit.

The joyful day is briefly marred by a fire in the usual spot.
Our watcher encourages Papa to extinguish the fire.
But Tetsu the Butler runs over autonomously to help put it out.
He’s such perfection!

You’re surely wondering why it looks like a garage sale in our front yard.
After work, I’m waiting around for Father Winter’s evening visit.
That’s when I realize that today’s our last chance for for a playdate with Negi’s kids.

But we can’t leave the lot or Papa (who’s at work) will lose his Focused buff.
We end Winterfest then temporarily throw a bunch of “playdate stuff” in the yard.

Only Negi can invite his kids to a toddler playdate, so he makes the phone call.
His wife Celeste shows up with daughter Norah and son Markus.

Norah has Negi’s black hair. She arrives wearing an angry frown.
After introducing myself, I try to comfort her but she pushes me away.

Negi is helping fussy Markus climb up the slide.
His son doesn’t look much like Negi did as a toddler.

I’d like to have a son with Amanda soon.
I wonder if he and Markus would look alike at all.

Finally, I am able to wear down silly Norah’s defenses!
She’s quite cute when she smiles.
Omu started playing with Norah autonomously while I was watching Negi and Markus. So cute!

I find it odd how limited are toddlers’ social interactions.
For example, they can’t interact with aunts, uncles, grandparents, or cousins who aren’t housemates.
That’s why Raichi can’t socialize with Norah or Markus.
But Shiso’s a charmer so she can share the love with anyone.

It’s 8:30. The girls are exhausted and getting grumpier by the minute.
We ended Winterfest before Father Winter’s visit this evening.
But, frankly, I know how to lure Father Winter to the house anytime, hehe.

More important, we got to meet Negi’s children.
Now any of us can invite Celeste, Norah, and Markus over!

Coming next: The twins age up “tomorrow morning,” and Purin becomes a teen the day                                 after!
(I’m a little too eager to see how all three girls age up.

SB 6.62: Home Schooling, for Sure!

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