SB 6.62: Home Schooling, for Sure!

Childhood approacheth…

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen6, Omu Sharebear

Week 19/Thursday (Winter, Day 5)

Heyo, it’s me, Purin. Brother Omu says I can chat with y’all for a few hours.
I’ve been struggling to raise my Responsibility value lately.

As you know, Papa hardly lets me go to school much so I don’t do much homework.
Making messes for my Civic Responsibility badge didn’t help, either.
Then, I think up a brilliant scam, um, I mean strategy!
I just place the toys around the house and put them away. Hah!

My birthday’s sometime tomorrow, so I have a day or so to make 3 grade-school friends.
Teen friends don’t count, do they?

Anyway, I fire up Da Cubs, which is the club Brother Negi recently gave me.
Restricting club admission to “Child,” I find 27 grade-schoolers in our world.
Yowza! If you’ve ever wondered, now you know how the MCCC mod handles auto-population.

I’m planning to befriend three of these six kids!
Aubrey, Josh, and Ashton Vatore are triplets living in Forgotten Hollow.
I also add Michael and Brandon Salavani, though they don’t look like twins.
I pick Judah Jimenez for a different reason.

To my surprise, 4 out of the 6 kids have unique traits. That’s pretty amazing!
The Salavani household lives next door to the Vatores, so I had high hopes for Brandon (below).
He’s pretty cute but mean, though, so I’ll pass on him as one of my Social Butterfly friends.

Wanna know why I’m going on about Forgotten Hollow? Only vampires can move there.
The Vatore kids will surely become vampires like both their parents.
The Savalanis are also vampires, so Brandon and Michael should be, too.

Here I am with Michael Savalani (left) and Judah Jimenez (right).
Judah lives in a ritzy penthouse in San Myshuno, so no way he’s a born vampire.
But I want him for my friend cuz he’s so cute. That’s important, too, gnome sayin’?

Judah is a glutton, which isn’t a unique trait.
That’s a negative for our legacy, but a positive for me, amirite?

Omu: Everyone’s hard work pays off in spades when the girls age up!
They’re both Top-Notch Toddlers and aspiring Rambunctious Scamps.
Needless to say, they remain identical twins.

They share the exact same eye color and eye shape as their Auntie Purin.
But they have Amanda’s darker skin and larger nose, with my lips.

I must say I’m in total agreement with my father.
These girls should be home-schooled. Less association with riff-raff, the better!

After the girls get makeovers, we realize today’s the TV Season Premiere.
Unfortunately, last night’s fire destroyed our TV which has to be replaced.
Negi and Amanda don’t have to time to watch the whole premiere before work.
But the rest of us rather enjoy the surprise holiday together.

I’m puzzled to hear Papa ask Mama to do the Soulmates aspiration with him.
It’s not like we’ll ever earn another Popularity point, y’know?

Takuya: Oh please, son. Not everything’s about the legacy score.
I’ve decided to move out as soon as I max my career.
There’s nothing I’d rather do during my last days here than romance my beautiful wife.

Omu: Okay, girls! Let’s see how long it takes you to knock out Rambunctious Scamp!
Oh, good job on earning your Give Back badges already!

I don’t mind that I didn’t get promoted to Level 7, like Negi and Amanda did.
They joined their careers at Level 5, whereas I started at Level 3. I’m doing fine!

Papa earns a promotion tonight, too.
He only needs one more promotion to max his Diamond Agent career.


Kirsten: You’re putting a lot of thought and effort into your massage tonight, darling.
And I notice you haven’t visited the Wishing Well yet, either.
Is this all some devious plan to convince me you should stay in the house longer?
I’m totally buying it!

Omu: I’ve never heard of children dying from excessive emotion.
When I notice the girls are both hysterical, though, I send them to calm down.
Better safe than sorry.

The Well instantly grants Papa a full promotion. Nice!
I wonder if that means he’s moving out?
Also, I wonder how old Negi and I were when our sister Purin was born.
As you might guess, Amanda and I are getting eager to have another child.

Grandpa Jaga passed away this morning.
Soon after we get his death notice, his ghost phones me to say he wants to chat.
I’m surprised that he wants to share “juicy gossip” about his fourth child, Miklas.
Who does that?

My sister Purin also celebrates her teen birthday this morning.
Our butler Tetsu is the most exuberant celebrant of birthdays!
My father, not so much.

You may remember that Purin is a born vampire, so she’s come into her powers.
She’s retained Papa’s white hair, as you can see.
Sorry, Purin! No makeover for you until after Mama finishes work at 10 pm!

There we go, sis!
In view of your name, Purin, your color theme should be yellows and browns.
With your hair color, however, you look nicer in greys (like Papa and me).

Purin has Mama’s Insider trait and gains Papa’s Music Lover trait.
Our neglected garden awaits you, girl!

Now that Mama’s home, we head over to Affluista Mansion in Oasis Springs.
That’s been the home of Grandpa Jaga, his brother Hakuto, and their families.
Only their children live there now.

I retrieve the urns in the foyer while Mama comforts her mother.
The white ghost is Grand-Uncle Hakuto, and the yellow ghost is his wife Yesenia.


Back home, I add another holiday tradition to Sharebears Day.
This holiday celebrates the anniversary of our legacy’s start on the first day of spring.
We’ve added a tradition for the passing of the founder and three former heirs.
Each tradition should reflect the sim it commemorates:
*Our founder Sherilee: the Gardening tradition because she loved the outdoors;
*Great-Great-Grandpa Benicio the Archaeology Scholar: the Travel/Vacation tradition;
*Great-Grandma Edamame, who raised 10 children, the Grand Meal tradition; and
*Grandpa Jaga, the Drinking tradition because he so loved to mix drinks.

Sure, Papa mentored Negi and I when we were children and teenagers.
But with Purin, Papa’s gone full-on Helicopter Dad.
Do you think it’s because she’s a vampire or because she’s a girl? Or both?
The instant she’s ready for vampiric training, Papa’s already teleported there to offer it.

Papa says he’ll move out once he’s completed Soulmate with Mama.
He only needs 20+ romantic socials. Hah! Since yesterday, he’s hardly done any.
He spends more time hovering around Purin than romancing our mother!

Although both Raichi and Shiso are Top-Notch Toddlers, they behave quite differently.
Active Raichi makes faster progress.
She’s consistently ahead of Shiso with aspirations and scouting badges.
As an Artistic Prodigy, she’s at Creativity 9 after painting 3 out of the 5 drawings.

Shiso is slower because she’s a Perfectionist.
After just completing 1 out of the 5 drawings, she’s already maxed Creativity.
She’ll probably finish Artistic Prodigy at least 2 hours later than Rai does.

Oh, wait! Purin reached Creativity 10 before she’d started any of the 5 drawings.

Amanda: Ahem!
Kirstne: Yes?
Amanda: Far be it for me to question six generations of this legacy’s educational policy…
Kirsten: But?

Amanda: But…shouldn’t the girls be doing these school projects themselves?
Kirsten: Pshaw! Don’t be such a stickler! Hey, how do you like my new career outfit?


Chapter Notes

Auto-Population with MCCC: When filtered using “Child” as the admission requirement, Purin found three pages of 9 children each.
I’m pretty sure this is mostly a coincidence of timing.
Social Butterflies of other generations haven’t had such a huge pool of same-age children.

Vampire Households: I’ve set up MCCC so that only vampires can move into any household with the Registered Vampire Lair lot trait.
This allows me to make Forgotten Hollow a vampire-only neighborhood. They’re growing in number, though, so I’m planning to designate 2-3 more vampire-only lots.

Career Stats
Gen5 Takuya (YA vamp): Secret Agent/Diamond Agent 10
Gen5 Kirsten (YA vamp): Secret Agent/Villain 9
Gen6 Negi (3 days to adult): Writer/Journalist 7
Gen6 Omu (3 days to adult): Critic/Food Critic 7
Gen6 Amanda (5 days to adult): Gardener/Floral Designer 7
Gen6 Purin (6 days to YA): Scout 5; ‘B’ student; Freelance Botanist IV
Gen7 Raichi (5 days to teen): Scout 4; ‘B’ student
Gen7 Shiso (5 days to teen): Scout 4; ‘B’ student

SB 6.63: Holiday Overdose

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