SB 6.63: Holiday Overdose

First snow

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen6, Omu Sharebear


Week 18/Saturday (Winter, Day 7)

Omu: Today, we celebrate the last day of the year!
Most of the day, we exchange festive socials and make resolutions.
Purin discovers that Tetsu the Butler also excels at celebrating holidays.

We’ve enjoyed great weather throughout the winter season.
On the way to a Scout meeting, the girls experience their first snow..

By late afternoon, we’re all on our second round of resolutions.
I’ve been lazy and simply chose the “Raise a skill” resolution twice.

For his second resolution, Papa choses “Complete an aspiration milestone.”
He proceeds to romance Mama until he completes Soulmates.
After that, he begins preparing to move out.

Purin chooses a “Raise a skill” resolution, too.
While gardening outdoors, though, she starts sizzling.
Not a problem! She can read a Gardening skill book indoors!
Or she can research plants in the greenhouse, I guess.

The twins are now aspiring Social Butterflies.
We invite over their Great-Grandma Maja and Grandaunt Liv for them.
It’s our usual ploy: get mentored to make adult friends.

Papa feels so reluctant to move out before Purin is fully sunlight-resistant.
But he offers her training one last time then moves out.
Papa’s still in our club so it’s not like we’ll never see him again!

He lives in South Newcrest now. We’ll visit him sometime soon.

The moment Papa is out the door, Amanda and I get busy!
Amanda’s already reached Level 8 as a Level Floral Designer. Shock!
And she’s reached Flower Arranging 8, a skill she needs to max.
Mama insists we should let Amanda raise the next toddler, hehe? Apron strings, who me?

Do you remember Negi’s toddlers, Markus and Norah?
Shiso discovers they’re children now and invites them over.
Markus the bookworm has the same droopy eyes as our twins.
Norah the slob looks much as she did as a toddler.
Our Social Butterflies welcome you both into their fold!

Raichi is the only one who hasn’t reached gold status for New Year’s Eve.
She needs to watch the Midnight Countdown, so Negi and I join her.
Happy New Year! *throws confetti


Week 20/Sunday (Spring, Day 1)

Sharebear Day, one of our two legacy holidays, begins at 6 a.m.
Purin welcomes in the new year by casting hallucination on our butler.
It’s nothing personal, Tetsu!

After crafting 6-7 floral arrangements, Amanda’s skill barely budges.
So, she’s back to reading her Vol. 3 skill book again.
The twins are on to Whiz Kid, as you’ve probably guessed.

Mama works today from 6 but she hires a nanny before leaving for work.
A nanny, that is, for Purin.
Way to transform a useless nanny into a semi-useful sim.
Don’t forget to cast hallucination on her next, Purin!

Mama surprises us by coming home at 1 pm with her Level 10 promotion.
But she hesitates to tempt fate by rushing to the Wishing Well.
Instead she tries completing a few of our holiday traditions.

Don’t laugh but Mama didn’t notice her next shift started an hour later at 2 pm!
While putzing around having drinks for a holiday tradition, she gets a call from her boss at 3!
That’s when she runs back to the Wishing Well.
With a guaranteed promotion, she arrives at work fashionably late.

Omu: You mean to tell me you went to work two hours late and still got promoted?
Kirsten: Glory to the Wishing Well, son!
Omu: So what now? Please don’t leave to live with Papa right away!

Kirsten: If I leave now, you can have two sons instead of one. Sound good?
Omu: Hardly.
Kirsten: What if I stay until Purin’s YA birthday then…*whisper, whisper

To fulfill our Travel/Vacation holiday tradition, I take everyone to Narwhal Arms.
This suits Rai and Shiso just fine, since their Keep Fit badge isn’t done.
We dance well past midnight!



Thankfully, today is not a holiday.

Negi and I got notices yesterday about our impending adult birthdays.
We decide it’s a good time to start the Bodybuilder aspiration.
Amanda in her third trimester comes along with us.
How odd that she can lift weights but not run on the treadmill.

Amanda’s been doing great lately.
She’s only two promotions away from maxing her career.
And this morning she reaches Floral Arranging 9!
But, obviously, we didn’t plan our third child around her work schedule.

She’s off today, giving birth in the late afternoon.
She’s also off tomorrow, when our nooboo ages up to a toddler.
Then she works all four days of our child’s toddler stage. Lol!

All three girls come home with ‘A’ grades today.
Mama is writing them excuse notes for tomorrow.
Purin, Rai, and Shiso are done with their schools for the rest of the week.
Negi also gets promoted to Journalist 8, so he’s caught up with Amanda.

Amanda phones me at work to say she’s given birth to a boy.
She wonders about the red-and-blue cross on the floor in front of the bassinet.
Do you think that’s related to our On Ley Line lot trait?
That cross mark has appeared at every birth in each generation.
Still, nobody’s figured out what exactly it is.

Amanda names our son Renkon, which means “lotus root.”
It’s the edible rhizome (root) of the lotus plant.
We’ll call him by the nickname Ren, which rhymes with the bird “wren.”

I don’t earn a promotion today, so I’m still a Level 7 Food Critic.
That doesn’t bother me at all.
I have a lovely, hard-working wife and two brilliant twin girls.
My mother and twin brother support me in everything I do.
And now, Amanda and I have a son. My life is perfection!

I hasten to the bassinet to greet little Ren.
What a healthy-looking nooboo!
And his eyes! What about his eyes? They seem…brown?
Will they be green like Amanda’s eyes or grey like mine?

Oh! I can’t wait until tomorrow to find out!


Legacy Score: unchanged (90 points)
Nature (0): Maxed Secret Agent/Villain (26/37 careers)

Chapter  Notes

Holidays: The twins have earned so much satisfaction from holidays!
They’ve finished all 4 child aspirations with 3 days until they’re teens.
Currently, Raichi has 5,600 points, while Shiso has 6,500 points.
I haven’t even been paying any attention to their whims!

On Ley Line: Anyone else seeing that red/blue cross mark on the floor?
It appears briefly when the in-labor sim steps up to the bassinet.

SB 6.64: Oh, Well!

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