SB 6.64: Oh, Well!

Not all postmen are created equal…

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen 6, Omu SharebearWeek 19/Tuesday

Early this morning, Amanda maxes Flower Arranging.
She’s done with her career-related skilling now.

Last night, her parents passed.
It’s a great comfort to her that they stay in touch.

Negi and I receive our second notices for our adult birthday around 7 am.
My work shift ends at 7 pm today and I don’t want to risk leaving early.
So, we immediately drink our potions of youth, without thinking things through first.

Gah, I should have waited until right before leaving for work in the afternoon!
And Negi gets home from work at 4 pm.
Oh well, what’s a few hours here or there?

I convince Purin not to “always move in bat form.”
While tending the garden, she changes into a bat between planters, each and every time.
She’s going to deplete her vampire energy and miss chances to train!
(It’s also a bit annoying to watch!)

Speaking of annoying, Mama had Papa reconfigure his vampire powers before moving out.
She convinced him to replace his Bat Form and Mist Form powers with Supernatural Speed.
Now that Papa lives elsewhere, he moves around our house as he pleases.
But with Supernatural Speed, we at least know where he’s going.
Dang, Papa picked up another umbrella after moving out!!!

Since Purin’s done with Freelance Botanist, she’s starting Nerd Brain.
She asks Mama to hang out nearby while she reads.
(We’re not really sure the Matriarch/Patriarch trait affects skills gained by reading.)

So then, Mama calls Papa over to continue romancing him for Soulmates.
Must have been pretty awkward for Purin!

I bet you never even knew we had a sink in our home!
That sink’s actually locked away for use exclusively by children.
Raichi’s brushing her teeth to raise her responsibility. Shiso wants to learn emotional control.

Amanda texts me some photos of Renkon after he ages up to a toddler.
I’m surprised by his blond hair, but I think he should keep it.
Because of his hair color, though, it’s hard to tell what color his eyes are.
Green? Grey?

Custom-authored skill books are the way to go.
With Mama nearby, Purin reads three skill books for Nerd Brain.

She reads a Comedy skill book bought from the bookcase, reaching Comedy 4.5.
Next, she selects the Peace and Quiet lot trait.
The bookcase-bought Wellness skill book takes her to Level 5.
Finally, she reads the Handiness bestseller written by Papa Takuya.
She ends up just 2-3 points short of Level 6!

Of course, her trait-based skill boosts might also be a factor. (She’s Top-Notch.)
But Happy Toddler Negi read Papa’s Handiness book and reached Level 5.

When I’m back home, Ren gets his makeover and I check his eye color.
They’re definitely green!
Oh, and he’s an angelic toddler.

Mama’s already started writing skill books for Fitness and Mischief.
However, Negi’s Writer career enables him to write novels faster.
He’s really the one who should be writing skill books.

Kirsten: Hey, I’m writing the Fitness and Mischief ones to save Negi time.
Negi: Thanks, Mama. Once I’ve finish Bodybuilder, I’ll be sure to help out.
Besides skill books, I’ll also write Books of Life for Purin and your three kids, Omu.

Omu: Do we really need to kill ourselves over helping Ren to max his toddler skills?
My wife Amanda joined us with zero skills and no bonus or reward traits.
As of today, she’s maxed Gardening, Flower Arranging, and most recently Charisma.

Charisma’s turned out to be a complete waste of time for her!
Why? Because she’ll earn her Level 9 promotion tomorrow.
She won’t get much use out of negotiating for bonuses.


My materialistic brother Negi especially adores today’s holiday, Lottery Day.
After buying a lottery ticket on his phone, he goes to resume writing a book.
The computer shows an option to buy a lottery ticket, too, so he tries to buy another.
Nope! It’s just a tease, bro!

The girls wanted to hang out at Cavalier Cove and fish today, but it’s raining out.
I encourage them to practice epic storytelling, but I feel a bit guilty.
Possibly, I could let them do whatever they want to do.
Erm, but I don’t…

Since Amanda has the waterproof trait, she’s gone out jogging in the rain.
When I check, she’s over by the slope leading to Chateau Frise.
I haven’t the foggiest idea what she’s doing. Swimming in the ground?

Hah! Just because our twins are children, you thought I’d stop with the toddler spam.
Guess again!
Your honest opinions, please. Isn’t Ren the cutest?
Question: Does white hair and dark brown hair equal blond hair?

Kirsten: I see you are also a connoisseur of head gear, my dearest son.
Myself, I prefer to wear the beekeeper hat and veil during an aromatherapy massage.
Omu: I prefer the astronaut helmet.
I find the full-head coverage keeps my face from squishing against the massage table.

Why is this even happening? Somebody help make it stop!!!

Negi, Amanda, and I all return home from work at 4 pm.
As expected, both Negi and Amanda earn their Level 9 promotions.

You know, I was quite fine with being a bit behind the both of them.
But I’m so close to my Level 9 promotion today that I’m feeling a tad mortified.
Look how close I was to getting promoted! Oh well, tomorrow for sure!

Negi makes a beeline for the Wishing Well and receives a guaranteed promotion after his next work shift.
All he has to do is go to work tomorrow, the lucky dawg!

You may notice that we now have not one, but two Wishing Wells.
Amanda can make offerings just fine. And she can make all but one type of wish.
For some bizarre reason, she cannot wish for a promotion.

She buys a second well, just in case the problem lies with the first well. Nope.
Our watcher saves and reboots, but Amanda still can’t wish for a promotion.


Amanda waits another eight hours or so then tries again, but still no luck.
She’ll be earning her last promotion without the help of the well. Oh, well.

By the way, I suddenly notice that our butler Tetsu’s gone after that last reboot.
I frantically phone the Windenburg Butlering Academy to hire a butler.
What a relief to see Tetsu stride through the front door! What a scare!

How can I ensure that Tetsu would never want to leave us?
Oh, I know! I’ll remodel his living quarters!
He’s always had that Cordelia bed and the light well, but his room’s pretty bare.
I expand his main room and ensuite, then add furnishings and décor.
Among this house’s bedrooms, Tetsu’s room has the highest Environment score of all.
That’s how strong our love is, Tetsu!

When Purin becomes a Master Vampire, she drinks a Draught of Reconfiguration.
Now, she has full sunlight resistance plus Supernatural Speed.
After seeing Papa, she’s decided Supernatural Speed is cooler than teleporting.
Heck, if she also wants to teleport, she can always learn Wellness!

Purin joins us in the Writing Room, where Negi and I are writing skill books.
But she’s too young to finish Renaissance Sim so she can’t write skill books (yet).

After her birthday on Friday, Purin will be joining the Comedian career.
So she’s raising her Comedy skill by writing jokes and composing short routines.
We’re being extra careful to avoid hysteria.

I had no idea how industrious my twins have been!
They’ve maxed 3 adult skills already!
What can they do for fun indoors? There’s TV, video gaming, Voidcritters…
Oh, I know!

Just think, my little girls become teenagers in several more hours!


SB 6.65: Finders Keepers

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