SB 6.65: Finders Keepers

Kirsten watches over her grandson Ren

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen6, Omu Sharebear

Week 20/Thursday (Spring, Day 5)

With just a few hours until their birthdays, the twins unwind.
As usual, their grandpa Takuya has whizzed away to parts unknown.
But Takuya remains for another game.

Our Well continues not allowing my wife Amanda to wish for a career promotion.
We’ve never had this problem with the Well before.

Anyway, Amanda has moved on to the Nerd Brain aspiration.
When choosing which 3 books to read, she obviously didn’t choose one on Rocket Science!
Glad you’re safe, sweetheart. Let’s get Papa Takuya to help us rebuild the rocket ship for you.

Raichi is within range for the Responsible trait, but only barely.
When she spots a cleaning opportunity, she needs to rush there asap.
Otherwise, the girls are in heavy competition to clean stuff before Tetsu does.

I prepare the birthday cakes as soon as the girls’ birthday notices arrive.
That’s Raichi in red and Shiso in green.

Don’t drag your feet, girls, or you won’t get makeovers until this evening!

Omu: You aged up nicely even without makeovers! And you’re still nearly identical!
Raichi (left): You’re kidding, right? I’m wearing a pink/white tee with a green necklace.
Shiso (right): And what’s with the glasses? I have a different pair with every outfit! Ugh!

Raichi: I like this hairstyle, so I’m keeping it! But my color theme is red!
Shiso: I changed my hair slightly and switched to a more casual, green-themed wardrobe.

Raichi: No way you rolled Bodybuilder! I’m an active bro. That should be my aspiration!
Shiso: Hah, I’m a neat perfectionist. As if I’d want to sweat and lift weights!
I’d considered becoming a Musician, but now I don’t know.
Raichi: Wanna switch aspirations?
Shiso: Doubt that’s even allowed, but nice try!

Omu: Oh, you’re home today! That’s great for Ren!
Amanda: Yeah, I phoned in and asked for family leave last night.
Omu: Family leave? You’re a Floral Designer…you could’ve worked from home!
Amanda: *facepalms

Omu: Any luck with the wishing well since yesterday?
Amanda: No, it still won’t let me wish for a promotion. It’s cool. I can deal.

Shiso: I have to say that being a teenager has been supremely boring so far.
I took a 2-minute trip to the Willow Creek gym for my aspiration before Uncle Negi’s work.
We’ve done our home and extra credit, followed by school projects.
Raichi: I know, right? Please tell me it gets better!
By the way, sis, we need to talk, like, in private…

Rai: You know how one of us becomes the Gen7 heir on our next birthday?
Shiso: So? We sposed to try outdoing each other to appeal to our readers and win votes?
You could be the tomboyish, friendly active bro, doing pushups and watching sports TV!

Rai: Hah, what a stereotype! Since you’re a neat perfectionist, you could act all uptight.
Like, you’re always cleaning and complaining about messes around the house.
Shiso: Gee, thanks! Makes me sound so attractive.

You can tell from brother Negi’s self-satisfied smirk that he’s maxed Journalist!
As for me, I’m your Kitchen’s Worst Nightmare, commonly known as Food Critic 9.
I’m a bit worried that lovely Amanda might have broken our Wishing Well…

But the Well grants me a guaranteed promotion after my next work shift.
That would be tomorrow!
Hmmmm, do I have time to finish a second career?

Our nanny seems under the impression that we pay her to watch TV.
To relieve her of that misconception, we’ve temporarily moved the TV to a locked room.
Ren has spammed her with so many “Play” requests today, he’s almost max Movement!
Our nanny’s such a loser!


Rai: It’s a little past midnight when I start composing my second song.
On such a cold night with heavy rains, I appreciate making music indoors.
Shiso: If only!
I’ve bought the Waterproof reward so I can do my two hours of jogging. *shivers

Omu: Both sister Purin and my wife Amanda have birthdays later today.
No, Purin is not jogging in the rain in solidarity with Shiso.
She’s making last-minute efforts to earn a third trait, Emotional Control.
(Not that it matters, since the ‘rents already completed Super Parent…)

Tetsu: Oh, how incredible! Ren is sleeping in his bed!
Omu: He deserves some real sleep.
The little fella’s been keeping his mother, his grandma, and the nanny busy!
And he hasn’t thrown a single tantrum.
Tetsu: Of course, not. He’s an angelic toddler!

Shiso (right): So, do these Focused Potions actually boost school performance?
Rai (left): Hah, they have for the last five generations.
Shiso: Mama says they only work for several hours…
Rai: Fine. Who wants to return from school and be stuck feeling Focused for hours?

Negi has been churning out the bestseller skill books!
I even asked him to boost his Gardening skill so he could write that one.
He’s thinking of moving out before the twins become young adults.

I’m on the porch getting ready for work when Negi’s wife Celeste arrives.
The two of them start engaging in endlessly crass PDAs.
How could Negi forget that I’m unflirty?
Thanks to them, I leave for work with a 2-hour Uncomfortable moodlet.

Tetsu: My word, Kirsten! I do believe that’s the first I’ve seen of Ren’s jammies!
Kirsten: He’s coasting to the Top-Notch Toddler trait now.
Ren: No more high chair!

Negi: How dare you? I’m a married man, nanny! Why follow me into the bathroom?
Nanny: Well, um, I was thinking…
Negi: Uh huh, you were thinking maybe you could catch me taking a shower?
Nanny: No, that’s not…
Negi: I’ve had enough of you, lady! Just keep your distance! *gives mean gift

Purin: I age up to a young adult a little before noon.
I’m an insider and music lover, but now I’m also hotheaded.
Eh, a little temper ain’t gonna stop me from becoming a top comedian!

Omu: Amanda and I both get home at 4 pm.
Today, I’m the one wearing a self-satisfied smirk. Yep, Food Critic 10 ftw!
But look how close Amanda is to maxing Floral Designer.
I’m wondering if the Well rejects her because her career is easier. Anyone know?

Purin: Remember Brandon Savalani?
He’s that grade-school boy I wrote off because of his mean trait.
Since I’m hotheaded now, I decide to invite him over to check him out.
Yowza! Talk about gorgeous! And he’s a fledgling vampire.

He’s a mean art lover and dance machine. Yay for non-unique traits.
I’ve claimed dibs on Brandon–not letting anyone else have him!


Rai: Go me! I’m already writing my third song!
Shiso: I’m close to maximizing my body potential. But hey, Rai…
Rai: I know! How could Auntie Purin steal that dreamboat from us when she’s just a spare?

Hello girls! Actually, the next heir’s destiny is already planned. Brandon’s not in it.
Shiso: But if Rai or I can’t have Brandon, he’s a vampire so he could be our grandson-in-law!
Rai: Yeah! He could marry our future grand-daughter! He’s a major hawtie!

Purin: Sorry, my dear nieces, but finders keepers!


SB 6.66: Never Gonna Give You Up

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