SB 6.66: Never Gonna Give You Up

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen6, Omu Sharebear


Week 20/Saturday (Spring, Day 1)

Rai: Zomg, can those two be any more sickening? *hisses
Shiso: And look at how Brandon is so into Aunti Purin! Blech!
Rai: My Love Day’s been awful! All I did was give Mama a flower.
Shiso: Hah! I didn’t lift a finger for Love’s Day. *slumps dejectedly

Rai: Wow, they’re BFFs already?
Shiso: Yeah, Auntie Purin is pulling out all the stops tonight!
Rai: Well, he is a bit old for us…
Shiso: No, he’s not! He’s a vampire! We’ll be the same age as him on Thursday!

Omu: Girls, girls! You should be ashamed of yourselves!
You’re hiding behind a bush, peeping on your Auntie Purin and her new boyfriend?
Come look at these great photos that your grandma and I took of you two.
You two are the heir candidates, not your aunt. Doesn’t that make you feel better?

Shiso: Honestly?
Rai and Shiso (in unison): Nope!

Omu: Huh, I never realized that teenaged girls could be so petty!
In other news, Amanda got her birthday notice late Friday.
She had to be reminded to drink a Potion of Youth in time.

Later that morning, I see Brandon in the greenhouse at a beebox.
My first thought is that he’s going to steal some honey.
But then I remember he’s a mean sim.
Of course, he would want to disturb the bees. What a diabolical smile!

Purin: I don’t care what anybody says about us, Brandon.
I’m never gonna give you up!
Brandon: Thanks for the ear worm, girl.
Purin: In fact, I think we should plan a little surprise for my family, hehe.
My nieces show me no respect, which makes me feel like I should school them!

Rai: So you know, sis, how whoever gets chosen as heir takes a work-from-home job?
Shiso: Yeah, either Art Critic, Charity Organizer, or Internet Personality.
Rai: As an active bro, none of those careers are a good fit for me.
Shiso: So which career would you prefer?

Rai: No matter which of us becomes the next heir, I want to be a Space Ranger!
If you like, feel free to plan on joining the Art Critic career.
Shiso:  You’re such a sweetheart! Then, that’ll be my plan, regardless of how the vote goes.
Rai and Shiso (in unison): Teamwork!!! *high fives

Tetsu: By now, you have no doubt guessed my secondary role in this house.
I am the Defender of the Weak, looking out to prevent toddler abuse!
Surely you grasp the need of such oversight for an ambitious family as the Sharebears!
Ren: My name not Shirley!

Omu: Purin continues to ask for vampiric training at every opportunity.
And she was working the crowd at Narwhal Arms last Sunday.
Ahhh, I see she’s reached the Grand Master rank!

Purin: Thanks for the training, Papa! All this training has made me peckish!
Takuya: Why do you think we hired the nanny?

Negi, bless his heart, spends the afternoon at Cavalier Cove.
He’s meeting new sims to check their traits and careers.
Meanwhile, I take a quick trip to Acquisition Butte to retrieve Grandma Maja’s urn.

Amanda reaches the top of the Floral Designer career today, just as we all expected.
Excellent work, Amanda dear!

Our son Ren gets his birthday notice immediately afterward.
He’s aged up with the Slob trait, but he’s a heartbreaker and a half.
I’ve switched his dark blond heir to the lightest blond tone.
Oh yeah, he also earns the Top-Notch Toddler trait.

On her first workday, Purin gets promoted and joins the Comedian branch.
I imagine Purin will need some time to complete her career.
Because going to work feeling Very Playful seems like such a dangerous risk.
Do you think we’re just being paranoid?

Since Papa moved out, I see him doing this several times a day.
He hunches over and covers his mouth–I have no idea why.
The first time, I thought he might be feeling nauseous
Maybe it’s time Mama moved out of the house to enjoy life with Papa.


Week 21/Sunday (Summer, Day 1)

Omu: What are you doing out here, playing the pipe organ, child?
Rai: I’ve maxed violin, piano, and guitar, but I still haven’t played for the required 75 hours.
I’m already Pipe Organ 6. My aspiration is taking forever!

Omu: But why are you playing outside?
Rai: When I started learning the Pipe Organ, my bad playing was making Ren tense.

After Papa moved out, only Mama and I could authenticate artifacts.
That’s why I’ve urged Negi and Amanda to get their skill to Level 9 as well.
The more of us working for the Artifacts Association, the better!

Ren acquires his third and fourth scout badges then asks Rai for mentoring.

Of course, a fire breaks out!
Our watcher directs Amanda to extinguish the fire.
But look who gets there first. Our perfect butler on the job!

Eventually, Rai finishes Musical Genius a little before Ren is done with Artistic Prodigy.
Way to go, you two!

It’s around 1 pm when Rai finally completes her first aspiration.
She’s about $2k short for finishing Fabulously Wealthy, so I send her to the garden.

See how she keeps discovering frogs while she’s weeding?
We’ve had Seasons for over a year, but this is the first time we’ve seen that!

Shiso: Thanks for inviting me along! All I’ve done all day is try to paint masterpieces!
Rai: I figured you might want a break with that.
Shiso: So, you’ve started Bodybuilder, eh, Rai?
Rai: Yeah, finally! And no, I didn’t forget that Bodybuilder was your first aspiration!

Shiso: Um, do the ears on the guy on the treadmill next to mine look familiar?
Negi: I’m on it, girls. Okay, he’s a young adult named Vincent Savalani.
Rai: Like the brother of THE Brandon Savalani?
Negi: Exactly. Vincent’s a fledgling vampire, too. He’s got better traits, though.
He’s a dog lover, an art lover, and a perfectionist.

Rai: Hmmm, so the non-heir could be riding off into the sunset with Vincent?
Shiso: It’s a thought, anyway. *whispers: And he’s got better traits than Brandon!

Omu: Look at my boy Ren, surrounded by female admirers!
I’d like to say he’s a chip off the ole block but I was never that popular!
Oh, look at the time! We need to get home!


Shiso: So, Auntie Purin, we ran into Brandon’s brother at the gym tonight.
Purin: Oh, you did? His brother Vincent?
Shiso: Yes, and I was wondering why you picked Brandon when Vincent has better traits.
Purin: Well, that’s an easy question. Brandon is gorgeous and Vincent is not.
Plus, you know how Brandon’s mean and I’m hotheaded?
Shiso: Yeah, so?
Purin: The last time we got in a fight, I got the option to “Apologize…in bed.”

Shiso: Oh. *coughs
Purin: You look as if you have another question for me. You can ask me anything.
Shiso: Uh, Rai and I were wondering if you do special exercises for your, um, “pecs.”

Omu: Are you excited about your first day of school, Ren?
Ren: I am! But I’m mostly excited about meetings kids my own age!
Omu: Rai tells me you enjoy playing music.
Ren: I love making music, Papa! Do you think, even though I’m a slob, I could become a musician, Papa?
Omu: Just be extra careful to learn good manners, Ren, and you’ll be fine!


Legacy Score: unchanged
Nature (0): maxed Journalist, Food Critic, and Floral Designer careers;
22/23 career tracks (missing Entertainer) and 29/37 careers

Household Stats
Negi (Gen6 cadet): 6 days to adult
Omu (Gen6 heir): 6 days to adult
Amanda (Gen6, Omu’s wife): 9 days to adult
Kirsten (Gen5): young adult (turned vampire)
Purin (Gen6): young adult (born vampire)
Raichi (Gen7): 3 days to young adult
Shiso (Gen7): 3 days to young adult
Renkon (Gen7): 5 days to teen

Please vote for the next heir! Details in the next post!

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