SB 6.67: Who Wants to Live Forever? (Heir vote)

6.67: Who Wants to Live Forever? (Gen7 Heir Vote)

Omu: Hello, dear readers! This update is all about the heir vote.
As you may have heard, my daughters become young adults in three more sim-days.
Before that day, I’d like you spend time exclusively with my daughters.
Please get to know them better and help choose the next heir.

Rai (red): Except for our first teen aspirations, Shiso and I have always done everything together.
So it feels odd now to have to compete with her.
I mean, we look so much alike that choosing one over the other won’t change the gene pool much.

Shiso (green): Well, the heir choice will have the most influence on the traits of Gen8.
Let’s get this out in the open right away.
Rai’s traits are Active and Bro; her young adult trait will be Self-Assured.
My traits are Perfectionist and Neat; my young adult trait will be Erratic. *gulps

Like Rai, I am not investing in a tooth-and-nail battle to become heir.

Rai: We thought you might enjoy going around town with us today.
It’s summer now so we’re in our hot-weather outfits.
Shiso: We’re having a heatwave today, so here we are at Bath Le Grille.
Or whatever it’s called.

Shiso: Hey, you’re wearing a color variation of my swimsuit, you copycat!
I don’t know whether to feel peeved or flattered.

Rai: Hah, fat chance! Don’t you know that our watcher always does makeovers in order of birth?
Who cares, anyway? What matters is that we both look good!

Shiso: I really want to wear our formal outfits! We never have a chance to wear them!
Rai: Yeah, but wearing them at home feels wrong somehow. Let’s go to Chez Llama for lunch!

Rai: We’d like your nicest table for two, please.
Shiso: This is such a perfect idea! No children’s toys and Auntie Pecs to cramp our style!
Um, Rai, are you seeing what I’m seeing?

Girls, meet Ronan Ponce. Outgoing, neat, childish, and single.
Rai: Quick, let’s check our Simology tabs, Shiso. Do you find him in our family tree?
Shiso: Ronan is the grandson of our Great-Granduncle Hakuto.
We’re the great-grandaughters of Jaga Sharebear (Gen4), brother of Hakuto.
Raia: Yeah, yeah, whatever. The real question is: Ronan, marriage material or not?

Rai: I spent a little extra time in the Ladie’s Room just now to redo my makeup.
Shiso said she’d order the same things for both of us, so I took my time.
I’d like that gorgeous Ronan Ponce to see me at my best!

Shiso: Dang, Rai’s been gone for over half an hour now. What’s she doing?
Hmmm, our host Ronan looked very sad when he showed us to our seats.
I wonder what that was about? The poor thing! Maybe I should…

Rai: Oh you traitor, Shiso! When I returned to find our table empty, I knew you’d be here!
Shiso: Don’t be angry! I’m just trying to cheer him up and to learn his traits.
He’s another option for whichever of us doesn’t become heir, right?
Rai : You’re right, Shiso! How could I doubt you?
Neither of us should marry that Auntie Pecs reject, Vincent Savalani!

Shiso (to red-beared adult): Back off, dude! My sister’s waaaay outta your league!

Rai: After lunch, we travel to Pan Europa Discotheque, thinking to nap until the evening.
Shiso: But look at all the people there at 2 pm!
We even do a group dance with Great-Great-Grandpa Jaxton and family friend Akito Yamaguchi!

Rai: Why are you setting the table at this club, Shiso?
Shiso: I can’t help it! I’m a neat perfectionist!
Rai: May I ask? Does it bother you that you’ll become erratic?
Shiso: Truthfully, not at all.  Anyway, I’ve already maxed all my career-related skills.

Rai: Here I am at the Windenburg Gym, doing what I do best!

Shiso: Well, I guess our day together is coming to an end. It’s been fun!
Rai: The only thing I don’t get is the name of this update: “Who Wants to Live Forever.”
Shiso: Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it, too. That’s why I ordered us both Plasma Janes.

Bartender: I’m sorry to interrupt, but that’s the name of a 1986 song performed by Queen.
Shiso: I wonder if that means that the chosen heir becomes a vampire?
Bartender: Well, Queen’s lead guitarist wrote that song for the soundtrack of the first Highlander movie.
Rai: You mean that old cult movie about the Scottish immortal?

Shiso: Do you seriously think our watcher would attempt something so utterly corny?
Rai: Don’t tell me! The title is a Highlander reference for our heir vote because…

Omu (in a Fabio wig): Because an heir is like the Highlander: There can be only one!
Rai and Shiso: *groan in unison

Please Vote for the Next Heir

I feel either twin would make a great heir.
With “Auntie Pecs” in charge of the more difficult Comedian career, both Rai and Shiso will soar through their respective careers.
For their generation, the heir will not work toward Big Happy Family.
Instead, I’d like the heir to give birth to two heir candidates, with her sister having a single child in the legacy house.

Common Reward Traits
Both girls share all of the following bonus traits:
*Top-Notch Toddler
*Creatively Gifted, Mentally Gifted, Physically Gifted, Socially Gifted
*Scouting Aptitude
*Future parenting traits: Good Manners, Responsible, Emotional Control

Raichi Sharebear

Traits: Inquisitive; Active, Bro (Self-Assured)
Teen aspiration: Musical Genius (done)
Maxed skills: Logic, Violin, Charisma, Piano, Guitar
Other skills: Fitness 9, Pipe Organ 7, Gardening 7
Future career: Astronaut/Space Ranger

Shisho Sharebear

Traits: Charmer; Perfectionist, Neat (Erratic)
Teen aspiration: Bodybuilder (done)
Maxed skills: Logic, Piano, Charisma, Violin, Fitness, Painting, Writing
Other skills: Cooking 2
Future career: Critic/Art Critic

Poll Duration
This poll will remain open for 7-10 days, until at least 15 simmers have voted.

To go to an external website to cast your vote, please click here.

SB 6.68: The Spousal Sprint

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