SB 6.68: The Spousal Sprint

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen6, Omu Sharebear

Week 21/Monday (Summer, Day 2)

Amanda: I’m so glad that you, Negi, and I are done with our careers!
Now we can finally focus on our children!
Omu: Well, my sister Purin is still in the Comedian career, but you’re right.
The three of us can start preparing for the next generation.

Omu: Our son Ren’s doing great! He’s earned 6 out of 9 badges already.
Since he’s stuck on Whiz Kid, he’s been working on badges and other skills.
Ren’s a slob, Amanda, so I’m counting on you to teach him good manners!

Last night, we realized Uncle Matthias kept our Good Timers Club when moving out.
Brother Negi has to invite him over and convince him to step down as leader.
Once that’s done, Negi turns the club over to Ren.

Ren is saving the Social Butterfly aspiration for last.
But he goes ahead and checks how many kids his age are around.
His sisters had 27 grade-school kids to choose from, but Ren has seven.
Let’s hope at least 3 of them are still the right age 2 days from now!

Rai (left) and Shiso (right) are doing fine.
Active Rai should be done with Bodybuilder by this evening.
Who knows when perfectionist Shiso will paint four more masterpieces?

Amanda: Darling, I’ve been meaning to talk with you about your sister Purin.
I don’t like our girls’ unhealthy obsession with Purin’s “chest.”
And it’s such a mystery! Look at your mother and Purin, standing next to each other!

Omu: *smirks
Amanda: I know you are not smirking at me! I do NOT envy Purin’s figure!
By the way, the girls wonder if Purin might have had cosmetic surgery?

Omu: You girls need to stop picking on my sister. She’s doing a great job!
She’s joined one of the most difficult careers and is in line for another promotion.
She has a boyfriend who adores her and constantly invites her out on dates.
Yet Purin never accepts. Instead, she stays home to help out with our legacy.

Omu: Why are you obsessing over Purin, anyway? It’s so unlike you!
Amanda: I’m NOT obsessing, dearest. I’m just asking on behalf of our girls.
But while I’m asking, what about your mother’s Villain statue out front?
Don’t you think we’re sending the wrong signal to our neighbors?
Omu: What neighbors? Amanda, you need to look at the big picture!
Our daughters age up to young adults in a few days!

Rai: Why did you bring us to Forgotten Hollow, Papa?
Shiso: I still need one more masterpiece to finish Painter Extraordinaire! *pouts
Omu: Girls, this is really, really important!
There is someone here our watcher wants you both to meet.
Kirsten: Why don’t we go inside? Chittering in the drive-up is so cliché!

Rai: Hey, maybe this is the home of the Savalanis, sis!
Shiso: No, I checked while we were traveling. They live next door…
Just who are we supposed to meet here?
Rai: Well, remember what Grandma or Papa told us the other day?
That the heir’s destiny is already fixed? I wonder…

Kirsten: Girls, I’d like you to meet Elvain VanCarloff.
His watcher and our watcher are friends, so Elvain’s practically family already!
These are my grand-daughters, Elvain: Rai in red and Shiso in green.
Elvain: The pleasure’s all mine.

Kirsten: Be nice, girls. Our watcher’s chosen him to partner whoever becomes heir.

Rai: Hi! I’m the oldest by a few minutes. I’m the jock bro sister.
Elvain: So, you and your sister are still teens? Until when?
Rai: For three more days. Then, I’m going to become an astronaut!
By the way, are you an elf, Elvain?
Elvain: Um, no. I’m a vampire. *bares fangs

Shiso: That’s right. After my birthday, I’m planning to become an Art Critic.
What do you do for a living, Elvain?
Elvain: I’m a mixologist at a Japanese restaurant called Miyabi.
Shiso: Oh? Rai and I met your brother there recently. How did you both get jobs there?

Omu: I’m not gonna lie, Elvain. This will be somewhat tricky because of your traits.
Elvain: I’m an outgoing, self-assured kleptomaniac, sir. I have fabulous traits!
Omu: In general, yes. But for our legacy, two out of three of your traits aren’t unique.

Elvain: What does that mean, exactly?
Omu: It means that we look for a primary spouse with unique traits.
And you will move into our house as a secondary spouse.
Elvain: That works for me, as long as I’m romantically numero uno!



Borscht: You there, boy! What is this sacrilege in our graveyard?
Ren: Oh, hey! I asked Uncle Negi to bring along his mobile DJ booth so I can dance.
Borscht: I can figure that much out for myself. Don’t you think you’re going a bit too far?
Ren: Not at all! Papa dragged my sisters here to meet someone.
But I still need to earn my Keep Fit scout badge, so I decide to dance outdoors, see?

Shiso: Well, hello there, handsome! Are you the butler?
Stranger: Uh, no. I’m the flatmate of Elvain and his brother. As in…welcome to my home.
Shiso: Pleasure to meet you then! I’m Shiso, the twin who will undoubtedly become heir.
And you are?

Stranger: My name’s Orfeu Garrido.  And what makes you so confident you’ll win the vote?
Shiso: Eh, all the voters except one have voted for me so far. Slam dunk!
So, do you work for a living or are you a gentleman of leisure?
Orfeu: I’m a Story Researcher (Critic) for the San Myshuno Times.
Shiso: Cool!  Sis, Papa! Come over here and meet Orfeu!

Omu: Nice to finally meet you, Orfeu!
I’ve heard good things about you from my grandparents and my father!
Rai: Really? Good things like what?
Orfeu: I think your father is referring to my three unique traits. Ahem!
Omu: The last I heard, you lived with Caleb Vatore. You moved?
Orfeu (sniffs): Don’t pretend you’re not glad he produced a huge brood unrelated to you!
Shiso: Papa, can we take him home?

Orfeu: After all this time, you finally ask me to join your household?
Do you know I shed manly tears when Kirsten asked Akito to move in, but not me?
Omu: Surely you understand her reasoning, don’t you?
Unlike Akito Yamaguchi, you are primary spouse material!
Orfeu: Well, since you put it that way…

Omu: I just want to let you two know that both Elvain and Orfeu are on board.
Rai: Um, how does that whole “heir and spouse” thing work, anyway, Papa?
Shiso: The heir gets to have two  husbands, right? What about the non-heir?
Whoever loses the heir vote also gets to have two husbands?

Rai: Noice! Who’d make the best non-heir hubby, besides that yummy Ronan Ponce, Shiso?
Shiso: I think we need to go out more, sis. Like, cruise the clubs and all!
Omu: Whoa, whoa, whoa! No cruising for you two teens!
As for the question of spouses, well, I’d rather discuss that with you on Thursday.

Rai: Well, that was fun! Do you think we embarrassed Papa enough?
Shiso: Hardly!
Rai: Hmmph, why do Elvain and Orfeu have to be fledgling vampires?
Shiso: I know, right? We can’t even invite them over during the day!
Even though today’s a holiday, Summer Solstice!

Rai: Hey, look out the window! Grandpa Takuya is getting into the pool.
Shiso: Yowza, look at his teeny-tiny speedo! It’s no fair!
Rai: Yeah, maybe we could try inviting Ronan Ponce over?
Can you think of any other boys we can invite over for “a swim”?
Shiso: *whisper whisper

Omu: Papa, why are you running inside the house in your speedo?
Takuya: I’m not sure, son. Your daughters just called me over.
Omu: Oh, they did, did they? *steam starts billowing out of Omu’s ears and nostrils
Here, Papa. Put on this pool robe.

Rai and Shiso: It’s so fun yanking Papa’s chain! *collapse into giggles

Okay, this was a really weird update…I blame teen hormones, not mine, theirs.

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To learn more about them, read the previous update by clicking here.
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Thank you!

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