SB 6.69: Going Postal

A Sharebear Legacy/Omu Sharebear

Week 21/Tuesday

Kirsten: So what’s this I hear about you two pranking your father and your grandpa?
Rai: Sorry, Grandma, but Papa always treats us like we’re still kids!
Shiso: Yeah! We’re gonna be young adults in two more days but he won’t let us do anything!

Kirsten: Well, one of you becomes heir on Thursday which is extremely important to our legacy.
And the one who becomes a cadet will also have a crucial role to play.
Would you girls like to hear about my time as the Gen5 heir? Hmmm?
Rai and Shiso (in unison): Yes, Grandma, tell us!

My twin Liv and I were inseparable as children.
Born at the same time, we weren’t identical twins.

And though our traits and aspirations differed, we shared one very curious quirk.
As teenagers, we both fell madly in love with service NPCs: the mailman and the gardener.
Liv was the bolder one, visiting our greenhouse to chat with her beloved gardener.

On the other hand, I was deathly shy of our handsome mailman.
I would stand by the greenhouse window every morning, waiting for him to deliver our mail.

I had never seen such a beautiful man in my life.
And his white hair just added to his mystique and exotic look.

But I could never work up the nerve to say hello.
Instead, I would run from window to window, trailing him as he passed by the house.
I knew he was on his way to Chateau Frise next.

And then, a few days before my young adult birthday, a miracle occurred.
While I was dreaming, our watcher summoned me to a place called Takayama.
She invited me into a café and informed me that I would be the next heir, the Gen5 heir.

Next, she casually mentioned that someone would be joining us at the café.
I was beyond thrilled to discover that our guest was the postman.
After our watcher introduced us, I can’t remember anything about the rest of that dream.
Except for his name, Takuya Sasaki.

After that dream, Takuya and I remembered having met each other. Strange, don’t you think?
Now and then (well, okay, every single day), I ran out to greet him on his delivery route.
I told Papa that I didn’t care that Takuya’s traits weren’t unique.
We wouldn’t be earning a perfect legacy score, anyway!

I was still a teen when I asked Akito Yamaguchi to turn me.
It was still too early to ask Takuya about whether or not he liked me.
But he needed to know, up front, exactly what our life together would involve.

On the day Takuya proposed to me, he agreed to let me turn him.
We threw a lavish double wedding at a vampire lounge in Forgotten Hollow.
Me and my ex-postman, my sister Liv and her ex-gardener.
I do believe it was the social event of the season!

Our watcher complains incessantly about our umbrellas.
But no one can say that we haven’t been the hardest-working generation in the legacy!
Takuya, Akito, Liv, and I completed the very last four aspirations.
Good-bye to all three vampire aspirations and Outdoor Enthusiast!

And that’s not all!
Takuya, Akito, and I maxed two careers each, Liv and brother Matthias maxed one each.
And I was also the first to max Scouting. That’s nine new careers maxed in one generation!
We picked up the slack for earlier generations that only completed 2 or 3 careers.

That’s not to say we didn’t play hard, too.
Our entire household even maxed the Dancing skill.
I almost lied to say that we also vacationed a lot.
But you know we only stayed in Granite Falls for Liv’s Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration.

Counting an heir’s completed aspirations and skills doesn’t matter anymore, you know.
We’ve maxed them all already and need to focus on careers now.
My absolutely favorite time of the day? When Takuya came home in his Secret Agent tux.

But as you girls already know, that man looks good no matter what he wears!
Rai and Shiso: *blush

Rai: Why are you telling us all this today of all days, Grandma?
Kirsten: I plan to move out before your birthday, girls. I belong with Takuya.
Shiso: But what do we do with Orfeu and Elvain? They’re both fledgling vampires!
Kirsten: Your auntie, Purin, is also a Grand Master vampire.
And Takuya and I are always available to help train them, if need be.

Kirsten: My only regret is that, because of traits, your primary spouse can’t be the only spouse.
Rai: Don’t worry about that, Grandma!
Shiso: Rai and I have been thinking hard about that. I think we have a plan!

Kirsten: But, dears, I want you both to know love as I have.
Shiso: No worries, Grandma. Happiness means different things to different generations.
Pretty sure we’ve figured our way through the one-wife-many-husbands thing.
Rai: And we, of course, want Papa to earn the Patriarch trait!
Kirsten: Hmmm, if your father asks, I didn’t hear anything!

Kirsten: Enough of my foolish reminiscing!
Let’s go celebrate Summer Solstice with the rest of the family, young ladies!

Shiso: I’m the only one who still hasn’t reached gold status for Summer Solstice!
Rai finished ages ago and is back to doing Nerd Brain stuff.
Since everybody else is off doing other things now, I’ll do some online gaming.
Ssshhh, don’t tell Auntie Purin that I’m playing with her boyfriend! Hehehe

Oh, look how cute Uncle Akito’s daughter Alexandra is!
And she must be a vampire, too! *writes a note to herself about Alexandra

Shiso: Hey, thanks for coming over, Ronan!
Ronan: I was surprised to get your invite! Luckily, I’m off today.
Thanks so much for cheering me up at Chez Llama the other day!
Shiso: My pleasure, Ronan! It’s good to see you again!
I appreciate your company for Summer Solstice (and my Leader of the Pack aspiration).

Purin: Hi Brandon! How you doing, sweetie? Yeah, I miss you, too!
Remember how I said I’d be moving out early next week?
Well, I don’t think that can happen so fast. My work schedule is awful!
I’ll probably need to stay here for another two weeks or so!

Brandon, honey, I couldn’t persuade you to get pregnant, could I?
Hmmm, weird that our phone connection suddenly cut out like that…

Ren: Where has everybody been hiding this water slide?
I’m still working on my last badge, the Keep Fit one.
D’ya think the water slide helps with that? Cuz it should!

Shiso: I’ve been having kind of a tough time lately, Ronan.
I could really use a BFF. Would you be my BFF?
Ronan: Sure, Shiso! (I really wish she’d put on more clothes…)

Omu: Just what do you think you’re doing, young lady?
Shiso: Awww, c’mon, Papa. Gimme a break!
In two more days, Rai or I will enter an arranged marriage and the other can’t live with her partner.
Is it so wrong to want to make a friend and enjoy my teenhood?
*whispers: Besides, Orfeu and Elvain can’t visit during the daytime, remember?

Rai: So, as I was saying, Grandpa. You really need to lose the umbrella!
I overheard our watcher saying the other day that this isn’t the Mary Poppins Legacy.
Takuya: But she confiscated my first umbrella so this is my sparkly new umbrella!

Purin: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Rai and Shiso are totally out of control.
Somebody needs to teach them some manners. And they need muzzles!
Yeah, muzzles would be perfect!

Heir Vote

The heir vote will close in 3 or 4 more days.

I hope you will cast a vote to weigh in on who reigns over the next generation.
To learn more about the girls read Chapter 6.67 by clicking here.
If you already know who you want as heir, click here to go to an external website and vote.
Thank you! (and sorry that I keep repeating myself, hehe)

SB 6.70: Downsizing

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