SB 6.70: Downsizing

6.70: Downsizing

Week 21/Tuesday

Rai: Hey, Shiso! Don’t think I didn’t notice you invited Ronan Ponce over!
Just because I’ve been busy, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t hear you two laughing together!

Shiso: If you weren’t so busy with Nerd Brain, I would have socialized with you instead!
Thanks to Ronan, I reached gold for Summer Solstice then finished Leader of the Pack!
Now I’m starting Nerd Brain, like you!

Rai: So you sent Ronan home?
Shiso: He’s a good guy, you know! Ren’s working on Social Butterfly now.
So, Ronan’s stayed here to stargaze with him.

Rai: You’ve liked Ronan from the start, haven’t you?
Here’s what we’ll do. Even if you’re heir, you can have Ronan, anyway.
Shiso: But what happens to you in that case?
Rai: Don’t you dare tell Auntie Purin, but I’m more interested in a certain Savalani.

Purin: Why do I feel the sudden urge to invite Brandon over and propose?
No, that can’t be right. We agreed to wait until I’m done with the Comedian career.

Negi: I see we have the same idea, Mama.
Kirsten: Yes, I’m cleaning out my inventory before I move out tomorrow night.

Negi: Why did Papa start carrying around an umbrella again? It’s not even raining!
I suppose you’ll starting using one 24/7 after you move out, too, Mama.
Kirsten: No doubt.
Negi: You realize our watcher hates the umbrellas. You won’t be invited over much.
Kirsten: What?! No toddler training? Excuse me while I cry me a river.

Kirsten: Considering who’ll be moving in soon, I just thought I’d ask.
Do you and Rai want to be turned?
Shiso: Rai and I discussed that option after our trip to Forgotten Hollow, Grandma.
But no, no thank you!
Kirsten: Well, at least let me share some vampire knowledge with you, then.

Shiso: What are we doing in the Focused Room, sis?
Rai: Uh, looks like you’re reading skill books and I’m upgrading a toilet.
Shiso: What I mean is, why aren’t we doing something else, something fun and exciting?
Don’t you have enough satisfaction points?
Rai: I bought Connections, Entrepreneurial, and the three main climate rewards.
Shiso: So did I. So why are we still at home being Nerd Brains? Ugh!

Rai: Ren wants to stay home until he’s done with Social Butterfly.
Shiso: How far is he?
Rai: Just one more grade-school friend. He’s invited over perfectionist Ashton Green.
Before that, he befriended Dianna Faust who’s a little redhead with green eyes.
They’re both terribly cute! We should keep track of them, Shiso!
Shiso: Fine, but as soon as Ren’s done, we’re outta here!


Omu: When we arrive at our lodging at Selvadorada, it’s hot and rainy.
We’re all in hot-weather clothes except for Amanda who’s in her sportswear, but she starts freezing to death.
I recheck her traits and she has both Heatproof and Iceproof, so what’s wrong?
After changing to hot-weather clothes, she gradually warms up. How bizarre.

Ren: Here I am, minding my own business and trying to earn my Keep Fit badge.
Some oddball lady walks behind me and I can feel her trying to stare a hole in the back of my head.
But Papa’s watching me so I don’t turn around.

Rai: Why do I have to be the one to upgrade this weather controller, Papa?
Omu: Weren’t you complaining about being in fewer screenshots last update?
Besides, you’re the only one of us who hasn’t done an insta-upgrade lately.
Rai: Hmmph, this is lame!

Rai: Wait, I take that back. This is awesome!
What happens to all the rain puddles, Papa?
Omu: I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.

Omu: Well, now the sun’s out again, shall we go exploring, girls?
A little excavation and a trip to the temple, eh?
Rai: No thanks, Papa. Shiso and I only came to meet boys.
Shiso: Don’t look at me, Papa! Can’t you see I brought my Rocket Science skill book?

Kirsten: As your mother, I feel honor-bound to give you some advice, Purin.
Purin: Advice, Mama? About what?
Kirsten: Let’s just say that, if you’re serious about Brandon, you should stake your claim.

Purin: Brandon only has eyes for me! Why would you say that!?
Kirsten: It’s just a mother’s intuition, sweetheart. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Purin: Hmmph! That boy’s wrapped around my little finger!

Purin: I’m really sorry my promotions are coming so slow, Amanda.
Amanda: Why are you apologizing to me?
Purin: Because I haven’t finished Comedian, you have to move out instead of me.
Amanda: That’s not something you need to worry about, Purin!
In fact, Omu has some news for all of us about our legacy’s future course.
Who knows? He might have some good news for you! Just wait! *smiles warmly

Rai: Thanks for convincing me to try some excavating, Papa.
I’m starting to understand the appeal!
Omu: I thought you might enjoy it once you gave it a try!

Shiso: Grrr, why am I upgrading the cantina’s bathroom sink while you mentor me?
Admit it, Uncle Negi! You people don’t know how to enjoy a vacation!
Negi: Awww, c’mon, that’s not what’s going on here, Shiso!
It’s you and me, just the two of us, bonding over some handiness!

Shiso: Well, you fixed the weather, sis, but we still didn’t meet anybody!
Rai: I know! Everyone says that Selvadorada overflows with good-looking sims.
Are they all in hiding?

Shiso: I can’t believe how many of them look alike! Do you think they’re related to each other?
Rai: My blond friend’s single and pretty cute. Also, his traits are okay.
Too bad he’s already an adult.

Omu: Now that we’ve all eaten, I’d like to talk with everybody about what’s to come.
As you might’ve heard, the girls have decided that the next heir will try for triplets.
This means we need to downsize our household to five sims.
Besides Mama, Negi, Purin, and Amanda moving out, either Ren or I will also leave.
Shiso: We’ve thought about it already, Papa. We’d like you to stay. Sorry, Ren!

Rai: But what about careers? If Purin and Ren move out, will we fall too far behind?
Omu: It just means our challenge will last a little longer.
Our legacy can handle nine careers in three generations.
Kirsten: Nine? Oh right, there’s going to be a new Stylist career!

Purin: Well, gracious! If I’m moving out before tomorrow morning, let’s go home!
There are things I need to do before moving out!


Shiso: Do you think we’re being too impulsive, Rai?
If we ask Papa to leave and keep Auntie Purin, she’d finish Comedian…
Rai: Absolutely not, Shiso! And remember, she’s never liked us that much.

Shiso: So our generation Gen7 and Gen8 do four careers each, leaving one for Gen9?
Rai: Doesn’t that seem doable to you? We’ll be fine, sis!

Purin: Sorry, girls! That ship has sailed! Do they forget I was a teen once, too?
Anywaaaaay…I invite my beloved Brandon over.
To my extreme shock, he rejects my proposal, not once but twice!

Despite my profound embarrassment, I try proposing a third time.
My dear boy, it seems, has come to his senses and accepts.
We elope. After Negi, Amanda, and Ren move out, we try for babies!

After testing that I’m eating for two, I move in with my husband Brandon.
Because he is a fledgling vampire, the girls insist on escorting us home.
I find that particularly sweet of them, to be honest.

Omu: Now our household is just Rai, Shiso, and me!
When traveling back to Brindleton Bay, we invite Orfeu and Elvain along.
Can you believe they actually respond that they’re sleeping? As if!
No matter! We add them to our club and they end up coming over anyway. *smirks

By the time the girls get their birthday notice, we’re all friends!
What happens next? Well, the girls blow out their candles then the boys move in.

Elvain (orange): What are you doing here, Orfeu?
Orfeu (black): Hah! I was about to ask you the same question!

Tune in next time for the launch of Generation 7!


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