SB 7.71: Size Matters (Heir reveal)

Tetsu Ishikawa, celebrant par excellence

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen7, Shiso Sharebear

Week 21/Thursday

Shiso: I won! But you knew I would, right?
I hope you don’t mind that I omit a screesnhot of the poll results. There’s so much else to share!
You’ll have to trust me when I say that I had 9 votes, while Rai had only 2.

Well, here I am with my mini-harem.
Papa painted my portrait yesterday and the other two were painted on Tuesday.
Mama painted the one of Orfeu, my primary spouse with 3 fabulously unique traits!
And Auntie Purin painted the one of Elvain, my secondary spouse because….traits.

Once they’ve joined the household, Papa offers to make Orfeu a drink out back.

Yes, you guessed correctly!
Papa mixes a vampire cure which Orfeu generously agrees to imbibe.
Why? Because Orfeu has the Mansion Baron aspiration and doesn’t need to remain a vampire.
Besides, we’ll be busy enough getting one vampire trained for now.
(I must confess that I miss Orfeu’s pointy ears already…)

As for Elvain, I have convinced him to drink a re-traiting potion.
He is, as you would expect, reluctant to roll random traits.
But should he keep his Klepto trait, he won’t be welcome back to this house once he moves out.
Elvain caves to that threat. He manages to keep Outgoing, adding Music Lover and Jealous.

Men are always insisting that “Size doesn’t matter.” I beg to disagree!
Look at the size of these hearts over my bed!
They are puny, pale, weak, pathetic.
A pregnancy test confirms my suspicion: I am not pregnant at first.

Behold these large, glowing, energetic and robust hearts during our second romp!
They inspire hope, do they not?
Heart size DOES matter. I rest my case!

A bout of nausea assaults me on my way to taking another pregnancy test.

Rai has joined the Astronaut Career to become a Space Ranger.
To fulfill her daily “Work out” task, she tries a Zero-G workout for the first time.
Sadly, her effort doesn’t complete daily task, which merely shows as “Just started.”
Off to a treadmill, girl!

My plan is to become an art critic, as you may remember.
For my daily task to “Watch TV for 4 hours,” I enjoy the Cooking Channel with Orfeu.
And thanks to our On Ley Line lot trait, I’m feeling Very Energized!

Shiso: Elvain, would please help out with the narration?
It’s hard to chat while I’m busy gorging on carrots.
Elvain: Sure thing. I mean, I’m the star of this rodeo anyway, right?
Shiso: *remains discreetly silent

Elvain: Grandma Kirsten comes over to help with my Vampire Family aspiration.
Everyone urges me to buy Connections asap so I can join a career.
I don’t perform well under pressure but I agree to do my best.
Is that a bird in the sky? No, it’s me, Elvain, tornado of vampiric activities!

Before I even have the chance to offer, Papa Omu asks me to turn him.
His request is reasonable–he’d otherwise become an adult in three days.
He next insists that,since he’s turned me, I should also turn his wife Amanda.
Sheesh, these Sharebears are such a pushy family! But, okay.

In the evening, Shiso tells me to turn some outgoing knucklehead who works at Chez Llama.
Since we’re both outgoing, we easily become friends and he agrees to be turned.
He’s a bit too pretty for my tastes, but I can see the…huh?
This dude works as a Medical Specialist at Mustard Clinic, not at Chez Llama?

I choose the universally disliked nanny for my fourth victim, uh, I mean, offspring.
She consumes my essence and all that, so I figure she’ll transform in 2 days like the others.
When I go to cast a hallucination on her later, I find a “Turn into vampire” option.
Ugh, that nanny was a total waste of time! Who knew? (Food source!)


A little past midnight, Papa Omu’s shocked by a message about his Grandpa Jaga’s fading connection.
We take out all the Sharebear gravestones in family inventory to strengthen their connections.
The first two generations’ gravestones were destroyed when their watcher bulldozed their cemetery.
That was dumb!

Nobody wants to go out with me to look for new offspring, so I end up phoning the repairman.

Once it’s daylight, the maid I hired last night shows up.
I’m so tired of cheering everyone else up, I tell you!
Papa Omu suggests that I turn his twin brother Negi instead.
Fine, treat me like the family puppet!

An excellent idea on his part, as it turns out!
I have Papa Omu, Mama Amanda, and Uncle Negi take turns mentoring me in violin.
By the time I’ve reached Violin 4, all three are good friends of mine! Great!

Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to be a hero.
That’s why I volunteer to take over the Comedian career.
Once I can afford Connections, I start leveling my Comedy skill.
I know the watcher likes me and will protect me from hysteria.

Orfeu: If I may interrupt briefly for a household announcement, I’d like to share a report.
Today, Rai left for work almost 2 hours late due to lagging.
Therefore, I’ve taken it upon myself to research this legacy’s logistical efficiency.
I sell off multiple stacks of 99+ items from both the storage chest and flower arrangment table.
And I strongly recommend every household member buy “Pro Slackere” as soon as possible.

Shiso: When I enter my third trimester, Orfeu finds me to feel the baby.
You know, for an evil sim, Orfeu sure is a sweetheart.
I’m a little concerned about him, though.
He’s only lived with us for two days and he already seems rather unhappy.

Sister Rai is letting Elvain borrow one of her clubs, Guild of Gamers.
He’s filled it with his five offspring plus his mentor, our Grandma Kirsten.
It’s great that he’s already good friends with all of his offspring.

Once he’s trained three of them, they can all be cured.
I’m so scared one of them might perish from sunlight exposure!

The Talk Like a Pirate holiday begins just before I go into labor.
As I waddle toward the optimistically-placed three bassinets, I wonder.
Should I name the next generation after pirates or keep the Scottish names I’ve already chosen?

Shiso: And then, while I’m in the throes of labor, Papa suddenly transforms!
Way to steal my thunder yo!
Omg, what an awful dark form, Papa!

Amanda: Uh, thanks for chopping my head out of the screenshot.
No problem, dear. Thanks for photobombing!

Shiso: I’m happy to report that all our hard work paid off!
Folks, meet Tegan, Travis, and Tarlock Sharebear, here to represent Generation 8!
(Yeah, there just wasn’t enough time to research good pirate names…)


Legacy Score: +3 (93 points)
Family (1): Gen7 heir (Shiso) became young adult
Love (1): Shiso’s primary spouse (Orfeu) brings 3 unique traits: Evil, Unflirty, Snob
Creative (1): Gen7 heir and primary spouse memorialized by portraits

Chapter Notes

Elvain’s retraiting: You’re probably wondering why we didn’t try retraiting Elvain in hope of his qualifying as the primary spouse.
This legacy’s in its seventh generation and the pool of available unique traits is not impossibly small but considerably smaller.
Choosing Orfeu as the primary spouse eliminates any risk.

Vampire teleporting: I made sure to reset all of Kirsten’s vampire powers before she moved out.
Like I did for Takuya, I replace Travel in Bat Form/Teleport as Mist with Supernatural Speed.
Nevertheless, she continues to poof in and out everywhere.
Takuya only uses Supernatural Speed now, so I’m not sure why Kirsten continues to teleport.

SB 7.72: Outgoing, Incoming

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