SB 7.72: Outgoing, Incoming

7.72: Outgoing, Incoming

Week 21/Saturday (Summer, Day 7)

Orfeu: I can’t do this, Elvain! Look at me? I’m just your average sim now.
Elvain: I gotta agree, bro. I never expected you to agree to be defanged!
Orfeu: No fangs, no pointy ears, no more savoring blood!

Elvain: Eh, how do you think I feel?
I’m merely the secondary spouse, but I still had to drink a retraiting potion.
Orfeu: Yeah, that’s too bad. And now you’re jealous. That must be tough!
Elvain: Hah, well now I hardly have any reason to envy you. You’ve lost your edge!
Orfeu (gasps): That’s a mean thing to say but I guess it’s true.

Elvain: So, what are you gonna do about it, huh? You gonna let them push you around?
Orfeu: You’re right! I need to take back my life! I don’t have to put up with this!
Elvain: Oh, no! You wouldn’t dream of moving out, would you?
Orfeu: That’s exactly what I’m going to do! I’ll show them I’m nobody’s puppet!

Elvain: But where would you go, Orfeu?
Orfeu: That’s easy. I’ll just move back in with your brother, but I need a small favor first.
Elvain: Yes, of course, I’d be happy to turn you!
Orfeu: Thanks! And now, I’m going to slip away before Shiso spots me.
If I talk with her, I might lose the courage to walk out.
Elvain: You’re a brave one, Orfeu! Now, quick, before anyone sees you!
(internally: Well, that was a piece of cake! Now Shiso is all miiiiine! Mwahahaha!)

Shiso: Uncle Negi, please move out of my way.
I’ve only 5 minutes before work but just noticed there’s an opening in the household.
Hey, Ronan! How would you like to move in with me?

Elvain: Noooooooooo!

Rai: Not long after Shiso rushes off to work, Ronan transforms.
Don’t tell my sister, but I think Ronan looks pretty hawty in his dark form!

Elvain (internally): I’ll be curing all my offspring as soon as I’ve trained three of them.
Maybe even this evening before work!
Perish the thought that Pretty Boy would turn into some vampiric rival! *rolls eyes

Rai: To everyone’s complete and utter surprise, our nanny transforms into a vampire!
That’s freaky because Elvain turned her twice the other night.
And she STILL showed the option to be turned!
Do you remember? He finally gave up on her and turned a repairman instead.
Hmmmph! Maybe she’d like to play chess with me? Outdoors?

Rai: Papa’s pleased to learn that Ronan has the Best-Selling Author aspiration.
Uncle Negi’s offers immediately to mentor Ronan.

You know, Shiso and I definitely didn’t dream about meeting Ronan at Chez Llama.
When Papa asks him to quit his medical career, what a shock!
We have no idea how he got promoted to a Level 8 Doctor in a few days.
The big question is: How long before Ronan can buy Connections?

Tetsu: Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Omu?
Omu: You mind-reader, you! Our worthless nanny is about to watch TV…again!
Tetsu: I swear you and I take care of the boys more often than she does!

Omu: After a few hours, Elvain’s sixth and final offspring transforms.
Right on top of Tetsu repairing the stereo and our new nanny.
That’s right, when our watcher reloaded us, that other nanny left.
At the same time, this new nanny walked in and introduced himself.

Shiso: At 5 pm, I come home with promotion and branch to Art Critic.
While I’m still standing in front of the house, Elvain leaves for his first day of work.
He needs to max Charisma asap so he can negotiate bonuses between workdays.

Omu: As you may have forgotten, I’m trying to complete Big Happy Family, Rai.
Rai: And..?
Omu: Well, I need a married child plus a fourth grandchild.
Rai: Oh, Papa, how you underestimate me! Wait until dark, please!

Rai: After night falls, I invite over my beloved Vincent Savalani.
You do remember Brandon’s brother who I met at a gym in Oasis Springs, don’t you?
Unlike the mean Brandon, Vincent is a dog lover, an art lover, a perfectionist!

And he’s such a sweetheart! As soon as we’re alone, he asks me to feel our baby!
He’s quite handsome since I gave him a makeover, don’t you agree?

Week 22/Sunday (Fall, Day 1)

Rai: I don’t want to risk an embarrassing rejection, so we flirt and socialize for several hours.
Then, dear sweet Vincent accepts my first proposal! We elope soon after.
You’re welcome, Papa!

Shiso: Out back, Elvain has trained his third offspring.
Meanwhile, Papa rounds up all of Elvain’s offspring and mixes vampire cures.

Since the nanny takes her sweet time, I briefly consider throwing out her drink.
But I relent and she is the last of Elvain’s six offspring to be cured, after Papa.

To complete his aspiration, Elvain only needs to achieve Grand Master rank.
He tries snacking on the now-cured nanny but it’s not enough. Soooo close!
Grandma Kirsten promises repeatedly to come over but never shows up.
After several hours of that, Elvain phones Grandpa Takuya who comes right away to train him.

In the living area, the rest of us are waiting around for the boys’ birthday notices.
It won’t be long now!

And thar they blow!
Tarlock, Teagan, and Tristan (in that order) waddle their way to ask for potty help.
I have a sinking feeling that we are looking at three future Happy Toddlers…

Elvain takes this moment to become hysterical. Go calm yourself down!
And, anyway, he needs to work on his Comedy and Charisma skills. No putty duty for him!

Ronan is similarly exempt from toddler training.
He’s temporarily become a Writer to speed up novel production.
Get cracking on those novels, dear! He still needs so many satisfaction points!

Shiso: I’m leaving for work soon, so Rai steps in to read to the boys.
Should I work from home today?
Nah, I’ll only be gone for 5 hours and I’m off tomorrow!

Returning from work, I read to the boys as well.
They’re cultivating imagination very quickly, so who knows?
We may get all three to Top-Notch after all. Maybe.

Oh, I’ve forgotten to introduce them to you!
This is our firstborn son, Tristan.
I’m not sure what happened during his potty training with Rai.
But I caught Tristan gloating over getting his own way.

Tarlock was born second.
As a silly toddler, he spends a lot of time feeling playful.
Perhaps that’s how he managed to max Imagination before the other boys.

Tristan wears black to match his classically tragic name
Tarlock wears orange to match his hair.

And here’s our last son, Teagan in blue.
He is the only one who inherited my grey eyes, the Jensen eyes!

Don’t tell the boys, but I made major mistakes with their names!
I wanted Scottish names that start with the letter T.
When I didn’t find names I liked, I changed my search term to “Celtic.”
But guess what?
I learned today that Tristan is of Welsh origin while Tarlock and Teagan are Irish names.
Sighs….oh well, as long as all three cultures traditionally wear kilts!


SB 7.73: Toddler Daze

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