SB 7.73: Toddler Daze

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen7, Shiso Sharebear

Week 22/Monday

Shiso: It’s so fascinating how each boy develops at his own pace.
Silly Tarlock is first to max Imagination, though the others aren’t far behind.
To our surprise, fussy Tristan (left) is the first to reach Movement 2 and play.
Next is Teagan (left), but Tarlock needs to learn to stack blocks a while longer.

Tegan is currently ahead in the “potty race.”
If Tristan (center) can keep his fussiness in check, all three will do well.
With my grandparents’ cooperation, they might even become Top-Notch Toddlers.

Publishing 10 novels enables Ronan to buy Connections at last.
He’s even written two bestsellers already!
Of course, that won’t happen when he reaches Tier IV–it’s Murphy’s Law!
(And yes, he might have published novels written by other Sharebears. Your point?)

Though Ronan can’t afford Entrepreneurial yet, he joins the Business career anyway.
Level 3 Charisma? No problem!
He starts by reading a Charisma besteller authored by Uncle Negi.

I’m an erratic mother, but I’m doing the best I can!
It’s hard to raise the boys when both Elvain and Ronan are playing skilling catch-up!
Thankfully, Papa and Rai help whenever they can!
And if I can catch my grandparents in one place, they help out, too.

Speaking of my grandparents, they thoughtlessly smooch wherever and whenever!
Look at how the sight of them enthralls Teagan and Tristan.
Regardless, it’s nice that the boys can grow up around their great-grandparents.

While Rai is waiting to leave for work, Vincent phones her with great news.
He gave birth to twins, Miguel and Patrice.
Oh, I can’t wait to meet them!
I wonder if Papa’s noticed his new Patriarch trait?

Grandma has started to do that weird thing that Grandpa does.
She hunches over and covers her mouth like she’s going to throw up.
And, for heaven’s sake, why is she in her dark form, anyway?

Shiso: Congrats on your first promotion, Elvain!
Elvain: Yeah, it feels great to branch to the Comedian career!
But why do you want me to perform my comedy routines on the porch?
Shiso: I’m just trying to prevent anyone becoming hysteria.
And there’s a mirror right nearby if you get overly playful.


Shiso: That dreadful nanny is as useless as always.
First, after looking for her for hours, I find her and Grandma watching TV in the gym.
Apparently, all the doors in the house have unlocked, darn it.
Papa, you’re just as bad. Can’t you see that the garden needs tending?

I might need to remove Grandma from our family club.
Why does she need to lurk around Ronan in her dark form?
Also, I distinctly remember our watcher removing her Bat and Mist Teleport powers.
And yet she continues to flit around the house. It’s quite annoying!

Back to a more pleasant topic: Toddler spam!
Look at what a solemn little fellow Tristan is!

Grandpa complains that none of his great-grandsons resemble him.
But he gives his undivided attention to any toddler quick enough to catch him.
How long will Tarlock be able to continually chain “teach me” requests?

I have a feeling that Teagan will grow up to become the most charming of the three.
He’s only a toddler yet he’s already mastered the art of the lopsided smirk!

I’ve asked Elvain to help out with The Nanny Problem.
The last time she became a vampire, she lost her nanny job.
Let’s hope that happens again!

Elvain wants to know whether negotiating for a bonus is really worth it or not.
So Rai offers before and after shots to satisfy his curiosity.
A successful negotiation doesn’t result in a huge performance boost.
But every little bit counts, right?

Ronan goes to work for the first time and earns a promotion.
But mostly I wanted to show you how nice he looks in his new suit.
This is also a reminder of what a handsome devil Ronan is.


The three musketeers have awaken from their beauty sleep, um, naps!

You’ve figured it out by now, haven’t you?
This chapter is merely toddler spam pretending to be an update.
I can’t help myself! My adorable toddlers age up to children tomorrow!

Tristan and his grandpa!
I’m so proud of Tristan!
Despite his fussy trait, he hasn’t been difficult at all!

All three of them will definitely become Top-Notch Toddlers by tomorrow.
Independent Teagan is the closest, followed by Tristan.
Tarlock’s frequent playful mood only helps with Imagination.

Papa’s been a tremendous help with the boys.
I still feel bad about asking Mama and Ren to move out last week.
Well, it’s too late now to worry about whether I made the wrong decision.
I really wish Orfeu would visit us sometimes.

I’m glad to see that Elvain and Rai have become good friends.
Work and the boys have kept me so busy, I haven’t had much time for much else.
He complains often about his (lack of) love life, but otherwise doesn’t act jealous.
Elvain should be fine as long as he keeps his distance from my grandparents.

Now that the boys are asleep, I have the time to hang out with Tetsu.
Who? The nanny? Oh, we’re waiting for her to transform then go away.

Well, my sister leaves for work in an hour, so I’m closing this update here.
Please join us next time for our sons’ birthdays.


Household Stats

Rai (6 days to adult): Astronaut 6
Shiso (8 days to adult): Art Critic 6
Ronan (8 days to adult): Business 5
Omu (9 days to adult): Food Critic 10, retired
Elvain (YA vampire): Comedian 5
Tristan (1 day to child)
Tarlock (1 day to child)
Teagan (1 day to child)

Shared Spouses
If you’re playing a Sharebear legacy, you have a new option for your fourth shared spouse.
sdhoey has created and uploaded the Castle twins, Silas and Skyla.
Depending on the unique traits you’re missing, you can choose between the VonCarloffs or the Castles.
Feel free to make the VonCarloffs or Castles a part of your world during any generation from Gen7 and onward.
You can find both the VonCarloffs and the Castles in the Community Gallery, using the #sharebears hashtag.

SB 7.74: Another Drastic Decision

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