SB 7.74: Another Drastic Decision

Potty, potty, potty!

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen7, Shiso Sharebear

Week 22/Wednesday (Fall, Day 4)

Shiso: Now that I’ve seen Rai and Ronan off to work, how are my boys doing?
Oh no, they’re sleeping but their bladders are about to burst.
After I wake them, Tristan is the first to run to his potty.
In fact, Teagan maxes Movement while speeding toward his potty.

Bladder crisis averted, they realize they are positively starving.
Breakfast for the boys is a serious matter, indeed!

It’s still morning when the nanny suddenly transforms.
While watching her transformation, redheaded Tarlock maxes Thinking.

Once she’s done, I fire her to see what happens next. Good riddance!

Shiso: What did you say, Papa?
Omu: I said that helmet distracts me and it doesn’t become you.
Shiso: Really, Papa? You think I choose to wear this during your wonderful massage?

Shiso: Elvain has completed the Jokestar aspiration and maxed Charisma, too.
He’s off until tomorrow afternoon so Grandma and Rai have been helping with his skills.
After he maxes Logic and Painting, Rai continues to mentor him on the violin.
He’ll be a great help when the boys start their childhood aspirations!

Neither Rai, Ronan, or I earn promotions today, but we all came very close!
Have you seen me in my career outfit yet? The pink beret is a perfect accent, yes?


It’s time for our boys to age up!
Papa, Ronan, and I prepare to help them blow out their birthday candles.
First up is our firstborn son, Tristan.

By the time Teagan is ready to go, almost everybody is celebrating.
Tristan blows a horn, Tarlock sings, I pop a party popper, and Papa just stands there.

Here are my beautiful boys both as toddlers and as children!
All three of them earn the Top-Notch Toddler trait.

Luckily, Rai is off today or they wouldn’t have gotten makeovers until tonight!
I let Tarlock and Teagan keep the hair they aged up with.

Tristan initially had the same hair as Teagan, so it’s changed to match his classic look.
Tarlock wears a playful orange look, while Teagan sports a rugged look in blue.
They’ve kept the same colors they wore as toddlers.

Today is the second anniversary of the death of our founder, Sherilee Sharebear.
Ronan has just enough time to mourn our Sharebear ancestors before leaving for work.

Last night, a new nanny unexpectedly arrived though we didn’t phone for him.
I could only learn that Khaled Mounib (our nanny) is a jealous geek.
This morning Papa learns that Khaled also has the good trait.
Still, I can’t help but worry. Does a flirty jealous sim make an effective nanny?

Papa and I had a long discussion yesterday about my discomfort with my grandparents.
Grandma never hides her dark form anymore and Grandpa always wears his speedo.
At this point, they are both younger than my sister Rai and I.
As the active heir, I persuade my grandparents to let me mix them vampire cures.

After they’re cured, Papa ages them both up to adults.
They’re now exactly a week older than Papa. This is how things should be.

Yes, this is another of my drastic decisions but I’m an erratic sim, remember?
During my reign as heir, I’ll be shaking things up like you won’t believe!

Meanwhile, the boys all join Scouts.
Tristan is an artistic prodigy.
When he finishes his first two drawings, he’s already Creativity 7.
Great job encouraging Tristan Elvain!

Both Tarlock and Teagan are rambunctious scamps.
You might recall that all three boys were born on Talk Like a Pirate Day.
That’s why I’ve replaced the spaceship with a pirate ship jungle gym.

Tarlock and Teagan make quick work out of playing on the pirate ship.
Tetsu is quite touched to receive gifts from the boys.
Apparently, he’d never received a gift from any Sharebear before!

Later, while they’re practicing typing, Teagan gets a text message from Orfeu.
Among the boys, I’d thought Orfeu was closet to Tristan.
Perhaps Orfeu texted all three of them? I keep forgetting to invite him over!


Teagan and Tarlock start their second aspiration.
We’ve removed my grandparents from the family club for now.
They’ve worked hard for this legacy and deserve some rest and relaxation.
By the way, they’re living at Chateau Frise with Mama Amanda and Ren.

Ronan needs Logic for his business career.
Since Tristan hasn’t started his second aspiration yet, Ronan invites him to play.
Oh, for shame, Ronan!

It must a little lonely for Tristan, doing Artistic Prodigy and Rambunctious Scamp by himself.
Rai’s planning to sit nearby while he practices typing and plays Keyboard Commander.
That way, he can socialize with her for his Sociability and Good Deeds badges.

In the afternoon, Papa spies a lovely young lady and introduces himself.
She is a single young adult, but she’s evil which is a deal-breaker.
Why tolerate an evil sim when that trait isn’t even unique anymore?
Too bad, because she’s very pretty!

The boys bring home “B” grades from their first day of school.
I wonder why only Teagan has that rainbow over his head?
If I weren’t at work, I would have checked the boys’ moodlets.

After work tonight, Elvain successfully negotiates another bonus!
It’s tragic that he’s a Level 6 Comedian but only works 3 days a week.
How is he supposed to get ahead if he never works?

Despite starting several days later, Ronan is already Level 6 in his Business career.
It helps that Ronan works every day.
And he maxed his charisma this evening, so he can start negotiating for bonuses, too!
On the minus side, he still needs to write those three bestsellers.


Shiso: Our watcher and I have been thinking about the boys’ future careers lately.
Perhaps Tristan would be best choice for the new Style Influencer career?
He’s neat and rather picky about what he wears.
We’ll have to watch them all as they grow.


Chapter Notes

Skilling discrepancies:
For Artistic Prodigy, the three boys each played a musical instrument for 5 hours.
*Tristan reached Violin 5.5 (mentored by the nanny);
*Tarlock reached Piano 6.5 (mentored by Omu with the Mentor trait); and
*Teagan reached Violin 8 (mentored by Shiso with the Mentor trait).
I wonder what accounts for the difference in levels?

Bestselling Author:
Now that Ronan needs to write 3 bestsellers, he of course writes only Excellent novels. It’s killing me!
He has Creative Visionary and Writing 10 with the Home Studio lot trait, but….nada.
Note to self: Do not squander Writer careers on sims who don’t have Bestselling Author as their default aspiration.

SB 7.75: One Tiny Secret

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