SB 7.75: One Tiny Secret

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen7, Shiso Sharebear

Week 22/Saturday

Tarlock (center): We’ve almost earned our Outdoor Adventurer badges!
Teagan (left): Yeah, I only wish we could have gone somewhere else to fish.
Tristan (right): You know we need to stay home because Mama’s at work!

Teagan (center): So now we only have two  more left!
Tarlock (right): Yep, Civic Responsibility and Keep Fit.
Tristan: I’ve only got one left, guys. I finished Keep Fit already.

Teagan: Welp, so much for Civic Responsibility!
Tristan: I’ll just be over here, leveling my Charisma skill while you two dance.
Tarlock: Eh, our scout meeting starts in another hour, anyway.

Teagan (center): Where do you think you’re going, Tristan? You’re done, right?
Tristan (rear): Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me!
I’m gonna quit scouts then stay home, haha.

Ronan: I feel like the boys’ entire childhood is passing me by!
I’ve hardly spent any time at all with them because of my aspiration. *sighs
Today, I finally write a bestseller. How long will it take to write two more?
I’m sick and tired of being cooped up in this room by myself!

Tarlock: How did Tristan get a four-hour head start on us with the Keep Fit badge?
Teagan: As soon as he earned that high score, he danced and exercised to max Motor.
Tarlock: But we kept playing Keyboard Commander to max our Motor skill. Hmmmm…I see.

Tristan: I invite Great-Grandma Kirsten over to mentor me and become my friend.
Can you believe she wouldn’t mentor me for two whole hours?
I had to chase her down, discuss her sad mood, and try to cheer her up.
Anyway, we’re friends now. Sheesh.

Shiso: It’s 8 pm when I finally take the boys over to the Heaton School for Girls.
Why did it take you two so long to earn your last badge?
Tarlock: It was our Keep Fit badge, Mama. You know how that goes.
Tegan: So why are we here again?
Shiso: Apart from this school, there aren’t any children your own age in our world.

Teagan: We only need three friends each for Social Butterfly, so here’s the plan.
The three of us each compliment and get to know two girls each. That’s six girls.
Mama, please get to know the last and seventh girl.

For example, this girl is Rita and she’s a vegetarian! She’s a keeper!

Teagan: I believe Annabelle is a keeper, too, cuz she’s outgoing like me.
Tarlock: Camilla loves the outdoors and she’s cute!
Tristan: Well, I pick Corinne. She’s creative.

Corinne: So what happens now? Do we, the Chosen Ones, go back with you to your place?
Teagan: It think it would be more fun to regroup tomorrow in the daytime.
Tristan: Yeah, we’ll invite you out in the afternoon!
Annabelle: Cool. We’ll be waiting.

Shiso (whispers): What about the other three girls?
Tarlock: The goofball, the loner, and the genius?

Week 23/Sunday (Winter, Day 1)

Shiso: Oh, I see you invited Aaaradhya Kumar over for my boys to befriend!
Omu: Yes, it’s not too early for them to get to know her.
Shiso: I don’t understand. If she’s immortal, why would she retire from her nanny job?
Omu: Who knows? What’s nice for the boys, though, is that she can mentor piano and violin.

Tarlock: Do you miss being an immortal vampire, Great-Grandpa?
Takuya: Not at all. I’ve lived a long and happy life.
It’s not right that all my children, grandchildren, and great-children pass away before I do.

Tarlock: You became a mortal so you wouldn’t outlive your descendants?
Takuya: Yes. Plus I have no need for immortality since my wife is mortal.

Ronan: Hey, Teagan!
Teagan: Wow, is this where you’ve been all this time? I wasn’t sure you lived here anymore!
Ronan (sighs): Two more bestsellers and I’m outta this room! And what are you up to?
Teagan: I’m going to try chatting online to make a friend or two before sunrise.

Tristan: The next day, we wait at home until Mama is sure to get a promotion.
Then we head out to Desert Bloom Park.
My brothers and I had never visited Oasis Springs before.
After befriending creative Corinne Shiba, I’m the first to complete Social Butterfly.

Teagan: I’m next to complete Social Butterfly with outdoor-loving Camila.
Tarlock:  I somehow manage to finish Social Butterfly last, but only by an hour or so.

Ronan: I thought being invited on a family outing sounded too good to be true.
Omu: Oh, c’mon, admit it! You need logic for your career and this beats playing chess at home!
How many bestsellers do you still need, anyway?
Ronan: Only one more.

Rai: Of course, as soon as the boys finish Social Butterfly, two new children show up at the park.
One is a random NPC kid but the other is my daughter, Patrice Savalani.
I’m not sure why she’s feeling very sad, but I do learn that she’s active like me.

Rai: We head home as soon as Elvain gets the “1 hour until work” message.
When I invite over my son Maurice, he also arrives feeling very sad.
Look at those pointy ears he inherited from his father Vincent.
Does it mean he’ll become a vampire?

By the way, I look at my children’s family tree to find out why they’re feeling sad.
What do I find? My Vincent’s maternal grandfather is Caleb Vatore!

Shiso: Just as I come home (with a promotion), Elvain leaves for work.
Hmm, that is not the most flattering career outfit for his coloring.
Elvain: You’re telling me!

Shiso: Since Patrice is visiting, I suggest to Teagan that he socialize with her.
I think he’ll enjoy that more than talking or storytelling into a mirror.

After two hours, though, I notice his charisma hasn’t increased at all. (Why not?)
Back to epic storytelling at the mirror for you, young man!

Tristan: Am I in trouble, Mama?
Shiso: No, dear. Papa, Rai, and I are going to take turns teaching you responsibility.
Tristan: Nice! Now I won’t need to endlessly throw out trash and put toys away!


Shiso: Around 1 am, dear Ronan finally pumps out his third bestseller!
Hallelulah! Now, let’s get that man started on other aspirations, pronto!
Rona: I’m free from this room, at last!

Omu: Don’t you dare blow him another autonomous kiss, Shiso! I’m unflirty, remember?
As for you, Ronan, I’m glad we can all stop tiptoeing around your writer’s block!
Because now I can finally ask you my question.
What’s this I hear about my daughter having proposed to you on her young adult birthday?
Shiso: Papa! Sssshhhh!

From the Community Gallery
*”Heaton School for Girls” household by Lithiarch: young adult female and seven female children
*”Suburban Brindleton” by Marski746 (30×20)

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