SB 7.76: The Winterfest Experiments

The gorgeous Ronan! So handsome, so innocent…or not?

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen7, Shiso Sharebear

Week 23/Monday (Winter, Day 2)

Shiso: In another hour or so, most of the household prepares to leave the house.
Today, the boys attend their second day of school.

In range to earn three character traits, Tristan practices his epic storytelling.
He’s disappointed to recently learn that he can’t join the Trendsetter career.

Tarlock wonders if he really needs a third character trait.
Instead, he’s been spending time on skilling.
He learns logic with his grandfather as mentor.

Like Tristan, Teagan wants to earn three character traits.
He’ll surely come within range for the Compassionate trait before school.

Teagan: I’m sorry I have to inject you with this thick, blunt needle, little bear!

My sister Rai and my fiance Ronan leave for work soon, too.
He’s playing catch up with his Parenting skill.

Ronan has invited the boys’ friend Rita over to read to her.

Elvain and I don’t work today. In fact, Elvain has three days off.
He’s so peeved about coming so close to a promotion.
Now he can’t even negotiate for a bonus until after work on Thursday.
With that work schedule, he can’t earn more than one promotion a week.


Shiso: Winter’s pretty harsh in Brindleton Bay.
Even though we live on the beach, it’s too cold to go fishing most days.
We’re all getting cabin fever from staying indoors!
Early in the morning, we come out front to make snowpals.

Teagan: Those are some ugly snowpals!
Tristan: Why are they so short?
Tarlock: Do you think they get better if we make more of them?
Teagan: Oh, you mean like a hidden skill?
Tristan: Hmmmm, I don’t know…. *rubs chin thoughtfully

Omu: You’ve been doing great at work and all, so I don’t mean to nag but…
What’s going on with you and my daughter? You’re engaged, right?
Ronan: Well, it’s been a little tricky since Elvain is jealous.

Omu: That shouldn’t make any difference. Shiso and Elvain are just friends!
Ronan: Yes, well, we weren’t sure how he’d react.
And, anyway, Shiso insists on a spring wedding!

Hey, you completed the Bodybuilder aspiration without the Hi-Energy Protein Plate!
Elvain: That’s because you took out the Climbing Wall for me last night! Thanks!

Why do you even need the Long-Lived trait, anyway? You’re a vampire!
Elvain: I feel like vampires aren’t, how can I describe it? They aren’t trending lately!
Kirsten and Takuya Sharebear even cured themselves!
And do you notice how this household never invites vampires over to the house?

Tetsu: I suppose you’ve heard all about me from your Grandpa Omu?
Tarlock: Um, not really, Uncle Tetsu.
Tetsu: Did you know I’ve lived here since this legacy’s second week?

Tristan: Wow! You knew our founder?
Tetsu: Yes, of course. I’ve met met all of you Sharebears!

Teagan: So, do you have a favorite generation, Uncle Tetsu?
Tetsu: Well, honestly, I like you boys the best!
Tristan: Really? But we’re just kids!
Tetsu: But you boys are the first to give me gifts and ask me to play video games!
Tarlock: Awwwwww, Uncle Tetsu!

Teagan: Did you hear that there’s only 4 more careers left?
Tristan: Charity Organizer, Internet Celebrity, Musician, and…what’s left?
Tarlock: Pro Athlete. That’s the career I want!
What about you, Tristan?

Tristan: I was hoping to enter the Stylist career, but it’s not available yet.
Out of those 4 careers, I think the Musician career would suit me best.
Teagan: Oh yeah, I can def see you sitting at a grand piano in a tux!
Me? I wanna be an Internet Personality!

Omu: Boys, will you help me decorate this tree as a surprise?
Let’s get this done before everyone else gets home from work!

Shiso: Oh my, the tree looks lovely!
Omu: Hurry up, Ronan! We left the topper for you to place!

Rai: I got so caught up admiring the tree that I almost forgot!
Today’s my adult birthday!
Time for me to drink a Potion of Youth!

Shiso: I still feel bad about asking Ronan to quit his high-level doctor career.
But he’s been doing great in Business!

Tristan, Tarlock, and Teagan have already mixed Charisma and Logic.
Teagan has even his finished career-related skilling for the Internet Personality career.

Tristan has also mostly finished his career-related skilling for the Musician career.
That is, he’s maxed Violin and Piano already. He’ll start learning Comedy as a teen.

Shiso: Tarlock wants to be a Pro Athlete, but he can’t learn Fitness until he’s a teen.
In the meantime, Papa and I take turns sharing Vampire Knowledge with him.
He maxes that skill so quickly!
Every generation needs a family member who can mix vampire cures!

Tarlock: Grandpa, Mama is acting weird again! Why does she make those weird faces?


Shiso: It’s Winterfest morning!
Last night, I’d promised the boys that we’d open our presents in the early morning.
We gather around our lovely tree to exchange gifts and share the Winterfest spirit.
That’s when I notice Ronan following Papa out of the room…

Shiso: Why do I spy “Woohoo” in my unflirty father’s action queue?
Watcher, help me! Make them stop!

How did this even happen? *cancels the Woohoo social
And why does Ronan kneel on the ground when I tell him to ask Omu to be just friends?

Shiso: The boys leave for school, even though they’re already A students.
Tomorrow morning is their teen birthday.
Yes, we all know they don’t need to attend grade school anymore.
But they say they’d like to know more kids their own age.

You may have wondered why this update’s named “The Winterfest Experiments.”
I still can’t believe that I caught Papa and Ronan about to go woohoo somewhere!

So I experiment: I ask Ronan to “woohoo in the hot tub” then cancel the action.
I do this four times.
Each time, the initiator (me) heads to the hot tub first, followed by the target (Ronan).

Based on these experiments, I conclude that Papa was the one who propositioned Ronan.
What do you think?
Gah, why does my life have to be so complicated!?

I bring home my Level 9 promotion today, just as I’d expected.
Rushing back to the Wishing Well, I make a “generous offering” then a wish.
And the Wishing Well big-heartedly grants me a full promotion!
So much for the Art Critic career! *phones to quit job

Rai and Ronan also earn promotions today.
Check out Rai in her handsome Level 9 Space Ranger uniform.
And Ronan is now a Level 8 Business Manager! He’s moving fast!

The Wishing Well grants Rai a guaranteed promotion.
All she needs to do tomorrow is show up at work!

Stayed tuned next time for the boys’ teen birthdays! Yep, already!


Household Stats
Omu (2 days to adult): Food Critic/quit
Rai (11 days to adult): Space Rangert 9
Shiso (1 day to adult): Art Critic 10/quit
Ronan (1 day to adult): Business/Management 8
Elvain (YA vampire): Comedian 6
Tristan (1 days to teen): Scouting 5, all 4 aspirations done
Tarlock  (1 day to teen): Scouting 5, all 4 aspirations done
Teagan  (1 day to teen): Scouting 5, all 4 aspirations done

Chapter Notes
I have no clue what possessed Omu to invite Ronan to woohoo or why Ronan would accept.
Also, I have no idea when the two of them developed those pink bars. I wonder how long it’s been going on? *rolls eyes
The legacy club’s club activity includes no romantic socials nor spa activities.
In fact, I was trying to boost Ronan’s Parenting skill by having Omu and Ronan share parenting tips with each other.
I’ll need to keep an eye on them both. Grrrrr.

SB 7.77: The Teens Are Truckin’

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