SB 7.77: The Teens Are Truckin’

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen7, Shiso Sharebear

Week 23/Wednesday (Winter, Day 4)

Shiso: Sis, haven’t you ever thought you’d like a nooboo of your own?
Rai: What do you mean? I have twins already.
Shiso: Yes, but Vincent’s the one who carried them and gave birth.
Wouldn’t you like to…

Rai: Oh, I see where this is going and the answer is no! I’m married, Shiso!
Shiso: Oh come on, Rai. Just one little kid with the Father Winter’s Child trait?

Father Winter arrives and we all crowd around to ask for presents.
We’re the first generation of Sharebears to decorate our own tree.
And we’re also the first to ask Father Winter for presents.
Why? Because our watcher doesn’t celebrate a winter holiday of this kind.

Elvain: I officially hate Winterfest and Father Winter!
I have been a paragon of virtue! I only drink plasma packs.
To receive more commissions from the Artifacts Ass’n, I even boosted my Archaeology to Level 9.

But Father Winter only gives me a gift box filled only with emptiness and lies.
Meanwhile, Shiso receives a gaming mat and Rai gets an expensive stove!
So unfair!

Shiso: After everyone’s asked Father Winter for a gift, Rai lures him into another room.
She gets as far as giving him a first kiss, then loses her nerve.
Soon after, she tells me that she can’t go through with it. She can’t betray her husband Vincent.
She also says I should give birth to a daughter if I want Father Winter’s child so bad.
Oh well.

Shiso: I watch as Father Winter leaves in a puff of smoke.
I still haven’t given up on this legacy having its own Father Winter’s Child.
The question is…how?


The boys all receive their birthday notices around the same time..
As usual, Tristan goes first because he’s the firstborn.

It’s hard to believe that my sons are already teens!

Tristan is an aspiring Curator.
He harvests plants to “Collect 10 collectibles,” then we head to Willow Creek.
We have a few hours before Rai and Ronan leave for work.

Magnolia Blossom Park turns out to be a terrible idea.
Tristan doesn’t spot a single dig site.
And the weather’s too awful to attract sims for Teagan to meet.
Off we go to our usual spot: Desert Bloom Park. At least the weather there’s always warm!

Sadly for Tristan, he doesn’t find many rocks to dig at all!
Why have so many of them been replaced by those “for-pets-only digging spots”?
They’re good for fossils and upgrade parts, but Tristan fails to find a single crystal here!

Tarlock aims to become a Chief of Mischief.
At the park’s entrance, folks gather to listen to Rona play the violin.
Tarlock works the crowd with his mischievous socials.

As a future Friend of the World, Teagan benefits greatly from our visit to this park.
He only needs to introduce himself to one more sim now.
Our nearby Cavalier Cove should be able to produce at least one new sim!

Boys, you only attend school one day this week, and that’s tomorrow.
But if you prepare well, you might manage to bring home A grades!

Elvain: Isn’t this where the boys go do something else while we adults finish their school projects?
Shiso: Not this time. I want them to learn the adult skills that these school projects offer.

When we return home, it’s become cloudy and freezing in Brindleton Bay.
Since Cavalier Cove is deserted, Papa invites over a friend for Teagan to meet.
Unfortunately, the girl arrives feeling very angry.
While trying to calm her down, our good Teagan discovers that she’s evil. Poor kid!

Just as the Well promised, my sister maxes her Space Ranger career today.
Go Rai!

In other news, Papa and I paint portraits of the boys this afternoon.
What a handsome bunch they are!

Tarlock advances speedily with Chief of the Mischief!
I give him a voodoo doll that I’d fished up somewhere.
He binds it to our favorite ex-nanny.
I’d never seen her look so annoyed. Good times!

We’ve arrived at a different neighborhood in Oasis Springs.
Tarlock needs to clog three drains.
Teagan needs to meet someone new at two more places.
Tristan despairs over his lack of crystals, but he eventually finds what he needs here!

Ronan only needs seven more friends to complete Friends of the World.
He invites Orfeu Garrido over to befriend but then remembers that he’s evil.
Though Ronan moves on to invite someone else over, Orfeu stays a bit to chat with Tristan.
It’s really great to see Orfeu again!


Elvain comes home with his promotion to Level 7 Comedian.
He takes a big gamble and asks the Wishing Well for a promotion, receiving a full promotion.
Instead of working on Friday and Tuesday, he now works on Friday and Saturday.
Now he’s got a chance to reach Level 9 by this Saturday.

At the very earliest, he’ll max Comedian a week from now. *sighs

Papa and I have been inviting over every Sharebear we know who’s maxed Fitness, one by one.
When each  one arrives, Teagan asks to be mentored in fitness.
That’s how he befriends his Great-Grandpa Takuya, Grand-Aunt Purin, Grandma Amanda, and Uncle Elvain.
Only two more friends left, Teagan!

Naturally, the boys all bring home A’s!
How strange that Teagan is the only one to come home with a rainbow over his head.
I seem to remember the same thing happening to Teagan in grade school as well.

Tristan is suffering a mood swing.
A moodlet solver gets rid of his Embarrassed 50+ moodlet like it never happened.

Dear Ronan gets home at 6 pm with his Level 9 promotion.
What’s with those crossed eyes and that hand on his forehead?!
At first, I think he must feel sick and feverish.
But it turns out to be nothing. I guess?

Jogging back to the Wishing Well, Ronan receives a full promotion.
The Wishing Well has been extremely generous lately!
It’s a good thing nobody will need to make any wishes until the next generation.
Congrats on maxing the Business Management career, sugar!


Legacy Score: unchanged
Nature (0): completed Space Ranger and Business Management
32/37 career branches

SB 7.78: One BIG Secret

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