SB 7.78: One BIG Secret

One big, happy household!

7.78: One BIG Secret

Week 23/Saturday

Shiso: I’m glad Elvain got off work Friday at 11 pm!
We have just enough time to celebrate the Night on the Town holiday!
Isn’t it wonderful to see everyone in their formal wear?

Tristan: Um, Mama, why don’t I get to be part of the Matching Suit Brigade?
Shiso: Sorry, son, but I’m not ready to share that complicated tale yet.
The short version is that I made a mistake during your makeovers.

Tarlock: Mama, have you been hiding a secret?
Shiso: Maybe…
Teagan: Tristan, Tarlock, and I love secrets, Mama! And we’ll never tell!
Shiso: Then, maybe tomorrow night, after Elvain gets off work.  We’ll see…

Shiso: Take a gander at our latest post-person!
Don’t you agree that he looks like the handsome, younger, slimmer brother of you-know-who?
He’s, like, Raj Rasoya 10.0!
Hmmm, should we fangify him to preserve him for Generation 9?
Or shall we put our faith in someone better coming along?

Shiso: Ronan! Why are you practicing yoga instead of working on Bodybuilder?
Ronan: I’d maxed fitness before I moved in, remember?
So I’ve practiced yoga to “Work out for x hours” and “Spend xx hours exercising.”

Shiso: I’m so sorry about asking you to have Father Winter’s child!
Rai: Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad you gave up on me. So what now?
Shiso: First, I considered asking Papa to move out so I could give birth to a girl.
But then I couldn’t stand the thought of my little girl with Father Winter!

Rai: Yeah, if only Father Winter were better-looking, eh?
Also, I feel like our watcher went a little overboard with your Erratic trait.

Shiso: I know, right? I’m erratic, not brainless!
As if sharing the secret with the boys won’t be hard enough! Sheesh!

Rai: Well, if I move out with Papa right away, you could move a lady in for Father Winter.
Shiso: That won’t be necessary, Rai. I’ve decided this legacy can do without Father Winter’s spawn.

Tarlock: What are we doing here? Don’t we have more important things to do?
Teagan: Dude, where’s your sense of adventure? I was working on Nerd Brain just now.
Then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to visit Sixam with my bros?”

Tristan: Great idea! I’m sick and tired of skill-grinding day and night!

Tristan: Since I have the Collector trait, I’m hoping to find our remaining MySims trophy.
Sadly, I don’t find a single time capsule!
And, of course, Teagan is the one who digs up our missing Quartz crystal.

Teagan: I’m the one who found the crystal, Mama! Why are you in that screenshot?
Shiso: Tut, tut, my boy. I’m the one and only Gen7 heir and you, a mere heir candidate!
Besides, you need to go on five space missions!

Shiso: I respect your greater experience, Papa, and always value your advice.
But isn’t it extremely risky to send Elvain to work feeling hysterical?
Omu: I told him to take a bubble bath and thought he’d become Very Playful.

Shiso: Can a sim die of hysteria while at work?
Omu: I don’t know…

Ronan: I have no idea what’s going on in this family!
My father-in-law’s brother just phoned to invite me out to the Romance Festival.
Am I the only normal sim in the household?

Omu: See, Shiso? Everything worked out fine in the end.
Thanks to his hysteria, he got a medium performance boost.
Shiso: But now he’s energized from his Hysterical Cauliflower moodlet. What’s that?
Omu: Who cares? Look how close he is to a promotion!
And his shift isn’t over yet for five more hours. He’s got this!

Week 24/Sunday (Spring, Day 1)

Tarlock: Spring has sprung!
Teagan: And today’s the anniversary of our legacy!
Tristan: We’re only four days away from starting Generation 8, so why do we only have four holiday traditions?

Shiso: We can only add a tradition when an heir dies.
But the Gen5 heir, your great-grandma Kirsten, was a vampire for a while.

Ronan (somberly): Please tell me you don’t want to give birth to Father Winter’s child.
Shiso: Good gracious, no! The boys will have enough to deal with, as it is!
Ronan: How do you think they’ll accept the news?
Shiso: I’m sure they’ll be fine.

Ronan: What if we have a little girl together, Shiso? Would you like that?
Shiso: I would, but then you’d have to move out. I’d rather have you than a daughter.
Next generation, you and I will live with our boys, the Gen8 spouse, and their kids.
It’ll be fantastic! *pumps fist

Shiso: Thank you for preparing this fantastic grand meal, Tristan!
Tristan: I was a little worried because I’d never cooked before.
Omu: Great job, Tristan. You prepared an excellent-quality meal on your first try!

Teagan: So what are we up to today? More aspiration grinding? *sighs
Shiso: No, actually. We’re spending the afternoon at the Flea Market.
In the evening, we’re going to a cool restaurant.
Then I want us to go clubbing. It might be Teens Night at Narwhal Arms.

Teagan (whispers): Yo, Tristan! Do you think this is some kind of trap?
Tristan (whispers back): Let’s just give thanks and enjoy!

Shiso: The Flea Market is a bust, dagnabbit!
Our fossil and MySims trophy collections are still missing one item each!

At the Arts Quarter, the Humor & Hijinks Festival is in full swing.
Which is odd, since it’s just past 4 p.m.
Oh well, the boys find two new posters at least.

At the Fashion District, we find the Romance Festival without any vendors or the Romance Guru.
Teagan immediately invites Rita Patel over from the Heaton School of Girls.
After Teagan and Rita drink sakura tea together, Teagan wastes no time.

Tristan phones Corinne Shiba who never shows.
Tarlock chats with Annabelle Amor, another girl from Heaton.
When night falls, we head home to get dressed for dinner.

Shiso: Thanks for joining us for dinner, Orfeu. It’s great to see you!
Orfeu: Thanks for the invite, Shiso. Are we here for what I think we’re here for?
Shiso: Your intuition is impeccable, as always.
Folks, please look at this photo taken not long after I became the Sharebear heir?

Tristan: Um, why do Uncle Tarlock and Uncle Orfeu look so heavy?
Tarlock: Those are beer bellies, right? *looks hopeful
Teagan: For sure, they probably just stopped working out for a while.

Shiso: Sorry to disappoint you boys, but all three of us are pregnant.

Shiso: After Orfeu and Elvain moved in, I customized my gender to offer them my DNA.
Tarlock: But why would they want to be pregnant and bear a child?
Elvain: Personally, I was hoping that if I had her child, Shiso would choose me!

Shiso: Is this tale too adult for you boys?  I do think you’re old enough to hear it now.
Orfeu: We used the most cutting-edge in-vitro fertilization technology available.
Shiso: No questions! I refuse to go into any details!.
But rest assured that it was all done scentifically and tastefully. I may be erratic, but I’m not immoral!

Shiso: As you are aware, Orfeu Garrido is my primary spouse.
Then, I moved in Elvain VonCarloff for my secondary spouse, as instructed by our watcher.
However, I’ve been in love with Ronan Ponce ever since I was in high school.
Soon after my birthday, I proposed to him and we tried for a baby the traditional way.

And then, Orfeu, Elvain, and I took our pregnancy tests at the same time. Success!

As a result, we went into labor within hours of each other.

Shiso: And now, my children, you know exactly who your birth parents are!

Teagan: Why couldn’t you just have had three kids with my dad Ronan?
Shiso: First of all, both Orfeu and Elvain pleaded with me to let them bear my child.
But also, since I’m erratic, I felt pressured to distinguish my generation from its predecessors.

You do realize that readers voted for me because of my Erratic trait, don’t you?

Tristan: I never realized that you have three husbands, Mama.
Shiso: I don’t. I’ve always been “just friends” with your father and Tarlock’s father.

Ronan (internally): And Shiso got all huffy because HER father asked me to woohoo!
How did I ever let myself be talked into joining this family?


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