SB 7.79: The Boys Are Eggs-hausted!

A look at the year ahead

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen7, Shiso Sharebear

Week 24/Sunday

Shiso: Oh, you’re wearing a moustache like your father!
Tristan: Well, yes. It’s only a fake one until a real one grows in.
Tarlock: It really suits him, doesn’t it?

Shiso: But, Tristan, how did you get hold of a fake moustache so quickly?

Orfeu: I brought it for him, Shiso. No need to hide the truth any longer, right?

Teagan (internally): I’m good and Orfeu’s evil, but we seem to be doing okay.

Teagan: It’s definitely NOT Teens’ Night at Narwhal Arms!
Tristan: Eh, the three of us are the only teens in the house!
Tarlock: The others are either married, relatives, or adults. Ugh!
Tristan: Maybe we just arrived here too late?


Shiso: Our watcher warns that our world has started showing signs of destruction.
This morning, we visit San Myshuno for the second day in a row.
The Flea Market’s gone, but the Romance Festival’s still going on at the Fashion District.
And we find Humor & Hijinks fireworks shooting into the air at the Arts Quarter.
Don’t these festivals ever close down anymore?

We spend a little time in each district of San Myshuno but fail to find a single poster!
Tristan discovers some historical plaque, which he examines.
That moustache quite enhances his resemblance to Orfeu, doesn’t it?

Things are off up in Sixam as well.
Tarlock comes across a geode node surrounded by six time capsules.
Teagan finds an alien crater surrounded by six unpolished geodes.

After sundown, Ronan and I get married at last!
Not only did I want to wait for warmer weather.
But I also wanted to marry only after I’d shared the truth with our boys.

I’m not impressed by our non-household guests.
They all arrived late and just stayed dancing in the center aisle.
Grandpa Takuya and Uncle Negi’s daughter Norah didn’t even bother with formal attire!

I’m so grateful for Ronan’s faith and trust in me.
Ronan knew I’d been a DNA donor to my primary spouse and first secondary spouse.
And yet he still agreed to move in and become my fiance.

Our wedding party earns a gold medal.
Haha, I’m not sure why we even bother earning gold medals.
I’m willing to bet that our legacy won’t be earning any more points in the Popularity category!

On our way home, we briefly stop in Newcrest in search of our last missing fossil.
And here we find, instead, yet another sign of our world’s gradual degradation.
Is that a roller skating rink that’s spawned on top of an ice skating rink?


Elvain: It’s 6 in the morning, son. What’s the meaning of that outfit?
Tarlock: Today’s Talk Like a Pirate Bunny Day, Papa!
Elvain: Huh?

Tarlock: Actually, we wanted to combine Talk Like a Pirate Day with a Spring Equinox celebration.
But then we discovered that Talk Like a Pirate is a special, spontaneous holiday.
Elvain: I see. So you decided to dress like pirates today anyway?

Shiso: We’re on edge about celebrating the Holiday Gnomes tradition for the first time.
We don’t really understand what happens.
Papa successfully appeases that first gnome with a cup of coffee.

The second gnome accepts the future cube I offer him.
So far, so good!

Tristan: We’ve all spread out around the house to hunt eggs!
I’m done with this holiday even though I’ve yet to see a gnome or the Flower Bunny.

Since Teagan finds the last egg, I let him pose for the Easter Egg Collection shot.
It’s not even 8 am yet and we’re all gold status for this holiday.
When eggs-actly does the Flower Bunny visit?

Tristan: I saw two gnomes earlier wearing halos. Teagan, did you appease one?
Teagan: Nope, I haven’t even seen one yet! How about you, Tarlock?

Tarlock: I saw one in the nursery but stopped to appreciate it first.
Then, he vanished before I could try to appease it.

Tristan: We found them! I’m looking away as if I haven’t noticed them yet.
Teagan: Tarlock, is this the gnome you saw earlier? Wanna try to appease it?

Tristan: Way to go, Tarlock!
Tarlock: Now what? All three gnomes are wearing halos, so now what?
Teagan: I have no idea. What I do know is that I’m eggs-hausted! I need a power nap!

Teagan: We’ve travelled so much these past two days!
Tarlock: We even visited Sixam twice! I’m pretty tired, too. *yawns
Tristan: Not to mention the emotional shock of learning the secret of our birth!

Shiso: Yikes, the gnomes suddenly appeared out of nowhere!
What’s the deal with them anyway?
They hang around hoping one of us will kick them, so they can trash our house?

Stranger: So these are the boys, eh?

Yeah. Same mother, different fathers, but all three born on Talk Like a Pirate Day!

COMING NEXT! Gen8 Heir Vote!


Legacy Score: unchanged
Nature: 20 collections (missing MySims Trophies, fossils, insects, posters, Omiscan treasures)

Special Content
Details on the pirate sim and custom content are provided in the following update.

SB 7.80: Avast Ye, It’s an Heir Vote!

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