SB 7.81: Gnome Is Where the Heart Is

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen7, Shiso Sharebear

Week 24/Tuesday

Back home, the boys continue to nap.
Cap’n Jack Sparrow feels relieved to be back at last on the high seas.

Tarlock: So the gnome trio has regrouped in the kitchen. Now what?
Shiso: Hello, Strictly Business Gnome! Wassup?

Strictly Business Gnome: You are one fiiiiine lady, Shiso!
If you were a booger, I’d pick you first!
Shiso: Um…thanks?

Rai: Tell me why we’re fishing, Shiso. Aren’t we waiting for the Flower Bunny?
Shiso: Well, we all don’t need to wait! Papa’s taking care of it.
Rai: I’m moving out this afternoon, sis. I should be packing, not fishing.

Omu: I sat on the front porch for hours this morning, but no Flower Bunny.
But I’ve recently learned that the Flower Bunny rarely shows up at the house.
Instead, he/she/it hangs out around a nearby a community area.
Might as well dig for fossils while I’m waiting.

Omu:  Look! There he/she/it is, near the Cavalier Cove grilling area!
I’m also moving out today, though, so I text my grandson, Teagan.
He and his generation are the ones who should befriend the Flower Bunny.

Teagan: Me and FB, doing a hip bump behind the public restrooms!

Shiso: Teagan insists on trying to appease a gnome.
So we buy four gnomes and position them rather close to the initial 3 gnomes.

FB: It’s so nice of you to push me, Teagan!
Teagan: My pleasure, FB. You’re the star of our holiday, after all!

Shiso: Tarlock hears that Tristan got to appease a gnome.
He immediately insists that he be allowed to do the same.
Great, now we have eight gnomes with halos.

Teagan could care less about the gnomes.
He’s off swinging with the Flower Bunny.
Look how cute they are in their faded denims!

How does one learn the Flower Bunny’s gender, anyway?
Flirt it up and see if a Try for Baby option appears?

FB: Please, let me push next. I Insist!
Teagan: So, um, not to be rude or anything, FB, but what do you actually DO?
FB: For the spring holiday? Beats me!

Shiso: I’m sure you already know that Elvain is now a Level 9 Comedian.
He looks fantastic in that suit, don’t you think?

Shiso: Papa is in the greenhouse looking after the bees.
Suddenly, these shimmering lights appear out of nowhere.

Oh right, the gnomes!
Gnome is where the heart is, after all.
Still, the gnomes remain a mystery.
Besides the seed packets they drop, what is their true purpose?!


Shiso: Papa, I thought you were planning a retrospect of your time as Gen6 heir today.
Omu: Quite frankly, after my lapse of control with your husband, I’d rather pass.
Nothing really extraordinary happened on my watch, anyway.

Omu: After Negi and I broke Amanda and her sister out of that time-warp prison, things got confusing.
Amanda no doubt felt obliged to marry me and I guess I felt the same way.

Omu: Heaven knows I tried to love her, Shiso! I’m just not attracted to women in general.
Shiso: But of all the men you could choose, Papa, why my Ronan?
Omu: What can I say? Erm, good taste runs in the family?

Omu: Anyway, now that your sister Rai’s moved out, I want you to meet someone: Lamont Faust.
He’s a materialistic, cat-loving foodie. But more importantly…
Shiso: Wow, you’re a Level 9 Pro Athlete, Lamont! Wanna move in with me? *bats eyelashes

Shiso: Once he’s moved in, I discover that he has maxed fitness but zero charisma.
No matter, Lamont. Off you go to beseech the Wishing Well.
And in a fantastic stroke of good fortune, Lamont maxes the Pro Athlete career.
Lamont: You’re welcome, Shiso and the Sharebears! *takes low bow

Omu: You know I considered offering myself for a yet-unachieved death type.
But Amanda gave birth to triplets recently. Plus, I want to meet my great-grandkids!
Shiso: There’s no reason at all for you sacrifice your life, Papa. It’s water under the bridge.
I checked your files. You have an 80% preference for men and a 60% preference for women.
But Ronan has a 100% preference for women. No harm done!

Omu: I thought you were going to try to have Lamont burn to death?
Shiso: Change of plans. When he moved in, I discovered that his very gorgeous sisters are friends of my boys.
Omu: Lucky for Lamont!

Shiso: The boys celebrate their birthday on Thursday morning.
So tonight, they’re determined to make the Humor & Hijinks Festival go away.
To pass the time, they’ve invited out potential spouses they met in high school.

Here are the Heaton School girls:
*Rita (standing, dark hair): Vegetarian, Dance Machine, Snob
*Camila (blond on very right): Perfectionist, Loves Outdoors, Lazy
*Annabelle (blond facing Camila): Outgoing, Perfectionist, Bookworm

We have three new young adult “contenders” as well, all gingers.
Riley Green (left) is a descendant of Chacha Sharebear and Perry Green (Gen3).
She has the Genius, Gloomy, and Geek traits.

Louise Faust (right) seems to be a descendant of Edamame’s other sister Dango and Jaxton’s brother Elektro.
She’s a Clumsy, Good Foodie.

But the real prize is Louise’s twin sister, Dianna Faust.
She has the Lazy, Slob, and Loner traits, which is quite a coincidence.
Her ancestor Jaxton Faust was a Lazy, Squeamish Loner.

We’ve got our Gen8 primary spouse already so we’re looking for a secondary spouse.
Hmmmmm, maybe Dianna Faust could be re-traited?


It’s past 6 am and the boys have already received their Celebrate birthday notices.
As you can see, the Humor & Hijinks swag vendor is still in full swing.
We’ll come back to deal with this festival mess another day. *sighs

Folks, we’re going home! It’s time for the boys to become men!


Legacy score: unchanged
Nature: completed Pro Athlete career branch (33/37 career branches)

Chapter Notes
Festivals: Both the Romance and Humor & Hijinks Festivals have been going non-stop for the past week or so.
Neither Repair Game nor a factory reset made much difference.
We need to return on Monday (H&H) and Saturday (Romance), I guess.

Please vote before tomorrow afternoon!   The heir vote is now closed.
The heir vote will close on Saturday (tomorrow) at noon PST.
To cast your vote, click on the link below to go to the heir poll on an external website.
It will only take a few seconds! (Link to heir poll has been removed)

SB 7.82: Coming Up for Heir


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