SB 7.82: Coming Up for Heir

The Humor & Hinjinks Festival is hexed, I tell you!

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen 7, Shiso Sharebear 

Week 24/Thursday

Shiso: Not to harp on the Humor & Hijinks Festival but…*continues to harp
We see small changes after spending 11 hours in the Arts Quarter.
Last night, we couldn’t sit at the Tiki Bar because a picnic table was blocking it.
Also, notice the produce stall positioned right behind the Tiki Bar.

This morning, that picnic table is gone and that yard sales table has appeared, though it’s unusable.
The produce stall has shifted over to the left.
We’ll have to return during the festival’s regular schedule.
But will we even got a festival notice when the festival’s broken like this? *sighs in frustration

Anyway, we take out the birthday cakes and light the candles as soon as we get home.
Tristan steps up first, as always, since he’s the first conceived and first born.
After joining the Entertainer career at Level 4, he negotiates for a bonus.
His job performance gets boosted to almost 60%!

Next up is Tarlock.
He’d planned to become a Pro Athlete but then Lamont Faust completed it recently.
So now he’s joined the Politician career at Level 3 to become a Charity Organizer.
He’s maxed Charisma already so he should be fine! But I’m worried about his Hates Children trait.
Will he be nice to his nieces and nephews?

Tarlock: Oh, I’m supposed to choose a cause, am I?
Since I’m a Chief of Mischief, I detest the Foundation for Less Mischief.
I know! “Simoleons for Everyone” will be my cause!
After completing that task, I negotiate a bonus and almost reach Level 4!

Shiso: At this point, I notice that our butler Tetsu is not celebrating with us.
Oh, there he is, standing in front of the house.
And what’s that metallic glint in his ear? He’s wearing earbuds!?

Shiso: The crowd goes wild, for some reason, when Teagan steps up to his cake.
After blowing out his candles, he joins the Social Media career at Level 3.

Unlike Tarlock, Teagan does NOT complete his daily task before negotiation for a bonus.
Look how low his performance bar is compared with Tarlock’s.
Will it rise any higher when he completes his daily task at Spice Market?

Shiso: Before we go any further, our next heir must be decided.
And the voters have spoken, choosing Teagan as the Gen8 heir.
Would you please take over the narration, Teagan dear?
Teagan: Thank you, Mama. And thank you to everyone who voted!

My first step as heir is to choose my primary spouse. Where did she go?
While I’m chasing her down, I notice Tristan is moving in on Louise Faust.
My unflirty brother has managed to get the two of them feeling flirty. Go Tristan!

Tarlock has not been as lucky with his target, Riley Green.
She keeps running off to play chess or read one of our bestseller skill books.
He’s finally forced to catch her attention by playing chess.

Tarlock: You know I’m not really keen on having children, Teagan.
Why can’t you and Tristan produce Mama’s four grandchildren? Leave me out of it!

Teagan: And yes, my primary spouse will be that clumsy, gloomy, goofball: Aaradhya Kumar.
I find her talking to herself in that “cricky” voice of the elderly.
We’ve been friends since I was in grade school so she readily agrees to move in.

I’m puzzled by Aaradhya’s Angling Ace aspiration and maxed Fishing skill.
On a hunch, I ask her to change to her party outfit.
Here’s a shot from our family album of Aaradhya attending our founder Sherilee’s wedding.
Was she both a nanny and a fisherfolk? So bizarre!

I invite Aaradhya to move in only for her unique traits. She won’t be around long.
But my lovely Dianna is an entirely different story!
Last night at the Arts Quarter, I was a teen and she was already a young adult.
With that age gap, all I could do was ask her to be my BFF.

On my invitation, Dianna immediately moves in.
After thinking about how to get rid of Aaradhya, I decide to move her into Chateau Frise.
Granpa Omu will be an elder in a week yet he and Amanda have three toddlers.
Just in case, the immortal Aaradhya will be there to look after my, um, aunts and uncles.

Teagan: Meanwhile, unflirty Tristan has been making unbelievable progress.
Tristan: The trick is to focus on the romantic socials that don’t have the Unflirty icon.
Like “Try for Baby in Hot Tub.” *coughs

I’ve finally moved in Aaradhya and Dianna, then Aaradhya moved out.
People say that a strong friendship is the best foundation for a solid relationship.
It must be true cuz our romance takes off like fireworks!

Look at Uncle Elvain’s performance bar. He’ll definitely max his career on Friday night!
As soon as he does, I’m moving him out to make room for a second nooboo!

By the way, I considered asking Papa Ronan to move out, too.
But I’ve decided two kids is enough for us.
The three new careers can be handled by them plus the heir’s spouse.
Two Stylist branches and the Acting career, right? Or does Acting branch, too? *scratches head

Dianna is as eager and enthused to try for baby as I am!
That girl needs a change of sleepwear, but there’s no time for that right now!

Big, fat, heavy hearts!

Teagan: One look at gorgeous Dianna and you know our daughters are gonna be stunning, too!
Dianna: Isn’t there something you can do about my traits, though, Teagan?
I want our children to have the best traits possible!

Teagan: Would you be willing to drink this re-traiting potion left by my grandfather?
Dianna: For a second chance at better traits, yes!

Dianna: Well, what do you think? *twirls
Teagan: I’m glad that we didn’t risk moving you in as the primary spouse, Dianna!
But those are great traits–you should be quite happy!
By the way, my brothers and I have joined the last three careers currently available, so you don’t need to work.

While all this has been going on, Papa Ronan painted this masterpiece portrait of Dianna.
And Mama painted this portrait of my primary spouse, Aaradhya Kumar.

Aaradhya: Hey, why is my portrait so much smaller!
Teagan: Don’t complain too loudly.
In our watcher’s previous legacy, spouses like you were memorialized with biographies.
Those books were abandoned in some dank basement room, never seeing the light of day.

Teagan: And lastly, here’s a shot of me with dreads in pirate garb.
Hmmm, those kohl-darkened eyes are actually a good look for me.
Perhaps I should think about growing my hair out, too. *rubs chin thoughtfully

Come back next time to meet the Gen9 kids! Wheeeee!


Legacy score: 96 points
Family (+1): Gen8 heir Teagan aged up to young adult (9/10 total)
Creative (+1): Teagan and Aaradhya memorialized with portraits (9/10 total)
Love (+1): Aaradhya brought 3 unique traits as primary spouse (9/10 total)

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